TSC: McNabb to the Skins…wow!

I think this will be a great thing for all involved, except the Eagles. One reason is because I don’t think Andy Reid was ready to part ways with the soon to be 34 year old veteran. He still had a year left on paper with the Eagles, And though I don’t think they would’ve given him an extension, for some reason I think Andy would’ve liked to see Donovan play it out. Although Reid put the word out that he was entertaining offers a few weeks ago to the coaches and GM’s. I don’t think he was the brains behind that move. i think this was above him. Another reason is because of where he eneded up. Why send him to Washington? Now he gets to play the eagles twice. I’m sure he has those days marked already. The other reason is the Eagles don’t have sufficient QB to fufill the role. I mean the 2nd round pick, Kevin Kolb, and Michael Vick doesn’t exactly fit the bill if you ask me. Philly is a hard place to play and an even harder place to play for. My sympathy gees out to Kolb and Vick, who will be expected to do nothing other than win.

Now McNabb is headed to the great QB coaching of Shanahan. This will be great! He’s still a prime QB, despite the fact that he hasn’t played a full season all but once in the last six. He’s a post season shoe in. I’m glad he didn’t end up with the Raiders. He wouldn’t have a shot! I’m calling this the craziest QB trade since Brett to the Vikings.

Get’em Donovan!

Congrads to Duke & Coach K, as well as UCONN women and gents. I think both of those guys need new day jobs. More complicated ones. NBA, WNBA!

My Top 5 NFL Draft Picks are:
1. Ndamukong Suh / Jimmy Clausen
2. Gerald McCoy
3. Eric Berry
4. Dez Bryant
5. Russel O Kung

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  1. Latoya jones says:

    i wood love to see you i think about you in my dream daddy i wish i can see you daddy i have every thing you every came out with i love you wayne.

  2. Latoya jones says:

    If i had one wish be for i die i wood like to see you but thats a one in a million idk i love yo a*s free weezy

  3. Latoya jones says:

    Weezydaddy, You are my idole aka Latoya Jonesidole.. iLook up tew you more then Bird man My Life long dream is to meet you.it probably wont happen cuz iWouldnt be able to aford to have you come see me. you are my biggest inspiration in life. Thank daddy im Tryin to become a singer and rapper like i’ve always wanted to become daddy. when ever im down-iPut on my head phones i need to listen to your songs..wayne you show me that no matter what you do you can make allyour dreams come true. nd even when your locked up i Still have faith in you lil wayne.i May not mean nothin to you but to me you are MY WORLD MY LIFE MY soul daddy wayne. literally,i Know just about everything bout you that i love every thing i just wanted to let you no.young money daddy your my World weezydaddy. your the one i Wanna be like one day. &” your inspire to me to make me stand on my own to feet i need to PUSH MYSELF out of this diff mess.. because thank to you wayne iSee anything is possible. i no that i Can make it in the WEEZY WORLD.. as long as i believe in myself. So Thank you lil weezydaddy.. Latoya jones Love you lil waynedaddy oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo love you daddy wayne HA!H

  4. Breannaa says:

    Free wayne ( :
    Love you

  5. Naomie Mayeto says:

    I Spoke alot babe. I just want you to get out. & don’t forget that in France there is a Young Girl who loves ya more than everything <3 Muuuuuuuah. Love youu Guy <3 Take care.

  6. Young Money says:

    I am your biggest fan in jamaica i totally idolise you

  7. Kelsey Alfred says:

    I always comment on your other letter so i’m going to start commenting on this one :). I miss you so much. I love you. I always listen to your music ;; as you know:) I reallllllllllllllllllly hope you got my letter! ! ! !ILOVEYOU I am YOUR biggest FAN. Or at elast none of them. I love and admire you and your style. And i blast your musc so loud cip be gettin at me man!:) ILY check in latuhh <33333333333333
    -Kels. Aka 15 yr old Wayne loving superfreak.<333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  8. andrew says:

    All the eagles fans do is complain about McNabb and how he has not won a championship for philly. Ya he only made 5 NFC championship games and a super bowl. Without McNabb the eagles would not have gotten close to there. They r really going to miss him now. Philly’s stupidity is Washington’s gain now. They have now become a playoff caliber team now. Philly is going to finish under .500 now. Free Weezy

