Blog #1: Give Thanks

Hello world. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving filled with all the food and football you could handle. Mine was great for two reasons. I spent it in New Orleans and I spent it around family.

Enjoy this holiday season. Cherish these moments with your family. I love you all.

P.S. What are you thankful for?

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  1. courtney says:

    today i am thankful that i can get an education and get out of the stripper world

  2. RC says:

    I am thankful I have a heart filled with the pain of being a REAL person. Instead of filled with hate like the people that judge me and make my life more painful. It’s a burden I am proud to carry. And pain just reminds me I still feel. I haven’t much else to be thankful for except the generic answer of “my family”. I decided to be different. FEEL FREE TO HATE ON ME.

  3. Harry Stubby Stubbs says:

    Hey Weez! I’m thankful that God gave you the insight to keep biz as usual on the outside while you were away.

    I’m grateful also that all that shit didn’t discourage or beat you down.

    As for me, I’m just glad to be alive.

    I’m grateful that God gave me the gift of music, and that He has allowed me to participate for 45 years.

  4. Annie says:

    I’m thankful for every day I have with my loved ones. I’m also thankful you’re home!
    I wonder if I’m your oldest white female fan? 59 and don’t know how time went so fast!
    Anyway…take care and I’m glad your home!

  5. Carl says:

    I am thankful for God and that he gave me voice to sing my ass off. I am an independent artist who grew up in the rough country streets of Mississippi. I stand alone with my kids, trying to change the lives of my family. We were not blessed with a silver spoon in our mouths either but, survival is a must and I am prepared to get it by all means necessary. Congrats on your daughter’s B-Day and keep your head up Wayne.. I have them songs for sell too…

  6. jackson owusu owusu says:

    love you pls

  7. Lorenzo Flynn says:

    im thankful for Wayne, straight up. witout him, i wouldnt be the person i am today at all.

  8. Oana P. says:

    Dear,WEEZY i am glad that u are free again.HEre in Roumania we don’t celebrate _THANKSGIVING DAY_but i think that is a very interesting and beautiful day.Anyway,Congrats for IS amazing and cool.I hope u are fine!XOXO!I love u and u are the bEst!and all the best things 4 u!bye’baby:-*kiss!

  9. Oana P. says:

    And i am thankful for the following things:that i have family and friends that loves and respect me,that you are born,and you can make us happy through your musik,and that i can thank to God,every day for all the good/bad things that He gave me/us,because the bad things make you stronger and give you faith,and we have here,in my coutry a proverb:WHAT DON’T KILLS YOU,MAKE YOU STRONGER!CE NU TE Ucide,te face mai puternic(ro)LOVE YOU!WEEzy ,:-@bye!(sorry 4 my bad english)

  10. fred loudpack says:

    “U Can Love Me Or Hate” words from da wise lil wayne its fred im n school writing raps for mi song u need 2 here it weezy we all born blessed.

  11. Pedro Ruiz says:

    I am thankful for my blessed opportunity of being the first member in my family history to go to college. Thankful for my family and the gift of life God has given us all.

  12. Erika says:

    I am thankful for absolutely everything God/Jesus has ever given me, and I am also thankful for all the music you produce. Your music helps me get by every single day. Thank you!

  13. Natalee allred says:

    im thankful for my family, my job, even if the pay is shitty. and im thankful real friends who knows that love me and also thankful for my salvation. LAST but NOT LEAST im thankful for you WEEZY. you really dont know how much you inspire us everyday.

  14. K says:

    watup wicked weezy, this for u homie….weezy bak like an asthma attack, dont choke, matter fact dont talk, like u got food in ur mouth, mama smack em ouch, im so real u can see my thoughts, change ur luck sacrifice a goat, im an iceberg now sink a boat, la la la now sing along, wheals on my whip go round and round, round and round, houston we out, bye bye ground, im bout to evolve and lose my walk, no legs, still runnin for fame, thirsty, watch me down a keg, Holla at ur boy. respect for young money all day. ha this just a forplay. deuces

  15. Tasha Lee says:

    I am thankful for my family!!! Also the few REAL friends that i’ve got. The hataz– they keep me on top of my game. I am sooo thankkful for You! Weezy F. Baby ! You inspire me everyday, you work hatd for everything you have and you are at the top.fuck the haters!! Small things to a giant, nothin to a BOSS!!! I know you don’t read this shit but it’s whatever!! Soo Wooo!! Love ya lil Tunechi!!

