Blog #1: Give Thanks

Hello world. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving filled with all the food and football you could handle. Mine was great for two reasons. I spent it in New Orleans and I spent it around family.

Enjoy this holiday season. Cherish these moments with your family. I love you all.

P.S. What are you thankful for?

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  1. Roxanne says:

    I thank you for who you are and for youre music.

  2. Roxanne says:

    Ps. i forget happy bday for youre child :D

  3. Kay Ray Dunn says:

    Dat’s wats up weezy u have 2 b there 4 ur family no matter wat and i’m glad u was able 2 b around ur’s.

  4. tom tom says:

    u the man

  5. flanchooo says:

    u look good together

  6. RISSA says:


  7. Chris says:

    We Gatta Toke Some Time

  8. weezy.X. says:

    Theres a small list I’m thankful for -
    But it was picked wisely
    Most of all I’m thankful for life
    My mother that showed me the way
    The faces that I see everyday and hold me down
    A wonderful man by my side, w/ a beautiful heart
    And I’m always thankful for my father
    Even though he is gone, I still love him with all my heart
    Happy holidays weezy heads lol

  9. ShawtyJayy says:

    cute pic ! (: happy birthday 2 raginae ! (: ♥

  10. ShawtyJayy says:


  11. Clarice says:

    im thankful for my mother and my family i love being around then and for my children…. and for the fact that God has givin me the strengh to be a single mother.. with two children….

  12. Samantha says:

    dwayne carter, if you truly have a heart you will write me back. my name is samantha brown im 18 yrs old. i love your music from the block is hot til now. Your music is great. My best friend meghan Gilmartin passed away 4-16-09. She was addicted to drugs. She Was a huffer. when she couldnt get pill weed or tweak she would huff whatever she could. she was only 16. we would always get really shit faced and blast playing with fire. that was her favorite. but now that she has passed away your music has become so inspirational to me. like i listen deep to all your songs and they have so much meaning.i look up to you because you were young and just hit it so big. i live in the slumb town of san bernnardino california straight ghetto with higher crime rate then compton. i want to be a famous chef on foodnetwork. but the problem is i dont have money to go to culinary school. and yo cant get a job anywhere in cali unless your selling drugs. and too many of my friends are either locked up for doing that or dead. can you please give me some advice. it would really mean the world to me. God bless you wayne. please write back. it would really help me alot. please dont shoot me down.

  13. 3811 Bernal Dr. Dallas, Tx. 75212- if you can please. I have nothig left to fear anymore. you mirror me to well already

  14. 214-754-9544 I will be back in town on DeC. 3rd. 214-532-0661

  15. Just family. Equally thankful

  16. Melinda says:

    I’m thankful first for God, for blessing me to see another Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my family friends and everyone that’s stuck by my side through my ups downs and arounds I love all of you very much.

  17. Melissa Marshall says:

    Im thankful for my son and my family and god!!

  18. lilchief says:

    stay out here playa

  19. Harout Chobanian says:

    Hey weezy its great to see you with your family man its the most importent thing in the world im thankfull from them man and im thankfull from GOD for giving me the joy that is life and alot of friends that are loyal and thats important nd thank u weezy for letting us enjoy music by listening ur songs hope u have a great christmas and a happy new year ur biggest fan in planet weezy :P

  20. b-breezii says:

    Im thankful for my family,god and my haters because with out them I wouldn’t be the young lady that I am today

  21. Sunshine says:


  22. Kino says:

    Nice pic tune come and give is a hit like we be steady mobbin!!!!

  23. Maddy says:

    thankkfull for havin you to look up too && my man(;

  24. Heidi says:

    Hay baby I’m greatful that u got out n this world that box ant for a man that u n I bless to be in this world.

  25. Im thankfull for life and family

  26. Kianda Caridine says:

    iKno im Late but im Thankful for live its self. Family, Friends, and to be able to share the days with love ones.

  27. whats Poppin Wayne.. u ask me thankfulness

    am Thankful #1.. for freedom as my court date is approaching.. very quickly and i am not taking this free time for granite..Thankful#2.. my bust it baby and my Angel (pit-bull) without them I’d have no ground.. so solidness cause i live a crazy life and without them the world would swallow me whole <3 u guys!..Thankful#3 Bryant (baby) Williams (Birdman) for taking tha young god under his wing at a young age to give us the best rapper alive today! BIRD CALL MOTHER FUCKERS! ..thankful#4 ambition because it drives us to strive for more … and has driven you Wayne to become who u are today.. with all the media blasting you on all your shit .. tha baby momma drama.. :) you never gave into letting what you love go.. U R HIP-HOP -U R RAP U ARE MUSIC ! I thank ambition for us!….. thankful#5.. life cause as life living the way i do tha D girl way my life could be gone in a blink! ya dig!

    P.S. i love the new pic of you and Reginae dam Wayne she is growing ^ fast.. she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and is straight looking like Antonia every day on tha real mini lil T! your a Lucky man Wayne 2 have these 2 woman on your side.. Toya your ANGEL! she is always their for u no matter what the matter what shit u 2 been threw together she going to steady hold you down cause she was their before the crown! your ROCK! and am thankful for both of them cause without them you wouldn't be you… so thank you LADYS!


  28. Emily says:

    I’m thankful for my close college friends who have changed my life. They mean the world to me. I’m losing my roommate this coming up semester and it’s hard, but I am thankful that she has been here for theses four months showing me the way to handle college considering we’re both freshmen. The University of Alabama is a huge place, but thanks to her it was a ton less lonely. I will miss her, but we’re going to stay friends as long as we can:]

  29. REGAN says:


  30. Whats gudd weezy! First thing my fav. Rapper nd i wna tell u that i love yo music and the way u do business..i wana be sumthin lyke that too in life, but im Frum hopkinsville Kentucky u prolly neva heard of my city before lol small town, we gets noo love forreal lol but we kooo ppls just tryna have ah gudd tyme it will be nice if yu shout out 2 the HPT niccahs n Hoptown KY..nd by the way my name is Gary Bowman aka Snail.

