Letter #05: Just Another Day

What’s poppin?!

Me, I’m good, figured I’d update my glorious fans again. Better sooner than later right? I’ll try to do this more frequently.

Well ain’t nothing going on in here but the time, which seems like it’s taking forever. I’m trying to make the most out of every second tho, mentally. There’s some pretty cool people in here. Even though this isn’t a cool place to be. I’ve learned plenty already and the best lesson is to not come back. Last night, I kicked ass in UNO! Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Just thought I’d let y’all know. Gotta stay hydrated. Though it’s hot, I still work out. Now don’t be expecting me to look like Hercules when I get out, but I should be a little bulky. I guess. Anyways, please remember to always check for your name in the “thank yous”. I’m always reading letters and responding. Off the subject but hey Chris, I think you should team up with Kobe! Go Lakers! Hey Lindsey, glad it’s over doll. I should have written her huh? Young Money, you’re the best I ever had. Look out for Nino 3, and I Am Not A Human Being. Coming soon. Mother, I love you. Nae, you’re my angel. Lil Tunechi Jr., you’re the man. Lil Kam, you’re the best heartbreaker. Lil Neal, you’re the littler meatball.

I love you all!


I would love to thank the following fans:

Miss Renelle Pratt – I thank you for always supporting.

Dominick Johnson – Stay focused. Cool rap name!

Suzie Ann Elle – Thanx for the love from Slovenia.

Brianna Dipilato – Thanx for sticking with me and I really appreciate you and your support.

Jennifer Simoneaux – I thank you for the hometown love. I love you too! Thanx for the prayers.

Stacy Winston – I thank you so much for the UK love.

Violet Grann – I thank you for being such a long time fan. And yes, you brought a smile to my face. So it was well worth it.

April Standridge – Thanx for that love and respect that you have for me. I was flattered.

Ms. Essie Egelko – You bring me laughter and your passion for better education is vital.

D.J. Lerms – I appreciate it.

Chase Murray – I appreciate your support.

Krystal Johnson – I thank you for the love babe.

Rachael Kenetski – I thank you dearly. I really appreciate you and you’ll be fine. GOD 1st.

Sally Power – I appreciate those words.

Phillip Davis – I thank you and follow your dream.

Ayesha and Iris Quiles – I thank you for the love.

Savannah McGhee – I love you too. Much love to Omaha.

Jill Harmon – I thank you for the prayer. Say hello to Tod for me.

Ciara Walker – Cool rhymes lil mama.

Julie Durando – Thanx for not forgetting about me. I’m well and yes I think of that everyday. And yes I’m still writing. Nice poems.

Dexter and Katherine Warner – Thanx for the lovely words. What up Dexter!

Jamauris Johnson – I feel you lil bro. Stay focused and most of all, determined. Never stop. Get up if you fall.

Matthew Bodden – Thanx for the love lil bro. Never let it get boring to you. You should always be excited to create.

April Yaggi – I appreciate the love and dedication ma.

Matt Mellin – I thank you for writing and if I were you, I’d move on.

Lurdes Llapa – I thank you for the credits and compliments. Also, thanx for the suggestion. I hope you did well on your finals. I also hope you have a wonderful trip and say hi to your bro for me. Thanx for being a friend.

Miss Princess – Happy first B-Day!

Andrew Johnson – Be wise, listen to Moms and nice pic.

Jasmine Davenport – I appreciate you and your beautiful words. Most of all, your prayers.

John Park – I thank you for your words.

Eli Tranel – Thanx a lot. I hope you become whatever you dream to be.

Shaquille Hill – Strong and powerful words. Thanx. Stay determined.

Paual Incalcaterra – I love you too.

Jeán-Pierre Fortin – Thanx for the letter and decide faithfully. Keep writing the lyrics regardless. I wish you the best.

Jenny Dinger – Exciting letter. Be good. I love Boston.

Matias Manriquez – Greatly appreciated.

Kentrell Marron – I appreciate the hometown love. I actually live on that same street! Eastside all day!

Corinne Pallia – I thank you for your words and wishes. Thanx for the love.

Jessica Frey – Thanx for the love babe. Your son is going to be a heartbreaker!

Savannah Goron – I thank you for the love and support from London. I apologize for that show. I hope it’ll be better if I return. And you are a very gorgeous woman!

Alexandra Blakeney – Thank you for the hometown love. My mind is well. Thanx for asking. I said a prayer for you and I loved the poem.

Canndid Devica Whatley – I really appreciate your support.

Steve Kiel – Thanx for the support.

