Letter #03: I love you all

I hope everyone’s summer has been going well doing whatever it is you like to do. On my end, I’m alive, breathing and blessed. You already know how I’m passing the time – reading and working out.  I know I say it every letter, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for the pictures, rocking free weezy tees, and continuous  letters. They mean the world. I promise to continue to update as much as I can and answer as many questions as I can from you guys.  Shout out to my YM family for making me proud last night. Love and appreciate life. God bless.


I would love to thank the following fans:

Marcus Bowden – I simply appreciate you. You are the definition of strength.

Ms. Lisa Marie Newton – I’m glad I stole you away! Your pix were beautiful and hilarious. Great job on the costume.

Kritstin Stoneberg – Your cards are always perfect.

Thais Santos – Thanx for the longtime support and you are very pretty if I may correct you.

Amy Jean Godley – I appreciate it baby. I won’t stop.

Ms. Nesha Teree Liburd – Thanx for the love and I will keep my swag.

Brittany L. King – I loved the outfit with the tie. And don’t worry I won’t forget you. Thank you.

Anna Headen – I thank you for your love!

Lucife – STAY IN SCHOOL! And keep writing.

Karla Moy aka hustleGRL – I heard you’ve been holding down Drizzy for me. Your time and effort is much appreciated and doesn’t go unrecognized. I love you babe.

Anjaé – You are a jewel. Your words were so well put. And I advise you not to give up nothing but your time and thought to the pursuit of success. Nothing else! You actually made me wanna hear your lyrics by the way you write. Keep it up. Don’t sacrifice anything but time… and you’re a cutie!

Dani Gruber – I absolutely love your personality but confidence is key. I loved your letter. And say hi to Ryker for me.

April Mendoza – Just 5 minutes huh? You’re cute and funny. Thanx for putting your friends on to me.

Eshall Baukman – Keep beautifying the world. Your smile is gorgeous.

Danielle Jones-Morales – Thanx for your “honest opinion”.

Sarina Panjwani – So happy you found your iPod. And you’re a terrific artist. Loved the drawing.

Johnquisha Jones – Thanx for the words mama and I applaud your work on the school project. And you’re right; I’m not dissing Plies! And R.I.P. Cody.

Jonathan Everett David Powell (JED) – I swear to you that I almost dropped a tear reading your letter. You are my power. I thank you form the bottom of my heart. I prayed for your grandpa and I love your decision to become a radiologist. JED you are amazing. Thank you!

Alina Quinlan – I am honored to know that my words can inspire you the way they have. I wish you nothing but the best. I thank you with love. You made me feel great.

Michelle Grommer – I thank you kindly.

Saskia Nele Hartwig – Your letter was intriguing. I hope I meet you someday.

Ariel Beechum – I know you’ll be a wonderful teacher someday. Thank you.

Annette Glennon – You are very welcome and I thank you as well.

Olivia Movafaghi – You are metaphysically beautiful. Thanx babe and I loved the rap. Keep up those 4.0’s and you’ll end up wherever you please.

Nana A. from Springfield, MS – You are one beautiful black woman! Thank you for your words.

Alice Martin – Thank you sweetheart.

Walia Broadie – You are a very beautiful woman, as to was your letter. Misunderstood is good.

Nina Jacobs – Thanx for the support babe and tell your brother I said “Love.

Erica Shaw – I love you too.

Jessica Ramos – Your smile is one of a kind. Glad 2 have a friend in you.

Nora F. in England – I love your shirt in the pic. Thank you babe.

Katia Bellantone – I understood you quite well and your compliments were overwhelming.

Megan from Utah – Nice costume. Sorry about the Jazz but I’m a Lakers fanatic. And you’re beautiful by the way.

Haya Aziz – Do you know how beautiful you are? I’m honored to inspire you. And thank you. And I loved the picture and rose.

Mark Wayne Adams – Congrads on graduating and thanx for the love and support. Tell biz and the rest of the homies I say wudup.

Jamie Diaz – Thanx for the love and I hope the songwriting goes well.

Eline Van Noorden – Thanx for the love and prayers and the wedding pic was perfect.

Joy K. Richardson – What you do and have done is wonderful. I personally thank you.

Yasemin Turanli – Thanx for the love from Munich.

Samari Walker – Thanx for the words of encouragement.