  9. Michelle Williams says:

    hey daddy hows it goin??pretty good today fro me jus wanted to sho ya some love guess ill c ya wen i fall asleep tonight always thinkn bout ya and i cant wait till u get home..a girl can always dream and in mine its all good w/wat u do u do me and thats that later…

  10. ShoneezDeby says:

    Neh man keep your head high. You gonna be alright at the end of the day… I know how you feel man and believe me this is just a temp thing. And as for your kids they gonna be alright they in God’s hands man goodluck and keep praying for pacients you gonna need it im out to fucked up high bra. See you! By the way im not a fan, imrandom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats this about people calling you “DADDY” hahaha thats fucked up haha

  11. ShoneezDeby says:

    I mean patients…. I can spell!!!! haha

  12. Tay Tay aka Wayne says:

    Free Wayne I love you I cant wait till you get out khuz I wanna see you although i doubt dat will happen bt i khud still hope

  13. Tay Tay aka Wayne says:

    I wish you khud get out sooner dang they act like you dnt got nething to do

  14. Tay Tay aka Wayne says:

    GIANT—Move da g nd add n s nd pt dha i b4 dha n nd put dha a n front of dhat nd dhatz wht i m to dha end sorry it wuz in my head
    F-ckin rite oh yeahh

  15. Victor Alves says:

    i’m fourteen year’s old, from Brazil, and i just can’t believe that this is really happening, damn.. i can’t even think that i don’t gonna see new wayne’s work’s.. and i’m really sad because this.. and if wayne read this.. i would like to let him know that i love so much his work.. every single rap wayne’s does inspires me, and i really want that wayne get’s outta fucking jail soon, and come back to blow everything up with new ideas in mind and more hustler like he never been.. FREE WAYNE!

  16. Bruno says:

    quero mandar um salve, em nome de toda a rapaziada aqui do Brazil que curti o mano, todos torcemos muito

  17. Bruno BRAZIL says:

    ate nois tem presença

  18. Yusef Quarles says:

    Whassup Weezy F. Baby A.K.A. MR.Pay Day i wish i could get Signed by Young Money Cash Money Bad Boy Ent.

  19. ?hugoesthere? says:

    got to say that dez bryant is a good receiver he would make a change for the cowboys o-line he should of been top 5 this year theirs gonna be a change in the nfl for all the teams have a great player drafted like the bengals got jordan shipoley and the browns got colt mccoy

  20. Sammy carter says:

    Free Weezy -________- NOW!!!!! Ily weezy ur my absolute greatest role model (;

  21. Marshall says:

    please come to alabama weezy we love you down here

  22. johnny says:

    hey hows it going …well just keep reading the bible and talking to jesus and just let the holy spirt bing those words to life for you …and just know that your sins are forgivein and jesus loves you and whats all of u

  23. lee says:

    i’m a chinese,i love drake and you,you all got swagger

  24. wooohaaa says:

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  25. General Vuga says:

    Weezy! U r neva imprisoned but kept indoors 2 gain more inspiration i guess.Murderer (tym killer) november is like u blinkn ur eye. Long live Young Money & 4eva live da General.

  26. Let This White Girl Luck Up & Spend The Weekend Making The Bedrock, I’m Married But Just For One Night I’m Single & I’m Yours, Just Feel It, I’m Raw & Inkredible, O Let’s do it. Give Me Some Of That Coconut Juice. I Want You & Forever Thinking To Myself What He Does Feels So Right. Let Me Be Your Bad Girl & I Promise You I’ll Be Something You Can’t Forget… So Let Me Be Your Pleasure..
    Deanne Whited

  27. deanne says:

    Let This White Girl Luck Up & Spend The Weekend Making The Bedrock, I’m Married But Just For One Night I’m Single & I’m Yours, Just Feel It, I’m Raw & Inkredible, O Let’s do it. Give Me Some Of That Coconut Juice. I Want You & Forever Thinking To Myself What He Does Feels So Right. Let Me Be Your Bad Girl & I Promise You I’ll Be Something You Can’t Forget… So Let Me Be Your Pleasure..
    Deanne Whited

  28. Lauren says:

    Free Weezy! <3
    I am not going to sit here and be all nasty and call you daddy and shit like I know you, because I do not.
    I absolutely love your music, though. I'm not sure if I'll ever meet you, although that'd be really cool. :)
    I think that it's great you can read all these things that people write to you while you're locked up.
    I'm really sorry you have to be in jail for such a long time. I actually heard from my mom, haha.
    I know there's a very slim chance you'll actually read this, but if you get time, please write me back.
    I left my MySpace link for you to check out if need be.
    I love you Lil Wayne! ;)

  29. sophia marie hernandez says:

    i jus wana take dis time n say i been a fan since u was wit da hot boyz, ive bought all ur cds n tried to keep up wit ur mixtapes. ima a bigg fan, so im showin love n wishing u continued sucess.. much luv xoxo sophia frm saginaw,mi

  30. Racheal says:

    wat up weezy! i love u man but i got a question do u get feed regular food or Mcdonlads cuz i herd the they feed u Mcdonalds.

