Video #1: Weezy Thanx You!

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645 Comments to “Video #1: Weezy Thanx You!”

  1. Oana P. says:

    What i can say?WEEZY is…ttthhheee BeZt!Kiss ya’!$

  2. lionel dingiswayo says:

    I’m your biggest fan…plz add me to facebook
    Young Moooooooooooooooooola

  3. Jay Singh (the original) says:

    Wheezy! you crazy…lol

  4. Sasha says:

    Hey I just want to say that i’m a HUGE FAN! and i will like to know if you are planning to come to Boston :)

  5. thuto yako says:

    Weezy wadup, dawg I think you the truth and live life according to your word. A nigga of mine who passed away recently used to love you(no homo) I swear to you man, he was you and I’m sure he supports you in heaven!!! Weezy you the best…. Shout out to drizzy!

  6. Jose garcia says:

    Ay wayne my names josee I Noe yu heard this a millions of times but I love your music man to tell yu the truthh I see yu as my idol an I hope one day I could meet yu….. Weeyz a fuckkkkeeennnn BEASTT!!!!!!!!

  7. Desiree Ross says:

    Lil Wayne i luvh u soooo much! Words jus kant explain how much i am of a fan. U nevr kum 2 Greenville,Sc and dhats all i evr wanted..i promise u<we will definitely show u sum luvh..especially mi. I attempted 2 send u a letter while u were away but mi i hav been so busii wit track dhat i nevr had time and i tld mi mom 2 du iht and she nevr dhid. I was verii upset. I realli du hope u read mi comment bc it realli wud mean alot 2 mi. And i dnt want yhu 2 think im dumb by tha way i spell..i am verii intelligent dhis is jus mi txt tlk

  8. kristinaweezy says:

    im thankful for you

  9. chidi says:

    i love you.

  10. chidi says:

    any thing u have in ur cup dat dose not concine any body.

  11. Shelley says:

    I just wanted to say im a HUGE FAN!!!!!
    I have alot of respect for yhu coming out of prison nd having a positive attitude. Yhu show us teens that even though yhu have done wrong yhu still have to suffer the consquences nd not ran from them. I beleive every teenager out there would agree. Keep up the gewd work Weezy

  12. Shelley says:

    Cum to Mobile Soon!!!
    Much Love – Shelley

  13. BoBert says:

    carter 4…….try 3 1/2 years later

  14. Greg says:

    Wat up weezy hit me up at 336 452 0750 hit me up man I’m a true weezy fan I’ve always thought u was the greatest of all time when u got the micro phone but yeah hit ya boy up

  15. zaakirah says:

    Hey wayne how r u? Im so glad that u kep ur head on straight while u were away i just simply adore u and ur work no matter what #1 fan 4 life, by the way when will u come to nc(Charlotte) wOuld luv 2 c u here in the QUEEN CITY. Well i must go always keep God first LUV U ALWAYS OXOXOXOXOXO:)

  16. zaakirah says:

    Hey wayne how r u? Im so glad that u kepT ur head on straight while u were away i just simply adore u and ur work no matter what #1 fan 4 life, by the way when will u come to nc(Charlotte) wOuld luv 2 c u here in the QUEEN CITY. Well i must go always keep God first LUV U ALWAYS OXOXOXOXOXO:)

  17. zaakirah says:

    Wayne just wanted to say im luvin ur locks im a dreadhead also:)

  18. cristine says:

    i know you’ve heard this a million times but seriously, theres not one thing about you that isn’t amazing! such a big fan, keep the music coming pleaseeeee :)

  19. Candice says:


  20. lil wayne, youve heard shout outs from a million different fans and heres one more, i love you and your music , youve inspired me on so many different levels you dont even know. i listen to your songs everyday and could connect to them. you should have a concert either rhode island or boston. you know ill be there front row. money dont matter. its deff worth listening and seeing you. your my number one and you will forever always be

  21. oh and reply back so i know this shit aint fakee…lovee yahh to infinity and beyond

  22. melissa` says:

    nice wayne u are the best rapper alive.
    we luv u wayne carter

  23. snooki says:

    hay wayne i luv yur music bby u are the best man that i could think of and sexy

  24. melissa says:

    i am yur beggest fan can u add me on yur facebook please son thanx u

  25. My baby is s0 end l0ve with y0ur s0ng trun >T lil wayen s0 l0ve y0u ma saf lmao hahaha.

  26. Rodrigo says:

    hey lil wayne,i just wanted to say that i am a huge fan,i am brazilian guy and i listen to your songs since i was a kid,we all supported you when you were in jail but we did this because you deserve it,Você é o cara(it means you are the man in portuguese)…

  27. Paulia says:

    weezy i 3> u … when u go to eurpe ..pls write ..