Catalina Lindegaard – Thanx for all the love from Luxembourg. You made me happy.

Tiara Bethel – Thanx for the support. And kiss your daughter for me.

Shayne from the Dutch – Thanx for the love.

Tiffany McEachern – Thank you for the words. The Andy Warhol statement had me floating. And I love cake. Thanx for attending the show.

Sophie Creamer – I’m glad I can inspire you. Thank you for loving me.

William Mitchell – Seriously, thank you. The Pac and M.J. comparisons are unreal.

Margarita Gurule – Your letter touched my heart. Libras rule!

Juliss M. Osio – Your letter was “fukkin awesome”. Thanx for loving us babe.

Deanthony Kaych – You are wise beyond your years. Keep writing the lyrics.

Chanel Easter – I appreciate your words.

Karla Bianco – Thank you from the heart. Your judgment was perfect, as were your letter.

Donna Letremy – Continue to be the great “mum” that you are and tell Marcus I said wuzup.

Tami Carter – I appreciate your prayers and best wishes to you and your soon-to-be.

Lakeliah Jenkins – Thanx for the encouragement. Life surroundings was beautiful.

Aubrey Morris – You’re a cutie.

Noah Cardamone – That was real!

Brooke Nunley – Congrads!

Chasity Carmichael – You are funny and I love confidence.

Nick Wynne – I’m glad 2 be a positive influence thank you for letting me be that.

Rachel Koyl – I appreciate you and you’re already a great photographer.

Destiny Galentine – You are amazing Science is sexy. And I said a prayer for your situation.

BJ Richmond – Best tip I can give you is stay in school and keep that confidence.

Desarae Beery – Strength and motivation!

Tequila Bailey – Thanx for the kind words. I hope you learn to love Rebirth.

Nadia Nasrudinzada – Thanx for supporting me for so long.

Joni Baby Holley – Hope you won in Vegas. Thanx for the love.

Eric and Julia Early – I thank you. Nice tats.

Tarena Bisolca – I’m glad 2 be of help to you. Your daughter is an angel. Your letter helped me. So thank you.

Mikayla Greer – Thanx for holding me down in Kansas. And my music is “for you.”

Jasmine M. Mendoza – You are a blessing. I love your drawings. I love your words and I appreciate your love for me. I didn’t read the whole “book” but I read more than you’d probably imagine. Thank you dearly. Love the piercings. Tell Ronisha I said hi.

Kiayci Thacker – Thanx for the endless support.

Jessica Matthews – I thank you for the letter an applaud you for the woman you are. Your kids are beautiful.

Ashley and Lil Mackenzie – First I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I would also like you to know that your letter touched my heart. I wasn’t able to keep the wristbands but thank you anyway. Gudda and I send our deepest love to you and Lil Mack.

Ms. Veronica Barnett (Mom-Dukes) – I thank you for your prayers. And thanx for those very helpful words. I appreciate you.

Kyla McClain – Thanx for the love babe.

Chasity Horne – I appreciate your prayers hun. Thank you.

Paris Sweitzer – Thank you for the support. Shout out 2 Denver!

Caitlin Thomas – Thanx for the prayers and I’m glad 2 know that my words can be of help 2 you. Tell Moms I said hi.

Peter Baya Foster – Thanx for the love from Paris.

Spencer Turner – If she knows how you really feel about her, she’ll be there.

Bella from England – Thank you darling.

Anna Alvarez – Thanx for the love.

Vanessa Satten from XXL – Thank you for the love and I can’t wait to be on the cover again. And you are a hot girl babe.

Portia Robinson – I prayed for you and I hope you’re good. Thanx for the love. And I know your girls are beautiful.

Jessica Unebrink – I sent u a post card. I hope you get it. You’re an absolute hottie. Sorry bout ya dad. Thanx for the love mama!

Kyle Rockin McLaughlin – Cool middle name. And I’ll be in W. Palm one day. Hope you’re there.

Kenya C. Millette – Your letter was beautiful and helpful. Thanx for believing in me and my music. Thanx for your prayers as well.

Chanel Phillips – Thanx for your pleasant words.

Hannes Harnisch – Thanx 2 u and your brother for rokkin my music. I bet your mom is just as cool.

Olisa Colling – Thanx for bein such a huge fan and thanx for the scriptures.

