Video #3: Happy New Year!

Hello World. ¬†Take this time to bring and make change in your life. In the words of Rev. Marcy “May your year be filled with peace, prosperity and love. May God’s blessings shower upon you and bestow upon each of you a bright, healthy and peaceful new year.”



Pictures from NYE 106 & Park

Photos By: Ernest Estimé

106 Comments to “Video #3: Happy New Year!”

  1. Myrline Ulysse says:

    happy new year and may god bless you and your family

  2. Zach says:

    all your performances on New Years was amazing… nice way to bring in the new year… so glad your home.. cant wait for CIV & whatever is in store for you this year.. YM… CM… 2011 is the year for the movement

  3. KIANDA says:

    Happy 2k11 bae i suppa love yu. …..Damn yu the shit ill rip my heart out and hand yu the shit! <3

  4. Jose says:

    Weezy u no Wat imma try to do this yr is try to help the world hav u seen it ur my romodule

  5. Omar says:

    Young is the hardest group out rite now

  6. Julius says:

    Just keep it up. . . .ur absence, i really felt.

  7. vonnie says:

    i love u weezy. Plz plz cum 2 south africa. U’ve got a huge fan base down here. I love ‘iam not a human being’ tz fresh i bump it everyday. Mwah! Herez 2 da best rapper alive.

  8. Toby says:

    Happy new year Lil wayne, hope you had a good one saw you rapping after the ball dropped.

  9. Ryan Concert says:

    weezy is a beast

  10. Dionte says:

    Weezy I wanna wish u a happy new year.hopefully I’ll get too meet u and maybe join the crew.u can check my music out on myspace. My username is dmoney/money bag e.n.t but hopefully it will be young money ent

  11. Thanx,i hope all the blessings that ur sending out falls on u too!

  12. Scarfaze says:

    Luvs ya carther jr. Keep it up, happy new yr.

  13. Donnie Dao says:

    “Lil Weezeh!” quote from Big Tiger I see it.

  14. PATG says:


  15. mike mushayi says:

    words of wisdom did not only come from the biblical King Solomon, philosophers followed.

  16. tunechi's boy says:

    looks great, wish I could have gone, come to the uk please

  17. Aye wats lil wayne how it goin happy new year to ya and all of young money peace

  18. Oana P. says:

    Thank you for your blessing words,God keep his eyes on you and He is blessing you with wisedom and love.HAPPY NEW YEAR,TUNEChi and i wish you a great year filled with happyness,love,and all what you wish!!!P.S.-COLL PIcs YOUNG WEEZY,I LOVE IT ,you ARE SO BEAUTyFUL,and I love you sooo much!:->.keep up the good work Carter jr!AGAIN HAPPY NEW Year!

  19. Becky says:

    Loveeee x

  20. Michael says:

    Happy New Year Dwayne! Love Ya Mann(:

  21. nelly says:

    I love you life with out u dont make sence :)

  22. nelly says:

    i love u baby

  23. PooThuga says:

    Weezywee you was kickn for da new new dats kooln dats wat it do bra god is good he’s been good to cashmoney lil weezy young money and each and every love in da wonderful life he made for u so smile shack it hard blow one and my father in heaven thank u I love u like u love I’m here for u I fight for u and I have is nt for me bt u I’m happy and I will grow yo son aman aman!!!!

  24. Jessica says:

    Wayne this ya girl ms.piggy from neworleans u cut the stage up last night on 106& park when r u going to give anorther concert n the n.o again cause your last 1 down here was the shit love u n enjoy your new year…..

  25. Hie says:

    Luving u 4 ever

  26. Alex says:

    Young money I beast!!!!!!! I love u weezy. U are truly the best rapper alive!!! Keep yo game up bro don’t let no one bring u down ya dig. I hope meet u some day

  27. Just like to say, I Love You Weezy So Much And glade that you are out of jail (: HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone ecp. you wayne

  28. It’s here so YM. N CM. i know yall gona bring it harder then ever n 2011 so weezy u know da MIA is n ur corner u know its ur home just let us feel it grow stronger with yall u hear

  29. Michelle says:

    Bless you! This year is yours!