Dajrien Marazzo-Clarke – Thanx for the love.

Joy, Verna, and Kelly – I thank you all for the love.

Ahleesha Bryant – I appreciate your admiration. Happy belated.

Allyson Opoku – Thanx for the love.

Carla Guy – I thank you so much for the love. Say hi to lil man for me.

Alice Martin – I appreciate your continuous love and support.

Alley Bennett – I appreciate your love and said a prayer for moms.

Courtney Drenga – Proud to be your idol.

Katy Pangburn – Thanx for the love. Teachers are molders of the future.

Dr. Debbie Williams – Thanx for the words and prayers.

Cedric Sanders – Thanx for the quotes.

Aly Oswald – So blessed to be of an inspiration to you. Thanx for the prayers.

Lauren Boonstra – I am totally happy for you. Stay strong sweetheart. Love. Live. Life. I’m thankful for you.

Iowa Jai – Thanx for always supporting me. Thanks for the prayers.

Cristian Oritz – Thanx for the love.

Ms. Niecia Macklin – Thanx for the love babe.

Fiorella Carrasco – I thank you for sharing your story with me.

Kasey Hester – Thanx for the love doll. Cute.

Danny Pastor – I appreciate your support and respect.

Sylvahna Menissian – Thanx for the kind words and prayers.

Brooks Whitted – Thank you for the support and prayers.

Gabrielle Mastro – I thank you so much for your love. I love you too!

Erin Mitchell – Thanx to you too babe. And you and Elle have the exact same handwriting. That’s crazy!

Frank Perdomo – Thanx a million for your appreciation. Stay hi to Laura for me please.

Twanna Butler – Thanx for the love and do you mama.

Shannon Ahmed – I thank you so much. You are a true fan. I appreciate you and all your support. Say hi to your baby sis for me.

Jessie and Kimberly Avalos – I thank you both for being such great fans. Please continue to support me the way you do. Hey Kim, I love you too! Nice painting. Shout out Crenshaw High.

Monica Venegas – I thank you for your love. Your consideration of me being a hero is ultimate. I appreciate you.

Karley Jackson – I appreciate your love and prayers. Thanx for the kisses.

Steven Plumley – Thanx for the support, and for understanding my art.

Gianni Marcel – I’m glad that I can motivate you. Thanx for the love.

Armonee Gordon – I thank you friend.

Chad Cantrell – Thanx for the love and I said a prayer for moms.

Lindyell McIntyer – I thank you for the Louisiana love. And most of all, your prayers. I can do all things through him who strengths me.

Barney Rhodes – I thank you for the support from England. I wish you the best with your career.

Bob Zago – I thank you and appreciate your support.

Lorenna Gomez – I thank you for your words. I wish you the best. And you are very beautiful. He’s lucky.

Keyonna Valentine – I appreciate the hometown love babe.

Dannon Sultan – Thanx for writing and supporting me.

Lianne Panzironi – Thanx for the card.

Patrick Wagner – I thank you for the long time support.

Liz Penberthy – I appreciate you. Best wishes in school.

Rachel Brown – Thanx for the love and for letting my music be of help to you.

Todd Hood – I really appreciate you and your support for me and my music. Say hi to moms for me.

Ms. Christine Scott – I thank you so much. Sorry about Lebron.

Alexis Swoyer – I appreciate your love darling. Put one in the air for me.

Soraya Stephens – I thank you for your words and your love. Mostly, your prayers. Congrats on getting accepted.

Laci Kyles – I thank you for your love, and the scriptures. I really appreciate those.

Meg Twomey – Thanx for the support babe.

Tamika Newsome – I thank you for supporting me the way you do. I hope that you never forget that B. Day and thank your mom for me.

Sheila Williams – Thanx for placing me up there with Kurt. I pray you raise your spirits.

Lauren Sheppard – I thank you for your love and support. I loved the pics! Thanx for the prayers and congrats.

Joseph Smith – I thank you. You are your best mentor.

Tiare Jamias – You’re funny. Thanx for the love and making me smile.

Bonnie Stoner – Sorry about your husband. Your words are perfect.

Kerstrin & Brittany – I thank you both.

Mesha Bradshow – Thanx for writing and being a fan. Say hi to your mom for me.

James Geri – I thank you for your long time support. Follow you dream.

Jonathon Cruz Perez – I thank you kindly

Jenna Brace – I thank you kindly for all the love.

Ariel Hert – I thank you so much. You are a strong girl! Your story is motivating. Positively. I love you too and say hi to granny for me.