Ashley Kirkland – Your letter was real! My advice is keep writing and you’ll be better than you know. I liked what I read. Nice metaphors and analogies.

Amelia Allan – Keep pursuing both careers babe. Don’t be so critical of yourself.

Tysen Harris – I’m glad 2 know my music has helped you and if you keep believing then you can become what you believe, friend.

Juanita DeAngelo – Thanx for the admiration and I didn’t break the red pen out. And the Tupac analogy was perfek. And I tell moms I love her everyday.

Tavaris Eiland – I’m obliged 2 be your best friend thru my music. And yes I saw it 5-7 years ago. You have 2 see it 2 believe it.

Yesenia Yannini – You’re welcome.

Christabel Valdes – You simply flatter me.

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  1. Mike Tucson,Az says:

    What Up Man This Mike From Tucson,Az I Listen to your music everyday. The One I Listen To The Most Is ”Man I Miss My Dawgs” You need to make another hit similar to that.I know you gone shut shit down when you get out No Doubt. Much Love From The Tuck (Tucson)

  2. cord king says:

    hey man ima write u the most lol i really hope u got the letter i sent you in the mail ur my numba one idol peace and love bro

  3. becky says:

    hey i hope u are doing good i know u made it big and nada will stop u now time is just a matter for now but ur love for music is forever look at all your fans you will get it big ass for me music is all i got your music makes me smile i dnt got friends, and my family is never there for me i make it through every day day by day so i know u will be ok much love and suport ur the #1 so please dont give up

  4. Hello wezzy First want 2 thank u 4 realizin we appreciate u n ur lyrical intellegence so now I pray u take care of ur body n mind n chill wit ur kiddes thats wut matter. nothin but REAL HOMIE LOVE

  5. MiszBre says:

    Ey! Dude(Weezy)dont be Soupin my head up like u are really gone write me back! Im gone get str8 2 the point I wanna spend some time with u not on no Groupy crazedfan freaky sex type shit lol u just seem like uh Cool laid back dude! You just realy never cease to amaze me your vocabulary is out of this world,I wouldnt be suprised if yo ass tried to run for president!But anyway I hope u good n there I know u dont need money or anything but shit anything I can do to help let me know my# is(314)484-6735

  6. Jamarco conner says:

    Free weezy right now !!! The game needs you

  7. SAM MAYONGO says:


  8. Josie lynch says:

    I don’t know if this is the fan mail, but imma tell you something. .
    I miss you, but its kinda weird cuz I never met you, I wish I could meet you but I live in Canada, boo, so I don’t think I’ll ever meet you :(

  9. J-Moe says:


  10. Cristian Alin says:

    man i lov u , u are the definition of music .

  11. Leiah James says:

    I love you and Im gonna Be Writing you soon We Miss Your Music I have To Listen To Your OLD stuff until November

    i love you lot god bless you wezzy

    XoXo,Leiah B.James

  12. justine carrasco says:

    wayne i miss you so much<3 everyday i make sure her voice is heard. you free my soul in a way i cant explain. every lyric that comes out of your mouth makes me feel like im closer to you. be safe. we all love you<3

  13. kieria monroe says:

    lil wayne yu are more than i can even type.

  14. Kenya says:


  15. Kenya says:


  16. Luke Ayres says:

    Lil’ Wayne. You are music, I don’t care what any motherfucker says. You clearly orientate yourself around the people that matter most to you. People hear a couple of songs of yours, and decide they love you. I have all your discography on my laptop, and computer, but mainly, in my head. I respect your music, but more than anything, I respect your character, and I respect you as a person. You’re an inspiration to everyone who loves your music, especially me. Keep sippin’ the syrup, because man, I don’t think I’ve heard you rap better than since you’ve been on that shit. You’ve cleaned the rap game up and introduced new meat to the business, like Drake, and Nicki Minaj. Considering how long I spent on this I’d like a reply man haha, FREE WEEZY! x

  17. LULJETA says:

    Lil Wayne I love you!! You are the best rapper alive! Whenever you come up on the radio, or t.v everyone that knows me always tells me what they heard about you or that they heard or seen you on t.v. Everyone knows I’m your biggest fan! I can’t wait until you come out of prison so I can hear more of you and your voie<3, I would love a shout out from you or anything from you! Your the BEST rapper alive and I support you all the way with everything you are doing. Goodluck and lots of love weeezy<3 xxoo