  31. Dear weezy,

    as the days go by I miss you more and more each day. I try to get over the time you have been gone by listening to your cds everyday. you really do inspire me to wanna be the best rapper/ singer I can be. you are a lyrical genius. sometimes I lay awake at night and I cry bcuz I feel that you shouldn`t be where u are right now, you should be able to soar free like a bird in this world, no one should ever be a prisoner of mind or of any such. weezy it truly would make my day so special if u would write back to this letter. My family and I love you so much and we always pray for you. my auntie to me to tell you that when you get outt that she wants to throw you a huge taco party. she makes the best tacos and she knos that you will love them. if you write back I will be so happy to kno that my fav. rapper in the world truly cares about me enough to respond to this message. stay up love.

    love, Janay

  32. chyna says:

    Mr. Carter..

    I love live life proceed progress, I go through life listening to your music…safe to say I’m official tattooing your name on me…you definitely lasted longer than any man in my life, including my dad.
    I can depend on you to work hard and give that good food, I can’t live without music, I love real music, so I love you, stay strong baby!!
    Young mula, every fucking day baby.

  33. chyna says:

    Mr. Carter..

    I love live life proceed progress, I go through life listening to your music…safe to say I’m official tattooing your name on me…you definitely lasted longer than any man in my life, including my dad.
    I can depend on you to work hard and give that good food, I can’t live without music, I love real music, so I love you, stay strong baby!!
    Young mula, every fucking day baby.

    Chyna black

  34. Chris K (Bean) says:

    What good with you? Just stop by stop to say the Hold florida behide you Tallahassee, Belle Glade. Cant wait for you to jump. Keep doin it bigger and better. Yo for an idea get with Tip and pop off.

  35. free wayne keep your head

  36. mad husain says:

    i have so much to say but dont no how to put it in words i am goin to start by saying wayne you is the best thing that happen too the game and that a fact no qustion ask

  37. mad husain says:

    yall look out for my mix tape dropin soon on youtube sound click and also on all of the site that i am on am looking to becom the the beast rapper after wayne :) an i will be i am going to go hard still my hart stop

  38. wooohaaa says:

    i love you so much !!

  39. MariaaCarteer says:

    imissyou :/ , a whole lot . i miss your music , but now i wake up to your music everyday <3 so iwake up happpy {: my wish , my number one on my – tings todo before i die is ;
    MEET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE , YOU <3 if i ever met you , that would be the bestd ay of my life , no doubt . i even dream about you . i know all your lyrics . ugh , i love you D': i kneep thinking , i keep thinking of you <3 . Lifes a bitch & deaths a husband , but i know you'll get thru this . To me you are the brightest thought under sunlight <3 i see no imperfections in you AT ALL . i think your perfect , your amazing , iloveyou w.everything i have . Your the thing i mostly love in this world . iloveyou forever , you inspire me , your lyrics relate to my life sometimes & i find that cute . Your such an amazing person , & i know its hard to admit it for yourself , but you are . & for all those people that dont like you , its cause they dont know the real you . the amazing you . Your so young & look at you ! your amazing ! Your the best rapper alivee , you dont compare to ANYBODY . YOU ARE THE BEST <3

  40. Wind says:

    i dont know if there’s anybody that could be more of a fan than I’am NO BRUNO i have every mixtape you ever came out with from hot boys to YOUNG MONEY………. FREE WEEZY

  41. Buck Bizzy says:

    Whats good wayne hold your head up. You will be alright it was just god way of sitting you down for a minute, for you to get away from everything so u can analyse your life and put everything into perspective.Actually you lucky and least when you do get out you have things to come home to and somthing to be apart of. 95 percent of the people thats locked down dont even have that. Me im in and out of jail for driving i know right just driving on suspended license. I dont have the money to pay all my fines that i racked up through the years. But im gonna be alright, so i know you gonna be alright.So do what you got to do , hurry up get out of there and start putting that fire back out in these streets.From Va to No dis ya boy buck checking out.

