Video #1: Weezy Thanx You!

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645 Comments to “Video #1: Weezy Thanx You!”

  1. tymdash says:

    I always to write u, and i always will do that:-) Because Weezy, when i look at u, i feel like at home. So Mr.Wayne thnx to do my life greatly because i write u

  2. rana says:

    hi sweet weezy i am happy coz see you too happy ?
    i ask you abot makes viode for die for you ..
    pleas weezy do it this song haveing me like you baby ..


  3. lizzie says:

    are those tatooes real mr wayne

  4. lizzie says:

    are thos tatooes real mr wayne

  5. chrissy says:

    I am so glad that you are back and can’t wait for that new S**t to drop. Keep doin you baby!!!!

  6. BiancaKay.! says:

    I’m So Glad You Ain’t Caged Up NoMore.! Hip Hop Missed You And Keep Do You Wayne.! I Love The “I am not a human being” album. It’s Tha Shxt.!

  7. R,re says:

    Happy Thanksgiving baby-boy!!!!!

  8. B-ghet says:

    Eh man! Wats up…sounds silly but I am looking for a rapper and nescito contract as soon as possible ….:) weezy

  9. spades says:

    Hey. Yo. Carter that album is another fire starter keep doin what you do ya dig

  10. Brittany says:

    My boyfriend is one of your biggest fans and in turn has made me realized what an artist you are. YOU THE GREATEST!!!

  11. Sexybrown says:

    You are the Greatest And I love u weezy keep your head Up God will be with you!!!!!

  12. Dee says:

    I am Happy that u home wit Family. U are my favorite rapper and i just pray u stay out i have been locked up this year as well an it’s notthe place to be away from my girl and my family i won’t make the sme mistakes again.I got all ur music on my mp3. I’m out may god bless u and keep u.

  13. Sandra says:

    This vidio is hung on the website the day of my birthday, the best gift.

  14. Carolin Johansson says:

    i’m amorous.. you make my belly tickle, thank you for bringing me those feelings with you and your music.

    Carro, Sweden. Vänersborg.

  15. cashboi says:

    the lord s wit u weezy my nizzle

  16. jennifer says:


  17. rudolf blud blud.john says:

    i’m vry glad ur out blood….b’s up 4 son 0 3 1..big b’s poopin.real hapy 4 u son…i’m wriren dis listen 2 hustler musik an sendin dis reply

  18. mikeh says:

    when can we expect a mixtape tune

  19. Shaggy says:

    yo weezy
    i’ve read about you and you really hard working i only wish i get success to join young money i like it really and am…u fun thanks to young money have a nice life style Weezy am Babatunde Ariel aka Sheezy Ariel

  20. samuel oloh says:

    a.k.a ur highness..God is wit u. No sheaking.Ah feel u.Ur d best rapper alive.thay cant stop u

  21. Michellle says:

    Your a genius and absoluty amazing at what you do. Don’t ever stop. We love you and will always be here for you!

  22. shelly says:

    I am happy that u is home 4 good n most of all I am thankful 4 god letin me see another day cuz u never know when it is your time 2 meet the men himself so 2 everyone out there pleas count your blessins cuz like I said u never know when that day will cum 4 u n last but not lest R.I.P.2 my aunt Debrah who was layed 2 rast 2 day 11/27/2010 n chicago love u auntie u will b missed n never forgotten 8/5/1955-11/19/2010 love shelly

  23. Keezy says:

    Whats up Wayne.. im a rapper from chesapeake , virginia .. i have no studio , no producer but my swagg and bars are on point.. i look up to you.. I aint tryna get signed because of FAME , i just love rap music and love making music.. i was asking could you give me one chance to be with YOUNG MONEY.. all im asking is just for one chance.. im 17 years old and i sing and rap..

  24. Keezy says:

    also welcome home.. The rap game wasnt the same without you.. your like a father that i never met..

  25. fiffy baby says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lil wayne i missss u and love u soooo much omg lil wayne u r my best

  26. adam says:

    you are the sickest rapper and the best.Your songs are the best and also drake.i think you should be the number 1 rapper.I love your songs.I know prom queen and drop the world by heart.i wish i could meet u someday and if i do i will sing u drop the world because i know the song.most of my songs on my ipod are yours.I would sometimes wake up and listen to your music on my i home and sing drop the world and prom queen and listen to your other songs.

