Video #2: Merry Christmas!

Have a Merry Christmas Martians!


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  1. Fabian says:

    Well first off idk know how to start or where., but I’ve been a fan since I was about 10 I’m 17 now,, I just want to tell you; your tha best no doubt about it,, but I’m sure you already know that!! If theres one thing I want to learn from you is how to stay up, keep my head up,, when life ain’t good!! I want to thank you for reading this just so you know you inspire me everyday to my best an to be me matter what anyone says,, hope you start tha new year off smashin hits,,

    Your tha best,,

  2. Shemeka says:

    One of your biggest fans just wanted you to know I love ya the most and come back to VA real soon

  3. Britt says:

    Lil Weezy & young money by far the best…Lil Wayne u should of won The BEST RAPPER OF 2010 u r the Best rapper Alive in my Book….i luv ya keep doing u…LET THE HATERS KEEP U SHINNING….

  4. Young Flo says:

    Eyo weezy, i’m glad to see u back, keep doin ur thang, cuz that’s what u wher born 2 do man…the whole world iz with ya. Just so u know i’m from MOZAMBIQUE…

  5. rahul gopalan says:

    weezy u da BEST <3 <3

  6. James Phillips says:

    yooo whats popin weezy im just here to say merry christmas and a happy new year hope you had a good 1!!
    its great to have you back you da best!

  7. sandra says:

    merry christmas WAYNE.

  8. Devin says:

    Yo weezy im glad to see u up on ur feet again man. Wht cops dont get is when they lock someone up they get stronger u know.Now watch u ganna make those hits from all the songs u thought of while u were in the cell. Yo go get best rapper of 2011 man. And for all those “HATERS” kepp hating it just makes wayne stronger and better , and plus u all say Wayne sucks but u still listen to him and buy his CD’s, haha so keep hating if thts wht u wanna call it.

  9. Bobbi says:

    Love You Weezy!

  10. Enuma says:

    Wayne I wanna say hands down yu got the game on DEADBOLT my dude. Plzz keep comin out wit the hit. Keep me and all yur true dedicated fans happy!!! YME all fuckin day!!!

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  13. Indonesia Jones says:

    Hi my name is Indonesia im ur biggest fan i luv u so much keep doing u

  14. Elah says:

    Hey lil weezy ur my biggest fan i love nd i jst meet perfoming lyf i’v been ur fan since 2007,wt idk lyk 2 say is ur da strongest person i knw big up nd im 4rm S.A

  15. Masta says:

    Love u Weezy,you are the best my man.

  16. maki says:

    weezy, I am like a biiiiiiig fan of yours.
    but is it tru you dont like dark skinned women?
    because I’m a darkskinned women && honestly that really offended me reading all the stuff you said towards us.
    I know that the redbones and lightskinned girls are highly preffered but I mean damn yo, there was no need to disrespect the other counterpart.
    that is, if you actually said it!
    feel free to email back, i know your busy lol

  17. Simon Frank says:

    Weezy u jst pop t…evry sng u pop i js lyk t…kp t..awaitin’ e release o Carter IV

  18. louie says:

    66 boys metal gear soli

  19. weldon says:

    Slick one featuring edo

  20. pinkie says:

    Divasonic changing wind

  21. jan says:

    Homelife forkbeard fant

  22. sam says:

    Nga fsh unstable does i

  23. nikita says:

    Patti labelle 100 80s h

  24. candace says:

    Various artists mini pu

  25. naoma says:

    El loco club tunes 16 o

  26. Lil Mo says:

    you’re sick.

  27. Lil Mo says:

    and by sick I mean terrible. You’re ruining kids.

  28. [...] Lil Wayne logs on to wish his fans happy holidays in a 14-second video posted on his blog [...]

  29. nemo360 says:

    i tired of the mixtapes when the album coming out?

  30. miss Cynthia says:

    LiL Wayne i like to crack up i love you !!!! humm magnifiks cars! i like to musik i’m to listen h24/24 i’m love to idol fan’s to!!!! humm loge to and my

  31. miss Cynthia says:

    i ‘m to styl’s hum !!! to musik ,MY LIFE i like and prom queen (russ castella piano version) sis ect… i love you lil wayne i’am bientot 18 am’s

  32. HBaby123 says:

    Wezzt mayyyne people talk shit here and there. I know everyone of your songs you are the best rapper every. I look up 2 you. I love you additiued!! You have a way of just not giving a fuck even though you have been 2 he’ll and back. You are amazing Wayne. I know you get this alot but I am your number one fan:) well that’s all for now:D
    Love HBaby:)
    Ps: I like you soo much that all my friends know I want 2 marry you:) I love you Wayne:)

  33. Jg says:

    Weezy should see My Youtube Page #Carter4 coming soon can’t wait,Weezy is Back!..Yh!

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