Gabby Delgado – I thank you for your love and prayers. Love is life, live babydoll.

Martha Diaz – Thanx for the love.

Demetree Jest – I thank you for your prayers.

Rose Jones – I thank you for the letter and the love.

Tiffany Thompson – Thanx for the love babe.

Maria Mulheren – I genuinely appreciate you. You’re a true fan. I thank you. Got the bracelet on rite now.

Kevin Morgan – I thank you for choosing me for the school project.

Eline Van Noorden – I thank you again babe. I loved the theme park pic. And I loved the joke!

1,839 Comments to “Letter #05: Just Another Day”

  1. dreecefsheezy says:

    yoo wa up, just wanna say stay strong enit, f*ck the police, they cant say sh*t they dont like to see people making progess and doing good at wat they do ya zimi, wen u cum out yooo, the world better prepare for u, and young money, ya see all dese n*gga’s out here talkin bout weezy dis weezy dat. JELOUS. just do wat u do wayne, inspire people who believe in you. doe watch ur shorty on the paper trail aha,

  2. dreecefsheezy says:

    an plus, u come out on dis n*gga’s birthday, aha, im 15 years old still makin the paper, holla at ur boi

  3. Mourad says:

    Be strong man ! we love u ! From Morocco (north africa)

  4. Danny Zayas says:

    Yo Wayne! Ur awesomeness man… My father lik shuns all rap… Wen I’m listening to u he tells me to turn It off… He don’t understand the purpose of u… Ur awesome! You’ve been an inspiration to me and my friend… And many others… We Gon strt rapping but well never forget u… And Wen we mak it big we still gun b listening to good ol mr Carter peace out!
    P.s. Awesome jobb on I am not a human being

  5. Danny Zayas says:

    Stay strong Wayne

  6. Ninho says:

    Ur the best Weezy, I love everything u say in ur songs, its El Ninho, ur fan from Cameroon, Africa. We cant help but wait.

  7. natalia harvin says:

    To the best rapper alive!!!!!
    fuck! I just finished writing a whole essay to u about my problem and then the whole shit erased!!!! So im just gunna tell u that my dream is to be in young and nothing else!!! I really wanted to u alot more but my computers actin stupid. So please call mee i swear to god it wont be a waste of time but i reely feel like i have to my story straight. My name is natalia and im twelve yearrs old but very mature for my age! PLEESE CAALL MEE to listen to my story. My celphone number is 917 280 1863. Ill be waiting for as long as it takes for ur call nd i swear u wont regret hearring wat i have to let u kno please dont forget about me!! I have a very intersting story to teel. I tried not to make this sound weird, or desprite but i am so please caall.i want2 explain to u why being in young money is so so so important to me!! U defenitly wont regret. Rember to call 917 280 1863 at anytime cus ill be waiting like it depends on my whole becus it does

  8. Danny Zayas says:

    Yo Weezy! I wan chat with u sumtime soon my email is dz8699917@gmail.com email me az soon az u can mayne! U da bomb weezy!

  9. udit says:

    he weezy ur the best ever u rock ….

  10. H@!13Y says:

    LUV u wheezy cant wait till u get out call me 512-308-0621 im not ganna treat u like an obsessive fan but a friend if u wanna talk….i consider u a friend even thou u dont kno me all that well
    <3 ,
    Haley ;)

  11. H@!13Y says:


  12. Carrie says:


  13. Jess Pell says:

    Always thinking of you :) My birthday is November 7th your gonna be out..its the best present ever!! :D

  14. kricea says:

    Weezy, idk if you can read this anymore or if you will but you have been what gets me through my days & through any drama I have ever went through ever since I became a fan. You are the best, I am a small redheaded certified gangsta white girl and I feel like you are one of my best friends because I listen to you so much and feel what you are saying ! Thankk you sooo much for being the bestest !!! I loove you, you have beeen with me ever since you been gone, cant wait til you get out so you can put music out everyday and I actually have something to look forward too on a daily basis again!!! <3 follow me on twitter @ceafbaby!!!! that nickname is because I listen to you more than anyone my friends know & I know every word!!! :)

  15. Sonya Perry says:

    Our support you my brother,our prayers are with you as well, stay strong and I can’t wait to see that pack when you return…like wine and preserve.

  16. Melissa says:

    WEEZY doin it big in jail or not, you are goin through a lot.. I give you props bro for makin yourself who you are today..stay up, an know that you changed a lot of ppl’s worlds for makin music brah

  17. Cassie G$ says:

    iiiii love you and i cant wait for you to be back in the gamee.