  27. adam says:

    i was sad when you went to jail.

  28. natalia harvin( i live in queens newyork) says:

    Hey its me again i wrote one letter b4 about how its my dream to be in young money one day and i gave my number and i forget tht it was going to be posted for all ur fans to see and then all of usuden mad weirdos started calin me pretendin to be u!! Lols i was scared so i just kept on hangin up but one day i hung up on someone that sounded like u and i got angry at myself thinkin wat if it was u or someone tht works for u. Tht night i couldnt goto sleep for nuthin i still regret for some reason not findin out who it reely was but then i thought like y wuld lilwayne spend time just to call me im just one out of a milion fans no one important :( i cant believe tht i actualy thought tht da call mightve been from u like if u would reely take da time to call tht wouldve been da best day of my life if i actualy did get a call from LILWAYNE!! tht is a reel dream cometrue and ur daughter must be da lukiest girl in da world to hav u as a father.I wonder if she even noes how Dam luky she is!!Lols p.s my age is 12

  29. Hey..Weezy! Its what U bn Waitin4= King of the World wit Jay-Z!! Granted ‘thee’ By HEAVENZ&ANCESTRY SPIRITS MADE ME A KING WIT JAYZ!!4ryl Dude Spoke 2 HEAVENZ!!! Black Revolution through;Mj’s+2PAC&80′s Hip-Hop Mr Pellem. South Africa. Tel JIGGA&Calme: 0792661456, Vodacom S.A. TakeOvEr! ONE WORD…

  30. King of the World 4ryl Spoke 2 Heavenz toldme< Jay-Z & ME(PELLEM)*KINGZ OF THE WORLD* Granted By HEAVENZ TRUE STORY# Mj+2PAC&80's Hip-Hop Rule the WORLD! TakeOvEerr~KING 4RYL, South Africa:0792661456. Calme!!! ONE…..INFINITY

  31. kaycee says:

    lil’ wayne your my wallpaper :) ily!

  32. kaycee says:

    Dwayne Micheal Carter is the best rapper alive. Rap is Dwayne Dwayne is rap <3 <3 <3

  33. Resurrect says:

    I’m thankful that the letters I sent to you in prison were returned to me because I poured my heart out a lil too much. I confided in you lots of secrets like I was writing to Oprah lol and I am glad you didn’t get them. Your daughter is so beautiful, I love her dimple. You guys have happy holidays! God Bless

  34. Alffy Bill'z says:

    WEEZY You da best Bro.Like you music and ur documentaries and all YMCMB.

  35. lilwnkie says:

    Yea WEEZY ya bad no RELLY your good only GOD can JUDGE u ya herd ma real talk!!! [ride hard or stay home >>>snitches or die tryin(*)

  36. lilwnkie says:


  37. najerah says:

    i am your biggest fan and love and always will write you and support u

  38. kimi says:

    wayne yer amazing, peri0d p0int blank! i l0ve y0u & wutchu d0 & yera beast @ wutchu d0. keep it up & i hope y0u get bak @ me.

    l0ve kimi<3

  39. Chantel says:


  40. Drama says:

    Wats good we talking 100,000 for a feature. email’s at top.

  41. la victoria says:

    I was very thankful this year! My family is from cuba and I was born in new orleans in 82 but unfort after my father went to prison when I was 8 I lost contact with my mother as well. I am very thankful to say even though my father has been locked up for almost 21 years I still love him very much and my mother found me on facebook this past october! I just got back from vegas with my daughter and we had the best reunion ever! can’t wait to spend more time with her very soon! Vegas here I come! Again! Love u wayne stay out of trouble and keep ur shows coming. Love tu cubana!!

  42. la victoria says:

    Never say never! Anything is possible! After 20 years of not knowing anything about my mom I’m so thankful God has made it possible for us to find each other again! Now I can start my life again!

  43. karlene.m says:

    i love yhur new songs.!
    keep up the great work.!
    i<3yhu… best rapper alive.!

  44. Kim says:

    I Heart You :]<3

  45. b rock says: please check out this artist thank you

  46. b rock says:

    please check out this artist thank you

  47. i0ve y0u says:

    make a video f0r RIGHT ABOVE IT [= hehe
    *badass s0nq -n0h0me ;)

  48. flw says:

    eu amo o lil wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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