Letter #10: The End of a Long Journey

Hello world! My world! Our world!

As I greet you all in my last days on this island, I must reflect. I think back to when I first arrived and I had no clue of what I’d be experiencing. I was never scared, worried, nor bothered by the situation. For that, I thank God, my family, and you, my amazing fans. I prayed for you all every night, as I’m aware that I was in your prayers as well. The very first day that I received mail, it was about 300 pieces or more! I smiled like a child of Christmas. But when I began to read them, my heart smiled. I laughed with some of you, reasoned with some of you, and even cried with some of you. I responded to as many of you that time would allow. I plan to keep reading and responding after my release. I thank you all for being so very supportive, as I never imagined how much impact my words and life can have. With this knowledge, I vow to continue to be me! For you have assured time that I don’t have to change for no one but God. I will be the same Martian I was when I left, just better. You fans are more than amazing, and I will for to the end of the world for your love. This isn’t the last of weezythanxyou.com I will continue to thank you when I’m home.

I simple LOVE you all.

P.S. Thanx for supporting my YM team the way you do!!

Now I like to thank my wonderful family and friends for never letting me down. Your love and support is worth the world. I am grateful for you all and I couldn’t have done it without your love. Also, I thank everyone who came to visit me. That shit meant a lot, straight up! I would do the same, if not more for you.

Now I must dedicated something to the woman in the picture…

…sitting on this bed with my back against one of the four walls I’ve been confined to, all I can think of is you. Staring at you staring at me, from the picture of you that I see. I try so hard to make the picture smile. You look so serious. Seriously beautiful. You, me, we are one. Then I look further to the right and there’s a picture of “the bed by the water”… where I dream to be with the woman in the picture that still won’t smile. I sometimes talk to the picture, but it never responds. Although, I’ve been told that a picture speaks a thousands words, I only wish that this picture would speak of four… “I love you too.” That would be the perfect response to what I frequently say to it. You see, the picture of “the bed by the water” has sand in it, and the woman in the other picture has sand in her hair… put them together, and she’s there. And when I dream, I’m there with her. Shhh… quietly these four walls become that place in the picture. And the woman in the picture begins to whisper… “I love you too”… she responds!

And now she smiles. Imagination is perfect.

Dedicated to the woman in the picture.


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  1. Kei Walters says:

    your words in the post is like a beat to a tight verse

  2. ashley says:

    who is this?

  3. Ben R says:

    hell yeah weezy, you kill it in every fuckin song. thanx for makin doope party beats

  4. Tony says:

    Weezy man, your an inspiration to the minds of many..a warming thought in the hearts of plenty..but most of all, your the drive that someone needs to survive, while the world turns evil eyes and tries to mesmerize and distract, your lyrics subtract. Subtract the negativity from the days of normal dudes like me, and when we need a reason to succeed…you give us plenty.
    Thanks for the music, its a place in my mind I like to vacation in.

  5. luis narvaez says:

    yo weezy i on;y fuks witcha muzik no homo ,in lake worth ,an all of da south u r da king ,wenever i pop ur song into my deck ur muzik always seems to modivate me to go forward in life we all as humans have an ambition ,u bring dat out of me by me juss tuned in to ur flows keep it up always one love to all of young money ,love ,peace an respect……your fan lewdaglue..luis narvaez

  6. Tario Mills says:

    Dear Wayne,you have changed my life in a lot of ways but mostly ur like a farther to me ur music is always there for me wen I need it,and I truly thank you for just every thing that you have done I will always love you and buy evry mixtape /Album that you have my life has been better with your music always and forever will love u.-Tario Mills

  7. #lilindiangirl says:

    I got love for u wezzy! Keep up the good work dude real talk!! Make more hits yadigg;)$$$$ TUNECHI!!!!!!!

  8. esra says:

    lil wayne you are my biggest fan you are amazing! i love you

  9. chantel says:

    I LOVE YOU! <3

  10. john says:


  11. chantel says:

    fuck you john ^ (:
    i love lil wayne! <3

  12. Samuel Olugbenga says:

    All l wish u is long life cos d prosperity is already there. So dat u can sing 2 d glory of GOD ALMIGHTY.