  18. William Millar says:

    Dear Weezy,
    you is my favorite artist. Ur lyrics and rapping flow is amazing. keep ya head up. You are my role model and I look up to you a lot. I cant wait till u get home my nigga. FREE WEEZY

  19. khary says:

    Hey wayne we counting down the day with u dowg just stay strong u heard me, We all with u men…U the best i don’t care what people says u gonna have haters because u r successful but fuck them haters….god as bless u.

  20. staceu johnson says:


  21. April says:

    Im Sooo ha[y yuh wrote me back .! i cant wait fa yuh ta get out i am truly yur biggest fan &; i mean it iloveyou.!

  22. Quetaya says:

    Wayne I hope you doing OK. Cant wait for you to get out. I remember the first song I heard from you, from your first album “The Block is Hot” Keisha was my favorite song. You was only 15. Look at you now. I was excited when I first heard you signed Jae Millz and Corey Gunz, been listening to my music back in 2007. I think Jae Millz is nasty but anyways I wish you much more success in life and chop Kat Stacks ass off when you get out. She has been causing problems for your record label. Somebody needs to shoot her ass.

  23. Quetaya says:

    Wayne I hope you doing OK. Cant wait for you to get out. I remember the first song I heard from you, from your first album “The Block is Hot” Keisha was my favorite song. You was only 15. Look at you now. I was excited when I first heard you signed Jae Millz and Corey Gunz, been listening to their music back in 2007. I think Jae Millz is nasty but anyways I wish you much more success in life and chop Katt Stacks ass off when you get out. She has been causing problems for your record label. Somebody needs to shoot her ass.

  24. Iris Sims says:

    omg ily soo much fum tha bottom of mah heart ilove hlistening toyur music dats all i actually listen too kno that we miss yu everydayyy nd im sryy u had to spend yur bday in jail ikno dat shit sucks but we love sooo much nd cant wait till yu get out. nd yo home gurl nicki minaj holdin yu dwn FREE MAH BABYY WEEZY! we LOVE YOOH

  25. Iris Sims says:

    omg ily soo much fum tha bottom of mah heart ilove hlistening toyur music dats all i actually listen too kno that we miss yu everydayyy nd im sryy u had to spend yur bday in jail ikno dat shit sucks but we love sooo much nd cant wait till yu get out. nd yo home gurl nicki minaj holdin yu dwn FREE MAH BABYY WEEZY! we LOVE YOOH nd u so damm sexii i wuld choose yo ovah anybody i love yu nd if u need a true friend or associate hit meh up at (1630)8238398

  26. Bradley "Baby" Blair says:

    Weezy I love you I know just about all of your songs I am keeping up with every track of you of all the rappers of my life you are, has been, and always will be the BEST RAPPER ALIVE you need to hit up another track with Slim though that’s the best shit besides you and yo daddy…

    With love and respect,

    Bradley “Baby” Blair

  27. A.B. mrs. weezy says:

    Weezy, My brotha’s, brotha thinks your sexy. no homo. aha.. I love you always and one day im gunna marry you.. You can be my Dr.Carter.. (: bein for real tho… we all cant wait for your next album!
    –much love && respect,
    Anna B. “Mrs. Weezy”

  28. Richlyn Sydney says:

    I Love You Wayne!! Can’t Wait Til You Get Out. I’ve Been Counting Down The Days… Enough Said. Stay Positive, Be Strong, See You Soon.

  29. Robert Kleinenberg says:

    Yo Wayne! Keep your head up! big fan right here hollaring at ya out of The Netherlands! i saw you live in amsterdam last year in october! mad props, one of the best show my friend and i saw! We were at the greenhouse coffee shop that night, they made you a huge chocolate cake but they said u never showed up hahah! hustla hustla! keep ya head up bro! be easy! greetz from Amsterdam!

  30. kaosy ezeani says:

    stay blezzed

  31. Lashawn says:

    RT You like the best raper we got rather….Yu n or out i stay with your music in my ear sometime i just for get where i am at…Just to be real i am loveing that New CD “I Am Not A Human Being” man your lyrics just be crazy and so real:~)…I’m A Seniors dis Year i am ready 2 get out n i am Forever Talkin About You n I Realy Do Love You

  32. Jasmine says:

    -` Whts up ,

  33. Jasmine Whatley says:

    -` Opp , ii for got you will ‘ be homee in
    6 dayss ! YAY Go You * me && Devica are happy for you !
    hope to see you on the bricks lmao ; <3 yoh .
    even tho its ah stornq werd ! bbl , /

  34. Chantel says:

    i cANT wait until yuh go home! <3
    imma buy yur new cd that same day <3

  35. Issa dababneh says:

    dear lil wayne,
    Man, your like the best rapper i know. i love your music. Cant wait until you get out! i love im not a human being, bill gates, popular, and wayyyyy more..
    i wish you the best of luck
    Love your biggest fan, Issa!!!!
    Ps. write back!!