  18. Kayla Jones says:

    Hey lido wayne . My name is kayla . I really cant wait to see the music you have iun store for me Nd any of your other fans out there . ! Because you are hip-hop . You speaak the truth and nothing butt it so thank you ! i listen to you music everyday ! God -Bless you . Oh and also i am a singer that i know you can work with check me out . Mspace:kayla.babe@ymail.com
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8Luei-6PSE
    ( my youtube videos are all from a year ago lol . ]

  19. nick anderson says:

    we love you here in spring texas man, keep ya head up.

  20. eku says:

    i love u n i can’t w8 till u’re home……we love u from all da way from MONGOLIA

  21. ShannonN says:

    Weezy Baby, you truly are an inspiration to me. I love your music so much. I absolutely cannot wait until you’re free. I’ve been in many fights with people over “who’s a better rapper” many names get in the mix, but you will always be #1 to me. On the real, no one can replace you and I’m sure you know that! Love you!! Xoxo, Shannon

  22. seghir says:

    lil’wayne i love you so i miss nd your song to

  23. Ashley says:

    Hey keep your head up…stay true to yourself … Luv YM I no all your music…. Miss u see you soon u dig

  24. JoUr x) says:

    What can I say the guys reading??

    Soo If he’s reading that’s new words right?

  25. JoUr x) says:

    What can I say the guys reading??

    Soo If he’s reading that’s new words right?

    This niika plan to EXICUTE THE FUCKING GAME
    Its still his but yeoo

    weezy they say your gon have somee competion w.JOEL ORTIZ niikas realy think he might just me as nice as you I JUST sIT THERE ND LAUGH

    Weezy f.baby

    -niika sed “I got to many bloods I can never be anemic”

    Ayo joel try some shyt liike that … nah u cant

  26. JoUr x) says:

    Btw rite back weezy :T

    The best rapper alive

  27. Vanessa says:

    On Novemeber 4th, a brilliant and talented man will enter the world with us again. That same day, he drops the Carter 4 Album. It must be my f’kin birthday. What would really top it off is if you announced a Canadian Tour. I would pay rediculous amount of money just to see you for an hour. You inspire me. And your the only one that can make me smile when im sad or angry. Real Talk. YM Forever; Free Weezy.

    Onelove: Vanessa.

  28. Dedrick Mayer says:

    Wassup Weezy??? Hope U Makn Out Well In There. My Dream Is 2 Be Apart Of Ur Team 1 Day. I Dnt Care About The Money And The Fame, I Just Wanna Be Able 2 Rap Wit My Inspiration! Dhatz Real Wayne. You Inspire Me So Much. I Listen 2 Ur Music Daily. My Favorite Song Out Of Them All Is “Get A Life” Off Ur Rebirth Album. Thatz My Theme Song 4 My Hataz Ya Digg?? But May God Bless U N Keep Ur Head Up…

  29. One thing that I can say is that you are loved by many people. Time will fly by and we’ll be here waiting for for you to continue where you left off.

  30. Johanna'Lovee says:

    -I Really Cant Wait To See You One Day , I know i dont know u like that but im pretty sure deep down you are a very nice and appriciative person and i love the fact that u learn from your mistakes and instead of doingg wrong you right it down on paper , add some music and after its a number one hit, your music truly speeks to my heart and i hope it keeps going like that! Ive always dreamed of meeting you because some people say that you are a bad influence but i know your not because by the things i read in your letters it makes me want to cry(btw i think i actually did lol) but anyways i just really advise you to keep your head high and dont pay mind to any of bull***t going on around you ! Good luck and hope to hear from you soon… I LOVE YOU and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY !

  31. Abhishek says:

    god bless you weezy
    weezy roczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  32. Abhishek says:

    you r my life
    plzzzzz freeeee weezy i
    am wating 4th november

  33. Tiesha Hemphill says:

    Hey Wayne!!! So I have been contemplating on writing you, one because I feel like you would probably never get it and two, what would I say?? But I just hope you are doing well in there!! Can’t wait til you get out!! 57 more days baby =) I wanted to know when you were planning on hitting the road again because my birthday is in November!! My 21st at that!! haha and I would love to go to your concert!! It will be the best birthday present to myself EVER!! But yeah let us know when your thinking about going back out on the road again!!! Love you!! Keep your head up and we all love you! xoxox muaahhhh

  34. naomi adderley aka nay says:

    dwayne can i get a one on one chat with u.i would really…………………………………….like that plz. and we all will rock the tee for u .free wezzy. am on facebook “lady wezzy”. holla. and to yall fanz to i would like to be your friends to, afther all we all r wezzy fans.