  16. Dee says:

    My son is thankful you are out of jail so we can stop playing Lil Wayne’s music in my car. LMAO. I played your music for 9 months while you was incarcerated. My grandson and mom know all bop to your bets. MUCH Love!!!!

  17. Essence says:

    Lil wayne hit me on essence robinson face book.

  18. meZz Nigeria says:

    i am thankful 4 knowing u and my family although i lost my dad on the 4th of november.very bad i should av been celebrating

  19. takeshia says:

    im thankful for my my foster fam.

  20. chris says:

    Thanks to the best family in the universe……weezy your music is … are the best rapper alive
    Even better than pac ¡

  21. Monika says:

    I am thankful for the two women that performed cpr on my mother. She was shopping at Sam’s Club and wasn’t feeling well. She decided to leave and instantly collapsed and died. With out these women coming out of Nowhere my mother wouldn’t be here to celebrate the holidays with us this year. God is Good, Everyday all day.

  22. Rodz kiddcapsz says:

    above all im thankfull for my fams,there amazeing
    another big one is the fact that with all this temptation around me i have not slipped up and got myself into to much trouble…i mean i could list too many things im thankfull for butt to be blunt thankfull that my niggah tune is out!! we missed a real niggah like you bro, i havent hurd hott shytt since you went in “/

  23. Oana P. says:

    Im waiting for you to write a new thing,and by the way congrats for I Am Not A Human Being!*=$.you are my inspiration day by day and i just admire you,and plz if you ever get the chance to answer me plz do it i m still waiting,i will always wait,i know someday u will answer,til then Give my thanks to alwAYS}_*_>successs in you career,and never change.take care,!>~#your fan Oana.(i’m just a white girl who…care ’bout you)(((-:GONE!

  24. Brittany says:

    Im thankful for my child and my strength to keep fighting my way through this life. Oh and affordable pot. Weeze for President!

  25. Rre says:

    She is so beautiful!!!!! much love and happy b-day Nae :)

  26. Margarita Mejia says:

    I’m thankful for my family, I’m thankful for another day of life. I’m thankful for your ability to make this great music that I support! Love u Weezy take care!!!

  27. Arii says:

    I am thankful for my family, my life, and my music. But when are you coming to Jersey!?

  28. Travvy Trav says:

    Lil Wayne, You are probably the sickest mother fucker alive! I love every song off of every album and mixtape you ever released! ive been to numerous concerts but i gotta say the new years 2009 one in ATL was THE BEST ive ever been to. I see you as the best artist of ALL time! I WOULD LOVE TO SMOKE A BLUNT WITH YOU ONE DAY. Of some of that Weezy grade Cali good! But thats a long shot in the dark. Lookin Forward to you comin to the east coast soon! Cant wait to see ya again! YMCM 4 LIFE!

  29. KINTU IVAN says:

    Wezzy we like yah muzik en we that badman 4 all u

  30. geo says:

    Mr. Weezy,
    As a white man who is repulsed and disgusted by people like yourself I wish to express to you my gratitude to you for encouraging black youth to choose the “thug life”. Hundreds and hundreds have killed each other this year alone in Chicago. Keep up the good work.

    p.s. Please tell your friend, 50 cent to stop slacking off. He doesn’t seem to be as popular as he was a few years ago and, consequently, hasn’t inspired as many negros to kill each other. Perhaps you won’t be very popular in a few years either. Enjoy your fame while it lasts. Tomorrow you will be a “has been” coon. Be sure to buy gold-plated toilets and other negro baffoonery so that you will be broke in a few years and be forced to humiliate yourself by doing commercials for car dealerships.