  28. [...] Monday (November 8), the Young Money star posted a video to, a blog launched so he could communicate with fans during his eight-month prison stint on Rikers [...]

  29. Mzz.Tweety says:

    Just wont 2 say that ! lov3 u….n ! hope that u had a great t!me here n da ch! 4 new yrears eve….n yes ppl he was really here go on youtube n see 4 yourself….but any lov3 u n keep up da g%d work…. Mr.C@rter

  30. Colleen :) says:

    “Give me the Patience that I need to keep my peace of mind, and with life’s cares, I hope, Dear God, some Happiness to find. Give me the Courage to face life’s trials and not from troubles run. Let me keep this thought in mind. “Thy Will,” not “Mine,” be done.” I just wanna say you truley are such an amazing and gifted person. You dont even know i exist and yet you have such an impact on me. wish i could meet u one day and burn a L..come to new yorkkk and i got youuu! haha i love you lil tunechi<3 see you at boozle!

  31. Elah says:

    Plz add me on facebook im ur biggest fan my cntactz on fb r :SHAKIRA ELAH KGOPUTSO.keep u dng da gud work lil weezy whn is our nxt album cuming out

  32. @Juano9121 says:

    Follow me @Juano9121

  33. Subductive Flawless Ladii says:

    Wayne yuh iss dha B3St MUTHA F[X]CKIN rapper alive yah kn0.!!.(= Ii s0lute yuh (Young.M0neyy)]ent. I g0tta sign on myy pussy dat sayys Bhad Niggahs 0nLii(:

  34. Subductive Flawless Ladii says:

    Foll0w meh 0n Facebo0k dhee pr0fyle name beh Subductive Flawless Ladii Young Moneyyy.!!.

  35. Garek says:

    Lil Wayne ur Beast biggest fan and I’m only ten like song I’m going in
    6 foot 7 foot
    And every other song

  36. Mary-Anna eddy says:

    Dude Wayne ever since 4rth grade i have loved u!!! I am 7th now and omg I just luv u!! I am friends wit u on twitter and like ur fb page (it’s hard finding u on myspace) and I am followin all of YM on twitter tell nae I say hi :) I am friends with her on twitter toplz follow me on twitter “Maryannasaves” !!!! :) <3

  37. [...] jail sentence, Lil Wayne has posted a short thank-you video clip on his Facebook and the blog “I think there’s like 14 million of y’all,” the hitmaking I Am Not A Human [...]

  38. cocoa masta says:

    every tym i listen 2 ur music i just gt so much inspiration t males me wan b a rapper badly

  39. yung says:

    wayne ayy yu kuld khekk my rhymes out if yu kuld hit me up threw email nd i slidez yu da number

  40. I know you anit goin to read this so im goin to be short, fo the million of people who vist this site and might see my comment, but i had to say thank you fo keepin hip-hop alive on the five. As ithink about it you should of let dat sht die.Cuz its a LOT of weak as RAPPERs out here, and iget tried of listin to they azz (pause). SMD’S

  41. dazzo baby says:

    Dear Weezy from your number 1 fan, I hope all is good & everythings grand, I just had a few words for young tunechi man’ first I wanna say im so thankful for you man , without you in music I don’t know what I would do.. every time I’m high I have to listen to you, you keep me sane in this world you crazy motherfucker you. You came into this world to entertain & you’ll always remain my favorite rapper in the game. You always have a lot to give & with your music you inspire many different people from different types of views but it seems like every1 believes in you, we expect you to go hard just like you do! YOUNG M0NEY BABY THAT’S ALL Y0UUU! Weezy f. baby you set me free and my life would be complete if you gave a shout out to Dazzo Baby in a song I’ll be forever waiting Mr. CARTER. Thank you, love you & you are appreciated – NEW Y0RK L0VES YOU! . GOD BLESS YOU <3

  42. melissa says:

    awnn i remember yu added me on facebook lol isnt yur facebook Dwyane Michael Carter Junior ?? :)

  43. [...] Monday (November 8), the Young Money star posted a video to, a blog launched so he could communicate with fans during his eight-month prison stint on Rikers [...]

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