  13. roc says:

    I got some ideas good ones.. i just need some help bringing them to life. Will you help me wayne? rocp2@ twitter

  14. Conor says:

    You’re my hero man. You’re the only person out there that can sit there and run shit while you were locked up. I respect that and every song you’ve put out. Whether it’s on the Dedications, the Droughts, the Carters or whatever, that’s some dope stuff that has a meaning. You spit the best rap anyone will ever put out. Can’t wait for that Carter IV release. Keep ballin’ Weezy, I mean excuse me, keep Bill Gatin’. Love you man.

  15. Adutwum Emmanuel says:

    Weezy man, your an inspiration to the minds of many..a warming thought in the hearts of plenty…the wworld turns evil eyes and tries to mesmerize and distract, your lyrics subtract. Subtract the negativity from the days of normal dudes like me, and when we need a reason to succeed…you give us plenty.
    Thanks for the music, its a place in my mind I like to vacation in. is ur fan from GHANA

  16. yobra says:

    ur great!

  17. Josh says:

    I wanna know who the woman you’re talking about is. Shit sounds deep.

  18. Adriana Rajic says:

    That was beautiful. Everyting you wright makes me cry or laugh, sometimes both. You’re great and I Love you, you ARE the best rapper alive and the hottest man alive! A lot of love from Sweden, Stockholm <3

  19. JOLENE LONG says:


  20. M.AK says:

    I just want 2 say I LOVE YOU!!!1LUV!YMCMB!U make ME smile!

  21. sherry teeple says:

    I am the women in the picture

  22. sherry teeple says:

    but to Jeffrey

  23. Shaun says:

    All i want to say is im gald ur out of prison n stay out. Get back out here n do ur thang and don’t forget about people who stayed by your side threw all of the turmoil. UR FANS!!!!!

  24. devante says:

    your journey is never gonna be finished ijus want you to keep doing what you do best… think, you seem to be very good at it love all your music back to block is hot with juvinile b.g hotboys hope you had a great thanksgiving welcome home

  25. Oana P. says:

    Finnaly,it was a long journey.Thanks God,God bless you and take care of you!you must know that i/we love you,and appreciate you.TAKE care,baby The World Love You!.YOU WILL BE ALWAYS IN my heart!(OANA Zeezy love Weezy,or simply P.OANA).i hope someday u will answer me!XOXO!:->

  26. Kumar says:

    weezy bak like an asthma attack, dont choke, matter fact dont talk, like u got food in ur mouth, mama smack em ouch, im so real u can see my thoughts, change ur luck sacrifice a goat, im an iceberg now sink a boat, la la la now sing along, wheals on my whip go round and round, houston we out, bye bye ground, im bout to evolve and lose my walk, no legs, im hungry for fame, thirsty, watch me down a keg, Holla at ur boy. respect for young money all day. ha this just a forplay. deuces

  27. Oana P. says:

    Now i know how much you love us!*thank you Weezy * be who u are,world loves you anyway,and about the haters DON’T LISTEN to them,they don’t know what is amazing and cool,they have their mouth full of SH*T.Peace!LIVE,LIFE,LOVE,PROGRESS,PROCEED,PEACE.True words…from a true heart’:-*$$$%¿

  28. Abel says:

    Yo weezy I first wanna say that you are a inspiration
    to me aswell other people I’m sur you already know,but your words are
    Very powerful Wayne, God gave u this and look at you haha ” Best rapper alive!”
    But I would like to say that I like to write ,and poetry also and when I be writin I be thinking like what would Wayne write/what would Wayne say and” I do me” but it’s always good to get some outer inspiration too. I would like to speak with you Wayne I think we can share alot of common thoughts about things too it would be a pleasher and a honor on my behalf , your probably bizzy with alot of shit but when u get the chance think about it , also I’m a dancer I speashalize in a style called popping an oldshool style of dance look it up some time . But Wayne always remember never let the evil get to your heart or your sole stay strong and keep fath with in God but wayne take my e-mail and hit me up Agthedon1980@yahoo.com

    From your fan Abel Garcia
    P.S I’m sixteen so hope u dont be lime WTF hah w/b

  29. Brandi says:

    I love you Weezy! Ur the best at everythang.

  30. Christina says:

    IM IN LOVE WITH YOU WEEZY. haaha like everyone else has said your music gets me so motivated and happy . Im so glad you are out because we surely have missed you!!!