  31. caffas says:

    I am thankful 4 my lil son the light of my life if it wernt 4 him I’d probly b a dead muthafuka! God is goodm I’m thankful 4 god making special muthafukaz lik u to helo us thru are darkest times and brightest 2 ! Wayne all the way from england man WE LOVE U ! KEEP DOIN U HOMIE

  32. Geo says:

    Mr weezy,

    I would like to apologize for the ignorant message I left, before. I do not feel this way deep down in my heart. Anger has never been a part of my spirit until my Mother “which is white” stopped breast feeding me. She cut me off from my inheritance ( I am soooo soooo sooo mad) That was the only part of hope I had left. Without her breast milk, I am no longer strong. I am upset about the crime in chicago, yes indeed. But I am more angry with the failure that I am. I am broke and you know being broke is an embarrassment. Do you know that I sat and waited for a response to what I wrote because I had nothing better to do. My money is not on my mind like it should be. My mother didn’t teach me anything, but I do know that the color of a persons skin does not reflect right or wrong. I promise I will take anger management, I would not have known that I was sooooo sooooo sooooo sooooo soooo soooooooo sooooo soooo soooo soooo soooo angry until I re-read what I wrote. I am thankful for you being the best rapper alive. Keep up the good work. Oh by the way, huh I love your chain. Can I borrow it. Or do you have 50 cents for gas Oh, and you don’t happen to have an extra gallon ofmilk I can borrow. My mom ran out. Thank you sooooo sooooo soooo sooooo sooooo soooo much. This is what I am soooooo sooooo sooooo soooo sooooo soooo thankful for. :O)

    Ps. thank you for working so hard, your hard work is helping to rebuild our economy.

    Gooooooo Weezy, Your’e the man.

  33. Geo says:

    Oh I forgot to substitute the periods behind the questions for question marks, duh. I sooooo sooooo soooo soooo soooo sooo need my brain juice back (breast milk).


  34. Chantel Zolo says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    & I’m thankful for my family!


  35. monoca says:

    im thankfull for the moments of peace from within resonating with the world we know im thankfull for the knowledge that gives me strength to survive thankyou for the protection we give ourselves and the moments of pure ecstacy energy that is acceptable to the world we know it resonates with how we truly should be all the time

  36. TonyaTeague says:

    Omg I love u 2death Mr.Carter

  37. Prexyy says:

    Lil Wayne can’t see to amuse me when he starts & finish rhymes…

  38. Prexyy says:

    weezy always entertain me with is rhymes…

  39. Miss Lamonica Baker says:


  40. jessica says:

    im thankful for my family nd hope u had a wonderful thanksgiving and i hope u have a even better christmas! good luck with everything. i luv u weezy ur the best!

  41. Nordine says:

    Je remercie lil wayne et sa team Y.M de produire un son qui me fait rever et m’évader.
    Mon réve serait de vous rencontrer et de vous remercier!!!
    Et je remercie dieu de me faire vivre ctte vie et de me rendre comme je suis non ignorent!!!

  42. i love weezy u r d greatest rapper alive .

  43. Arezou says:

    Thank for your incredible music!!

  44. Dre' says:

    yo whats really good on sum real shit you need to contact me I cant explain to you why cuz of the swagger thieves I wana be part of your Empire cuz there’s nunthn that can over top tha cannon you feel me from there my hood And I knew that you was going to be the greatest no one can ever to that but I got something that you will like we kan be real cool like brothers if you really get down like that you say you front babies I just want ah job to take care of my families Im tired of the streets is killing me and I kan go back Im only twenty years old and times is rough i have responsibilities that out of the ordinary from everyone else I know that no body knows if you can look out for me I got you I glad you home I wantd to write you but I could never get the address I very sure we can be cool I dont care bout fame I just care bout family and willing to be deducated in spreading the young Money Empire CNN a be like I kant believe its not butter……………Hit me Uhp 4real man be I end uhp somewhere I’m try’n to avoid it gets hard when your grandmother is sick and there’s no one to kal on but the streets around hear niggas dnt respect da game…..

  45. lil lexy says:

    wuz up wayne its ya girl lil lexy keep look out for my blogs and my music im fourteen and im really good at what i do as crazy as it might sound please just take a moment to listen!!!!

  46. Tracey L Chapman says:

    I am thankful , that I am not Human , I am part of the real family of God & I shall never more feel alone , My spaceship is getting ready for its Journey Home. Praise God , thank u Wayne 4 all the help u gave me this yr.Luv MummaTrace

  47. monica fagioli(Brasil) says:

    Really thank you for caring about the welfare of all its fans, that his life be full of good things and even better people.
    God gave you a mission to make people feel happy with their music and you’re doing it right makes right through them.
    Stay in Peace
    Follow your path and always thank God for and be who you are today.

    Young mula baby

  48. monica fagioli(Brasil) says:

    Everything will be as God wills.

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