  36. shanife williams says:


  37. Caleb a.k.a. dj zed says:

    Hello Mr. Wayne,
    sorry, sorry.
    Many of your fans in Tanzania never stop mentioning yor name a day dats goes by. WE LOVE U, WE’R WITH U.
    Hope my,yor n’ every true wayne fan’s GOD is with you.
    Keep cool man.
    In swahili we say ‘pole sana’- so sorry.

  38. Tommy says:

    Yooo cant wait till you get out, i know u gonna kill, when u get out u need to come do a show out here in san antonio, shiiit cant wait for the carter 4

  39. Slim Beezy says:

    What’s good? Just wanted to say be strong. And i LOVE your music. You inspire a lot of the world. Cant wait til your next album drops. Showing you support and love. Simply the greatest.

  40. Faris Destanovic says:

    heey wayne alles kla bei dir scheise das du jezt im knast sitz ja jeden tag warte ich nur drauf das du raus kommst ich lese so viel wie möglich über dich ich habe deine biografi gelesen ich habe dein leben studirt und jezt sitz mein lieblings repper im knast scheise ja ich habe jedes lied von dir alt neu alles mögliche und jezt habe ich mir dein neues album geholt das ist einfach grandjos
    Faris aus deutschland

  41. Alicia Lori Gatica says:

    Fat Joe “Crack” also took the trip to Rikers to visit his frequent collaborator in July. “He’s in great spirits,” Joe told MTV. “I love Lil Wayne; that’s like my little brother. He’s just the coolest dude on Earth. I tell you one thing, him not being high made me realize how much funnier he is. This guy has jokes. We were up in there for four hours, just telling jokes, dying laughing, falling on the floor.” See what I mean

  42. Chew says:

    Got great memories of the show in Richmond Va. Right after stuff in Arizona happened you still threw it down. When people thought you left at 10pm and weren’t comin back my friends and I stuck around. Man was I glad. Show ended at 4am and it was incredible.
    can’t wait till November when you back. Ur the man!

  43. Shadlene & Andi says:

    Ayyy Weezy! remember to think about the Young Money concert in Houston, TX. We love you!!! I hope that we meet some day! your frickin ahhhmazing.
    Love Andi&Shadlene:)

  44. jay jay says:

    FREE WEEZY whats good blood keep your head up suuuu wuuuu

  45. I Love you so much wayne I can’t wait too you come home #FreeWeezy

  46. Marty Millions says:

    Whats Poppin Weezy I Kno You Holdin You Head n There Its Crazy How They Would place a Successor Like You n a place Like That But Besides That Im an Coming Up Artist Not an Up n Coming Rapper I just Happen 2 Rap Like Jay-Z Would Say Big Shouts Out 2 Him But I Would LOVE 4 You 2 Hear Me Soon I Wouldn’t Waste Your Time or Mines Im Definitely Gonna Grab Your Ear I Promise YMCMB Baby

  47. Elizabeth Kiesewetter says:

    I cannot believe you might actually read this, it’s blowing my mind right now. The world misses you more than you know, me especially. “3 Peat” has spoken to me in so many ways, it’s so honest. My dream is to see you in concert, but I would give anything to meet you! You are my hero, I wear my “free Weezy” shirt with pride. Stay strong.

  48. vick&keepflame says:

    Free Weezy!!! but for real tho! Been a fan every since hot boys and continue to be.. i know u good up in there & everyone already know u gonna rip it when u get out! stay strong brotha! you tha best!

  49. Dani says:

    You are greatly missed. So excited for you to get out! You are an amazing person! Stay strong. Your music is the best ever. Thank you for all you do. I love youuu.

  50. kassandra says:

    omg….we all luv u so much…we cnt wait till..yuh get out…u da best nd& will alwaysz be da best./!!! #FREEWEZZY!!

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