  31. Branden says:

    im repping 207 and my boyz are in heaven repping 777 walk up in 7/11 shot em all in the mellon now they trying to cetch me as a fellon im selling records young money is the best cetch ya by the kneck and leave you in the street in a mess man we rocking the vest always stay strapped with the mac like mac n nelli slap a emo bitch in the belly girls get at my celli

  32. kenneth says:

    hey u r awesome

  33. Ric-Ro Oomsy says:

    To the all young money/cash God bless.Weezy as you are big man in Cash money Record Ent. I want you to Release A New track For Christmas Day and Wellcoming New Year. Birdman Kept Up To Do Da Sh*t.
    ” Weezy Thanx You”

  34. breezyfbaby says:

    I wish I knew who he was talking about.. damn

  35. Leeroyce says:


  36. Aleia says:

    hey wayne I kno I’m SUPER late on a reply but hey lol…………..u are truly a great artist & I <3 you so much you inspire me to want a better life & I want nothing but the best for my son I want him to b as strong of a person as you are I want him to b fearless………. And I kno you hear this alot so what make this any dif but I jus thought I should jus tell you & oh you always kill it n everything you do & ur kids are beautiful

    Yours truly,
    Aleia Carruthers

    ps. I<3 you once again

  37. Lestaa says:

    Realest nigga on the planet

  38. dizzo says:

    Keep doin wut u love! Feel good livin! Don’t live to feel good!

  39. Kyle says:

    Yo weezy u truly are tha best rapper alive. U r tha best in tha game ill always b supporting u. i’ve been listening 2 u 4 years.When somethin goes wrong in my life i jus listen 2 ur songs n they calm me down until i knw its time 2 do tha right thing r make things a little better 4 my family and friends. All tha time people r always saying 2 me why do u like lil wayne r whats so great about him n ill respond: I listen 2 lil wayne because of his lyrics, beats, rapping skillz he seems like tha only person that is really true 2 his word bout everything. People say fuck lil wayne 2 me but idont care what they say bout u. U r gonna b tha only lil wayne n tha whole world n ill always b supporting u no matter what. I support tha whole young money fam. baby,slim,drake,nikki,tyga,drake,jae millz, lil chuckee, mack maine, shanell, gudda gudda, T-streetz, and u cant 4get lil twist, big brother (lil wayne dedication) thats tha shit right there. O yea YM salute is my favorite song so far. people can say what they want bout u n i knw ur not goin 2 sweat it. jus keep enjoying life n ur family while u can. Young mula navy

  40. richard says:

    wezzy can i be ur friend

  41. [...] “I like to thank my wonderful family an&#100…. “Your love and support is worth the world. I am grateful for you all and I couldn’t have done it without your love. also, I thank everyone who came to visit me.” [...]

  42. zana says:

    i love you weezy !

  43. u2ez_da_beast_88 says:

    ur music is fuckin awsome i love drop the world. u should do more songs with eminem but ur still a fucking awsome beast keep up the good fucking work

  44. psILOVEEyouh says:

    youh are duh BEST dont ever 4gett tht
    we all love ur songs we love you! just keep up duh great work u have done!!!

  45. psILOVEEyouh says:

    YOU DUH BEST!!! :)

  46. @Juano9121 says:

    Follow me @Juano9121

  47. marguarita walker says:

    i wont to thanx u for helping get thru alot n life. Ur words explain so much about life that sum dont understand so thanx u

  48. muaiad says:

    yo lil wayne i am a big fan
    i got al of your CDs
    you ar the bets of the word

  49. Abudi WizZy says:

    Hey Lil Wayne(WIZZY) How Are Ya I Hope That You Are Fine
    I Want To Tell Happy New Year And One Thing I’m Your Biggest Fan On The Earth And I’ll Prove That I Have All Your Cd’s All Your Songs,Videos,Pictures,Video Clips I have It All And The Best Album Was And Still It Is,Its “I”M NOT HUMAN BEING”
    I Love You Wizzy I Love You Lil Wayne I Love You Dwayne Carter Jr. I Love You Lil Tounche I Love You Wizzy F.Baby
    I’ve Being Listening To Your Song From 14,15 Years Ago Till Now You Are The Best Rapper Alive

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