  36. jabril joseph says:

    WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE5_lOhYg94

    tHIS is for you WANYE…………….Thank you!

  37. The People says:

    God Bless You Wayne. I pray that when you are released from prison that God will keep His angels charged over you (keeping a watchful eye over you and protecting you).

    Free Weezy!!! / Weezy Is Free’d!!!

  38. katie says:

    your such a big inspiration to me when i listen to your music something comes over me. if you have the time PLEASE e-mail me it would mean the world and more!
    god bless you,

  39. tesha says:

    Hey wayne me an my husband ar your biggest fans he has all your cds
    That u ever came out with your lyrics r sick well we. Want u to .keep your head up an know god got his hands on u an i would love to surprise my husband an we meet u one day i know u get a lot of mail i hope u get this one we love u lots an keep the music comin

  40. Erica Wright says:

    How bout this…….I am glad you are out stay busy and F the police haters…….

  41. Jk says:

    Weezy, the way u talk to your fans n respect them is really rare. Not many celebs or rappers seem to really give a fuck like u do. It must make some peoples day or even their life to see their name in your fan shoutouts. You’re so positive n so real n I’ve always seen that thru your rhymes, but it’s even more apparent in your words on this website. Much love weezy n I’m glad you’re finally gonna be free to get back to doin you. Fuck the police n fuck the feds too…misunderstood don’t gotta be explained, but we all understand you weezy n are cravin more of you raps so we can continue to understand n love you.

  42. steve says:

    Whats good Weezy im glad this day finally came i can see the change in you there wasnt a day that passed i didt hear your music im counting down the days till i get to hear some new shit you back on top i just turned 21 yesterday all i wanna do is rap your the light in head stay lit its hard to see in the dark but i will go through anything to follow my dreams but ill always fall 1 step short of you with a bow im glad your out my dude be easy remeber forget the bullS%!*

  43. Jimmy Thompson says:

    Whatup man , I got much respect for you for doin that time. Shit, I did 90 days and was cryin like a bitch. (typical white boy). man, i love every album you put out but that drought 3 is my fav. fav verse ( I keep my pockets green like a pot of peas.) I love you bro and am so glad your outta that bitch. I wrote you a letter but i know you had so many that you probly didnt get to it. That mail er day is like them bitches are bringing a f,in steak dinner. I know dog , im grateful you got so any , at least you had something to somewhat keep you busy. Well I know you been throwin down since you release like any true er soldier, so I wish you the best man, and keep them pockets green, watch out for that promethazine , but its to late for that. aight man goodluck and stay strong. I know this would never happen but im in fl. 904-548-0502. Jimmy Thompson

  44. Nicole says:

    if anyone wants to text some…special ;)pix hmu at 1-203-912-4420 i like hot guys and no creeps please

  45. Raechel says:

    i loveee your music, honestly the best, i dont now the whole story on what happened, but from what i have heard i swear you’ve honestly gone through alot and still going with your head held high- with the smile holdin up. atta boy. honestly a true role model. anyways, your da best- cant wait for new music from you- i alwyas gett excited for theem, keep yur head up.. smilee stronggg.
    your the bessttt.
    loveeee u.

  46. Ryane Railey says:

    okay well your music is great. and it sucks that it has taking this long just for you to get out, and still waiting on the next album!!! And guess what…I was you for celb day!! dreds and all.:) glad your out!

  47. Why do this article reminds me of another very much the same 1 I just read some place else?

  48. Okposo says:

    Sup weezy, good to know you out, partied all night and dedicated it all to you… hope you ever read this n please come thru to africa, ghana at least once, we dying to see you. mad luv. no homo. 1.

  49. Erik Wofford says:

    You have inspired me through your songs and your attitude man. Your songs sometimes are the only things that get me through the stuff I am going through. I just throw on some of your music and it gets my head clear and helps me get past it. I’m really looking forward to some of your new music. By the way, when i went to your concert in Detroit when you were with T-Pain, you guys killed it! Keep Raising the bar Weezy.

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