  31. Michele says:

    when you come to Brasil
    I need you here
    Good and sweet girls like me need bad boys like you

    God bless you
    I pray for you

    chely – Rj – Brasil

  32. bethany wheeler says:

    i was wondering if you would do a concert for the troops out in okinawa japan …i would love to see you:) email me

  33. we love u im a big fan of u and young money cashmoney i hope u had a great thanksgiving i wish moment 4 life love ya truely i love nicki minaj she cute (no homo) and not tryna enterrupt but u iz so sexy bye peace love ya agian

  34. Sarah says:

    Your daughter is beautiful, Wayne!!!
    I am thankful for My family, my life, and YOU, everything your music has helped me through! God bless, and THANKYOU! You are truely amazing. :) hope to see a concert sometime this year!

  35. Hi Weezy we thank u to more than u think !!! We love u ! We like you !!You can never know how much we love Weezy!!You can not believe I’m from Senegal and saw YMCMB forever!!!a question: will you come one day to the senegal? It is a good plan with Akon! Fatal:!!!
    Thank u again Weezy for all u do for us !!

  36. Rachel Goldzweig says:

    hey cutie….i am thankful to be alive and doing so well today….a day at a time baby….thankful to have your music and such a fine guy like yourself. Ever in Nashville, TN look me up, PLEASE. i love you sooo night with you is all I want.

  37. Brittany says:

    i am thankful for my bf who is there for me no matter what and my friends whom i can count on.

  38. Boosolid says:

    What up Weezy ? I’m Thankful For the man up stairs because if it was’nt 4 him it would B no us. I’m Thankful 4 My family & My Real Friends I’m Thankful 4 Yo Music & The rest of The YM,C.M.B Music Because it’s alot of bullshit surfing the music waves but other I’m thankful life PIROD….. PS: Fuck JAY-Z That Nigga Got Good Music Don’t Get Me Wrong But He Fake as a Christmas Tree from The Coner Store.RealNigga will never Leav they Team…………

  39. daisy aka weezys best fan says:

    I LOOVE U LIL WAYNE. when i first heard ur music i got adicted and now i cant stop haha. looove ur music. gooo lil wayne! BEST RAPPER ALIVE

  40. Zoeee says:

    Hey(: im thankful for a lot of things; friends, family, and music. But Weezy; When my brother was my age i would always ask him ‘What’s so great about lil wayne? i mean he’s just a singer, && you cant understand what he’s saying’ well i was wrong. Now that ive actually listened to your lyrics, and actually listed to your music i know what he liked. It’s catchy and it grabs your attention. When my best friend and I met she was a ‘rap virgin’ you could say haha; but i got her to listen to your music and she loved it. We do look up to you, and we always BLAST your music when we’re at eachothers houses. Your truly one of the best rappers that ive heard… and nicki minaj comes to a VERY close second (: haha Hope all’s well! (:

  41. Irene says:

    Hi:) i’m thankful for everything; family, friends, and god. And i’m happy that my favorite rapper weezy is out of jail and get to spend time with his family and friends. And that what am thankful for.

  42. leigha says:

    I am thankful for all of everything that humanity has to offer, good or bad as it may be; the struggle, the hustle, the beauty of life. i’m thankful for my everyday experiences and the lessons I have been blessed to learn from every situation I have faced so far. Damn I’m glad you out!!

  43. dezzybabe 94 says:

    thanx for ur support wezzy!

  44. justa mom says:

    TO: Samantha says:
    November 29, 2010 at 2:07 PM

    I hope that Wayne writes back to you. ’till then, hon, find that culinary school, and get yourself to the financial aid office. They would love to hook you up with grants and money to get the education that you need to be a great chef.
    That’s their job in the financial aid office and every school has one. CIA is one good school-there are others. In Philly etc. why not try East Coast? It sounds like you’re in a bad rut there.

  45. HollyOleary. says:

    im thankful for god. without him i wouldnt be here? i wouldnt get to listen to you and i wouldnt know my family. thankful for my mom giving birth to me and youtube because i can listen to you, drake+nicki<3 but most of all you for your music and your lovely personality and looks Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  46. THE TWINS says:

    The Twins are very thankful that Weezy is home with his beautiful children and family in New Orleans.
    Enjoy the Gumbo Weezy.
    We thank God that Lil Wayne is a focused and strong young black man.
    Weezy you are a real inspiration to all and we love you.
    We are also thankful for the new christian fashion handbag line at
    Always pray, have faith and study the word of God in the Holy Bible.
    Peace and Blessings,
    The Twins

  47. maria says:

    im thankful for being able to wake up another day nd im thanksful for my family and everyone who supports me. im thanksful that the lord brought yuu here to inspire ppl like me and many other. im thankful for a lot more but its just to much to type. <3

  48. sure did…had a great thanks giving…

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  49. Emily Clark says:

    Hey, we r doing a skewl report on u like a biography thingy… so if u could plz help me and my franz plz hit us up either email, call, or write?
    450 s. Lanier st.
    lyons, GA 30445


    Thanx,Emily Clark

  50. April Standridge says:

    Wow Wayne still writing that’s what’s up; I was kinda sad after leaving jail i thought i wouldnt hear from him anymore, thats sweet of him!!! ;) i Had a gr8 thanksgiving as well with my family and of Course the Saints we’re playing!!!! =] XoXo April

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