  30. Happy NEW Year to everyone ECP. you Weezy. Hope y’all have a good 2011. So glade Wayne is out of jail, even tho that was 2 months ago. well Love YOU Wayne

  31. Vky.brown says:

    Hello wezzy i luv u .u d best an God will do d rest 4 u appy new year

  32. Rodah says:

    Happy New Year Weezy F Baby!!!!! You killed the stage last night…on Carson & on 106th & Party. I love you BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!! Have a blessed 2011 and im soooooooo ready for C4 ;)

  33. sam says:

    Young Money…Bigger than life…haha

  34. [...] In the video above Lil Wayne wishes fans a Happy New Year. He also posted the following message down below on his blog. [...]

  35. .Terine says:

    .HAPPY NEW YEAR! *I would b a hornor too c u :)! I <3 u Wezzy!

  36. Kaylaa says:

    I love you Lil Wayne soo much!! I’ve Been listening to all your music since ‘Da Block Was Hot’ &’ I’m only 14! I love you so much &’ I love everything you do!! You are an AMAZING person all – around person. I would LOVE to meet you before I die!! When I found out you were going to jail I cried my heart out &’ listened to all your music that I have!! I even watched the 19 – hour show that they had put on Fuse!! I live in Jacksonville, Florida!! PLEASE come visit me.

  37. alain says:

    oh weezy i love ur song too much and so i think that this will be a successful year for u…… happy new year

  38. Markel Kleckley says:

    merry christmas lil tunechi

  39. hailee j shields says:

    again another amazing preformance from the whole cmymb family. i couldn’t wait to come home last nite and watch the 106 and park show. big ups to your whole camp. everyone is so talented and i love way you guys run shit. hats off to baby. anyhoo wayne i can’t say it enough! everyday you give me somthing to smile about. your talent is (if i can steal this) on a hundred, thousand, trillion! keep up all the good work, i can’t wait until c4. happy new years to everyone! one last shout to nicki, thanks for letting me become the bestest barb i can be! #itpinkfridayhoe. love to all

    hailee j

  40. Phanuel says:

    happy New year YOUNG MONEY CASH MONEY

  41. shalla says:

    I feel like i am all up in it space i mean . That how i feel . O well this is all new to me and i am having fun with the web . learning yea yea fun So i didn’t get to watch video witch sucks cause that all i do . I feel like cnn with this phone like a reporter only pics and whatever u wrote down . So can i get some reports and images until then . thank you

  42. Moula says:

    I love the way he shows the love to his fans. Weezy i love you . You are the best. You are my idol, all my life. I wish you all the best in new year!!!!! Happy 2011 to all of you!!

  43. Miss Reena says:

    Same to u dear & may your year be filled with love & peace & of all be blessed!!!! Much Love!!!!

  44. Cali-John Banks says:

    yo weezy wee…..ths is ur dawg CJB representin NAM flava dawg…..i knw it wont b soon b4 one of u supastars do ya thang in namibia, so i just wanna wish ya a cashmoney new year wit’ best’a luck dawg….i dig ya shit as well as ya crew man….yall th illest round town….strut ur stuff and throw sum stunters up….like B said” 3rd world soldier…..13 gangster, we knw hw 2 survive…hustlers stayin fly, ma whole hood cried whn ma lil brother died….” am out 4 nw…gotta go wrap sum shit up… out

  45. Resurrect says:

    Happy New Years to you too sweetheart! Peace, prosperity and love? What more could any of us ask for baby? Now about those pics… The 2nd picture, where you are holding your ummm mic, is really turning me on right now. Stop teasing!

  46. Raul Macias says:

    They say his name is weezy but weezy is wayne

    Happy New Years Blood
    Soo Woop To The Bee Hive
    By: Reezy F. (STREET NAME)

  47. jacinda bates says:

    i hope you had a good new year and you are amazing and i love you !!!!

  48. Melissa hope says:

    I hope you had a amazing new year, your biggest fan,
    Melissa hope, I love you lil wayne keep rockin! :D <3

  49. jazzy juss says:

    love u wezzy im always in waynes world…HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 U AND YOUNG MONEY TILL THE DEATH

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