Letter #08: My Last Written Lines

Hello world. Time is ticking and I’m counting every second. Because of my new limitations, this unfortunately has to be my last letter. I don’t think people truly understand how much their thoughts and well wishes have helped me through this time in my life. Not everyone is as lucky as I am and it humbles me daily. You would be amazed what positivity can do in a negative environment. I’m going to miss reading about your lives. I’m going to miss looking at the pictures. They were the highlight of my days aside from speaking with my kids. Don’t stress over this in 27 days, the ride starts again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who is supporting I Am Not A Human Being. It amazes me each time people go out and support my music. I’ll always be in debt to you for that. Keep rocking your “Free Weezy” tees and rocking out to my music. Trust me when I say this is almost over. I love you. I’ll continue to pray for all of you. Just keep doing the same for me.

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  1. Hirah F says:

    I love you Weezy Wee ;)

  2. marvin destine says:

    I miss you wezzy we need you we need your song I know when you come back you have 2 be on that speaking in thugs beat or salute I miss you everyday I blasting your song

  3. Nadia says:

    Hey Stay Strong and Keep ure Head up Ure Fans need u Stay on the streets because this is where u Belong Love Nadia

  4. kendra berry says:

    cant wait to see you a free man

  5. hermeD says:

    We got at ya back,al d way from afri(home).one love

  6. Lanika says:

    Wayne, I miss you!! Stay strong and keep your head up, this journey is almost over… Can’t wait to see what you have coming next, the suspense is killing me. I love you!!

  7. leks emmylizzie says:

    i personally miss u weezy may GOD save u 4rm this ‘FREE WEEZY’

  8. lil wayne i rily luv u ol my lyf i hv bn n um stl wishng 2 c u live jst 4 @ least a second………………i luv u n olwyz knw tht um hpy 4 u n wateva tht u du 4 us yo YOUNG MONEY FANZ………………u d’bst EVA

  9. debby okunfolami says:

    lil wayne!!!!!
    we all love u,and we are counting down the days…..soon,very soon…..im still counting

  10. We love you Wayne, God bless you.

  11. MARCUS GARBY says:

    lil weezy is my world of happyness since the day that i was born with brother since the day that i head the news i have not been able to rock kumasi(GHANA).with u am with the world be strong as a rock sea we wish to see u soon

  12. MARCUS GARBY says:

    i like u sooooooooooooooooo much(EJISU)the cape town of yaa asantewaa(GHANA KUMASI)I WILL ALWAYS LUV LIL WEEZYYYYYYYYY(ejisuman serion high school)

  13. Kal joe says:

    Thank God your out cos your out already as for me Rap is not my favoùrite but yours makes me BOUNCE..I wellcome ya in advance man…..

  14. Taylor says:

    Wayne :)! I love you :) Can’t wait ’til you get out!
    -Much love,
    Taylor :)

  15. tammy says:


  16. Shelbbylynn says:

    I love you weezy only a few days until your out your amazing and I’m a biiiiig fan, :)

  17. Star says:

    Your a strong person and sometimes you have to go
    through the negative to get to the positive.
    Simply for that I think your truly amazing! Keep doing
    your thang and come back to Canada, you got crazy
    fans down here. Take care

  18. Lisa Jean says:

    Dear Wayne, please don’t f**k up like T.I. did; I forgive him because I know it’s not my place to judge, but I expected so much positivity from him after his release, and I expect even more from you. PLEASE DO NOT F**K UP. You have the incomprehensible load of the world’s hope and dreams and desire to move beyond their mistakes on your shoulders; please don’t let us down. Please don’t let me down.

  19. Lehlo says:

    Hey weezy I hope everything is good.. Keep runnin sprinters, believe me I get the spirit from you. Shout Weezy, Stunna and MackBaby.. Young Money Cash Money We Da Champions!

  20. dgreat says:

    am missin everything about u

  21. wilson shauibu says:

    i miss u weezy

  22. Trisha Glaser says:

    Wayne. i love you. i wrote u 3 times. and never got a response. im disapointed.. but i understand, i miss you alot. take care. <3<3

  23. Karina Nae Carter says:

    Michael dwayne carter junior , so much too say about you ♥ i trult admit that your my FAVORITE nigga out there , im just saying (; lol, i hate the fact that you not out here doing it bug , i think they should just let you go :D I Remember seeing myself in your “Most wanted concert,” in miami with Young money, i was so excited , it felt like a dream ♥ I have nothing but good thought about you , all these people be saying”Oh fuck lik wayne” & it just gets me mad , Your simply me Idol & Obesseion :D Lol , One thing i certainlt wish for is, Meeting you face too face(: i Consider my self as a young Carter , allllll theee Waaaayyy ♥ (Make my wish come trueeeeeeeee,PLEASEEEE) :D lol ; By theee waayyy , Freeee LIL’WAYNE ♥ ♥

  24. Dani says:

    You’re amazing Lil Wayne. I know you hear tht from almost every one of your fans but I can honestly say tht you are the Best of the Best. It’s gonna be absolutley crazy when you get out bcus even though none of us know you, we all love you & miss you. You’re one in a million.

