Blog #3: Six Foot Seven Foot

Artwork by Karla Moy

Hello World. Listen to my 1st single off the Carter IV, featuring Cory Gunz. It will be available on iTunes tomorrow. Young Mula baby!

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104 Comments to “Blog #3: Six Foot Seven Foot”

  1. devon says:

    Weezys back in the planet

  2. Harout Chobanian says:

    Weezymania is backkkkkkkk hehehehe carter 4 will the greatest album ever made thx weezy for letting us enjoy a good music :)

  3. jt-money says:

    wayne is the best rapper ever 2pac and biggie Showed hip hop to the world, wayne said i want to be the best ever “i am jordan why do they still write” BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. looozy says:

    lil wayne is back, you are the best ever!!!

  5. Arezou says:

    I am obsessed with this song!! INCREDIBLE

  6. luz mangual says:

    i love lil wayne this is the shit

  7. Mckay says:

    Wayne you have blessed us with 6 foot 7,thank you but am jumping on that ish and ama kill it King Mckay

  8. Camron says:

    wat up weezy i have to say god bless for sending that woman
    a quantum and now i pray that you can call me or call me back unless that was someone pranking me :( but hey call if you see this wayne i am a rapper and I would love to work with YM i am 14 here is my number i trust it will be safe here in god. 954-826-6595 my name is Camron Jackson.
    God bless. -PRESTIGE

  9. luvliss says:

    WEEZY F. BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mr. Versatile says:

    When is it gonna be on amazon?

  11. Latina mamii says:

    Woww! U are ouching da haters ! Lol diz go hard. Can’t wait for da Carter 4

  12. poor kid says:

    poor kid doesn’t know that God doesn’t exist :/ He should know better than to trust his own fortune in non-existent, he should actually do more than just pray on it.

  13. Adams says:


  14. brandon says:

    wow this is amazing!!!

  15. Moula says:

    Weezy this song is fuckin incredible i love it amazing!!!!! ;*

  16. KaaayK says:

    @Moula I Agree Wifff Youuuu!!!:D

  17. Ayo'Mbangahh says:

    #He’s Baaaaaaaackkk ! iloveeyuu Wayneee.

  18. NeszaF.babyy says:

    i Lovee this Song Kills’xD -Lovee yuu Waynee

  19. Quinnton says:

    I Had a Stroke when I heard this SHiT
    6’7″=Fire Flames WAYNE IS BACK

  20. Marilin Lopez(:♥ says:

    Weezy is Da BEST RAPPER ALIVE!(:
    love you!♥

  21. Pati says:

    Weezy’s back <3 The Best Rapper Alive <3 6'7 ! ^^

  22. Alicia says:

    I’m so excited for the carter 4, its going to be amazing. i love you weezy, your the best.

  23. dallas ortiz says:


  24. SufflanddBoyy says:

    This Song Is F I R E .. its good to see Wayne is Back , Really he Was Never Gone but just Locked Away ..

    – Glad 2 Have Yu Back Wayne

  25. m.ak says:

    ~Definitely Not 4 The Simple Minded!!~1LUV!!!YMCMB!!!

  26. J says:

    Well done, sir.

  27. tca says:

    Wow, never heard that bass line before

  28. Rumminigge says:

    thanks for sharing weezy

  29. Quora says:

    Does the quality of creative work increase or decrease after time in prison?…

    Lil’ Wayne has been recently released from prison, and released his first single, “Six Foot Seven Foot” today ( This got me thinking, do artists produce better work after prison time, …

  30. Marc P says:

    This song is pants. Get yourself a proper producer, yo.

  31. chevy says:

    Its that beetlejuice shit

  32. balla says:

    rappin is good cause he doesnt do anything electronic but the beat is annoying as hell!!!

  33. Shalon Latrice says:

    The song is a work of art and amazing! You and all producers or producer involved made a masterpiece I love it great work…oh real quick I have something to share that might inspire you and thers. “This is what I don’t understand about FAMILY. FAMILY is suppose to be there for one another and support one another’s goals dreams and ambitions, but today I got a call from my older sister and she stated that after I told her that I won’t give up and will continue to follow my heart and use the god given talent of music and writing even though at the moment finances are low. Instead of a word of encouragement or inspiration she told me to put my dream on hold and finish up college and get my bachelors degree which I have just under a year to finish. I felt sorry for her and I told her that I wasn’t created or brought here on earth to just survive, make ends meat and work in fields that doesn’t make me happy. The bottom line is that if you give up on your passion to just survive and make pure financial gain without the love for what your life purpose is, then you have a life of bitterness, regret misery and disappointment. I’ll never, no matter if I’m out in the cold starving with no shelter give up on my passion, EVER!!! So no matter where you are be it on skid row, a trailer park, a home by Ventura Beach or in Paris always shine and do your best. This is what I’ve learned to do.” “HAPPY 2011!!!”

  34. Lane says:

    Your the shit man happy new year

  35. DEEJ says:

    Dang dude… you spittin madd shitt.. cant waite

  36. realhiphop187 says:

    i don’t get all of these comments saying lil wayne is the BEST RAPPER EVER. listen, if you like his music that’s fine, he’s certainly good at what he does. but compare him to lyricists like skyzoo, phonte, black milk, az, nas, j. cole, jay electronica, one be lo, guru, q-tip, method man, rapper big pooh, talib, mos def, common…etc etc and this clown ISN”T SHIT!!! he’s not a good lyricists at all. from 2004-2008 i’ll give wayne credit for dropping some mind boggling lyrics. but that’s it. now he’s just rambling on shit. DONT EVER COMPARE HIM OR PLACE HIM AT THE TOP, ESPECIALLY OF ALL TIME. what a fucking joke man..

  37. drake says:

    god damn this shit is hot

  38. Michael Reuss says:

    Braindead (c)rap for 12 year olds in baggy pants. Stupid noise like this came out of fashion in the early 90ies.

  39. Disappointed says:

    Lil Wayne used to rap to some really tight beats… this sounds like terrible, like a high pitched squeal; the hook is just dumb and annoying. Not to mention he’s just raps about that same old bullshit, blah blah blah

  40. Robocop says:

    This song sucks, he hired the A Milli producer to make A Milli 2, and it sounds straight retarded. It sounds like a lil boy whining, and Lil Wayne is not a good rapper, he doesnt have good flow, and he has dumb lyrics, that you gotta smoke an ounce to think are good.

    Lil Wayne is most loved by 11 yr old white kids who want to explore their “gangsta” side.

  41. lina says:

    robocop, cant you just shut up?

    6 foot 7 foot is amazing Im listening to it whole day.

  42. weezy sux says:

    this is not music, this song is the most annoying shit……I’d rather listen to my girlfriend farting!!

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  44. ben says:


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