  42. Sparrow Josiah says:

    As we go through life hurdles,gulping in strained air,splitters of anomalies remind us dat all our hassle,all our struggles and all our hustles and bustles are in vain. It stares us cold and hard in d face,The fact that every thing is meaniless i mean like a chunk of oversized bone,threatening tu tear our gullets intu shreds,we are forced tu swallow the lump of death and disappointment inevitability. So Weezy as u once sang concrete shoes wont help in the river,so i patiently wait for u tu cum n rock d world again.ur die hard freake,crazy,fucking “follower”!. Nigeria.

  43. Amandine says:

    turn back fast in france
    love you
    free weezy

  44. Patricia says:

    Keep your head up and we all love you more then anythin you have all the support in the world Dwayne. I love you just like a fat kid loves cake :). Your music has helped me in so many ways its fckin crazy, and now the person that has help me in those timez needs me, he needs his fans he needs our support and i am here your always in my mind and in my prayers my biggest wish in the world is to meet you, as soon as your out and you have the first concert in miami im ganna be there tune the heck out. I love you Dwayne everyone askes me what would you do if you ever saw him? n to be honest i say idk bt the thing is i do and itz not to ask you anythin is to spend time with you music playin n just you n thats fine with me because everything you want us to know you say it in your music so why ask? People dont get that. love ya and god bless.
    Free Fckin Weezy!!!

  45. Bruno Pereira says:

    “Roger That”
    cara essa musica é muito massa
    weezy ficasse muito irado nesse video
    weezy é o melhor cantor de rap do mundo

  46. kayla says:

    weezy i love you and so duz evryone els you r so amazing and inspireing! evry day i lisen to you and young money and idk it just like keeps me goin. so thank you! i would love to just meet you i bet it wont happen cuz im just one fan out of like a million trillion but u still inspire me so much and i caint wait till u get out you are truley tha best. <3. i love ya lots weezy. thanks

  47. marcina says:

    hey wayne, hope you keeping your head up and staying strong for your fans. I know there is a lot that you had to deal with since the sentencing. It takes courage
    To refrain from gossip
    When others delight in it,
    To stand up for the absent person
    Who is being abused.

    It takes courage
    To live honestly
    Within your means,
    And not dishonestly
    On the means of others.

    It takes courage
    To be a REAL man,
    To hold fast to your ideals
    When it causes you
    To be looked upon
    As strange and peculiar.

    It takes courage
    To be talked about,
    And remain silent,
    When a word would justify you
    In the eyes of others,
    But which you dare not speak
    Because it would injure another.

    It takes courage
    To refuse to do something
    That is wrong
    Although everyone else
    May be doing it
    With attitudes as carefree
    As a summer song.

    It takes courage
    To live according
    To your own convictions,
    To deny yourself
    What you cannot afford.
    To love your neighbor
    As yourself!

    love you as you go through this experience of learning and understanding about how life is a lesson that one must learn regardless who they are or how much money they have. Bye God is love, marcina.

  48. Nicole says:

    Hey Wayne, Its Nicole, I just wanted to wish you a good night and sweet dreams. Theres so much I want to say to you but I just dont know how. I think Im scared to say It because Im scared It wont matter to you. I know you have alot going on right now I just wish there was some way or some how I could meet you or see you one day. I would hurt you sooo good! lol. I have mad love for you like alot of other people do. I cant explane what your music dose to me. When I listen to your voice, its like all of my pain and problems just completely go away. I want to write you a letter but Im just scared you wont reply or you wont read it. I feel as if Im wasting my time and it frustraits me! I understand that you have millions and millions of fan mail and fans, but I just wish you could know me or that I could know you. I dont know how I can care about you this much without even knowing you but I do and I alwayse will. Im gonna sign off now. Fixin to burn one :D, I’ll hit it for you a couple of times boo. lol. Good night and sweet dreams.

  49. James says:

    wayne wat up dawg stay srong keep ya head up and get the fuck out nigga n plz cum out on sum carter 1 or 2 shit 3 was kinda like u fell off bro not to hate btw carter meets cartel the first mixtape RAW i still bang it

  50. Sierra says:

    I feel that if lil wayne wanted to change violents in the black community he could because i know a alot of people that look up to him

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