    Love, Dani<3

  25. ronald badubi says:

    We in Botswana(southern african country) are awaiting your release mr carter..we cant wait till november…

  26. ronald badubi says:

    it has been like a part of the music industry has been in prison for a year…

  27. Shannon Bunch says:

    so happy for ur release!! I’ll continue prayin for u! So happy for u! PEACE

  28. mia mcdaniel says:

    that is such a sweet and touching letter bae…thanks for the luv u show us and beleive we r showing it back..be safe and one luv hun

  29. mia mcdaniel says:


  30. depths says:

    shit wayne! you’ve been gone too long nigga! i have been ya fun since the i first heard ‘i’m me’ i was born loving music hiphop but i liked hiphop way lotta betta when i was weezyfied..

    enihow, dop the world is ma favorite song ryt na..it turns ya nuts!

  31. depths says:

    i got ice on my veins.. blood on my eyes.. hurt on my heart.. love on my mind..

    damn! this is real shit!

  32. bounyt says:

    his a beast his a dog his mather fucan problem. cant waite for wht u will drop when u come back im sure its super damn hot!

  33. Bonaji says:

    huge fan from the middle east you reach the whole world weezy .. i am waiting for you to come out in November so you can come back and make more music … we got Arab money here and we love you man .. i wont say be strong or something like that .. you are the man and you can make it all the love and respect..

  34. blackstar91177 says:

    We cant wait till you get out know you gonna drop some hella hard underground shit when you get out

  35. [...] Thursday (October 7), he wrote his last letter via his Web site, WeezyThanxYou.com, thanking fans for their support during his incarceration and informing them that because [...]

  36. Brittany Maclin says:

    Im a huge fan I love your music thanks for the prayers an motivation that you have given an I will surely keep you in my prayers as well keep your head up an be blessed

  37. HSTEAL*clubname says:

    1st off B’z up- Yu know who .I. Am stay up… 2 bad you wont be able to be the surprise guest, along with nikkie @ drakes show on. 0ct 31st ,man I swear if Yu end up. Getting out early and. you come out onthe stage ima goo soo fuckin hard! Cant even put it in words what ima do!
    Probably b-walk till my feet fall off! D-town boogie, u kno ima hit that dougie too!!

  38. Wayne,
    Wow, I have so, so, much to say I could never attempt to say it all. First, and foremost, you are undescribable,(believe me I’ve tried). You are an amazing rapper, rocker, father, and amazing person all around. Anyone that can’t see that is plain blind, or not looking. ‘I have a dream’, haha, for you and I to meet face to face, and to become a hiphop artist,(preferably with YM), but don’t worry about making my dream come true, with my determination, baby I’ll come to you, you just keep making millions happy with your music. I love you and I’m praying, God Bless you.
    Love, Tiff(:

  39. aiden says:

    yo boy stay strong u fans got ur back blastin ur music dayly just stay strong

  40. osvaldo says:

    lil wayne the best rapper alive!!! y mi mallor repeto a lil weezy

  41. osvaldo says:

    lil wayne the best rapper alive!!! y mi mallor repeto a lil wayne y espero que salga de prision i demuestre que tu ere el mejor rapero norte americano y que nadie puede ser mejor que tu lil wayne

  42. Cher says:

    i love you somuch words cant even explain you are the best rapper alive and you get my highest honor

  43. immaculate says:

    WEEZY,I personally began the countdown in september and we cant wait 4 your new videos and songs. I’m sure they’ll be the best.and Happy release day.ill have a party with my friends.Biggest wish right now is to attend the concert but waynePLIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZcome to africa for a concert.ILOVE YOU 4 SHIZ

  44. Ella says:

    FREE WEEZY! <3

  45. Tymdash says:

    Mr.Weezy i wait for u, for “THA CARTER4;-)

  46. tymdash says:

    Love u Weezy F Baybe

  47. veca says:

    Weezy i cant wait for you to get out i know that you are going to go straight bananas lol. love you wayne!!!!!

  48. veca says:

    free wayne

  49. themba says:

    hala tune!!
    As you get to read this if you do, just want you to know that we just cant wait for you to get free and get on that red light….weezy f baby and the f is for forever! We love you

  50. Byron chege says:

    Weezy we miss you i mean i miss you.we know what it is when you finaly make it home.love you and shout out to Young money family hope one day i will be there.

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