Video #4: WeezyThanxYou Contest

Hello world! I am giving away my personal Dunkees custom skateboard to one lucky fan. My skateboard will be signed and it’ll come in a Young Money swag bag that concludes of CDs, t-shirts and more… but hold on right there! You must complete the following in order to win:

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  1. BreezyWeezy! says:

    Twitter: @Its_BreezyYo0
    Image 1:
    Image 2:
    Sorry if I posted twice as I see that that’s happening to many people. But I worked really hard on thiss! I had to redo it 3 times because my lil’ sister messed it up! I love you Lil Wayne! If I did post twice, it was accidental. I’m sure you’ll understand. My birthday was thiss week, so I hope I get it as a present. I think You are the best rapper alive, and the most creative. I hope I win, I think I deserve it. I could not afford your CD, so that is the only thing that is missing from your directions. I just adore you. I acnt wait ’till you come to Denver, which I hope is soon. It’s like you’re close family, that’s how I think of you as, though I’ve never met you. :( I have verbal fights with my friends of who likes you more, which is always me, and when they try to say bad stuff about you, because, I love you! If I win, I migt cry since I usually don’t win stuff, and it’d be a honor winning it from you! I hope I win, dearly. But if I don’t, I am still your biggest fan! YMCM!

  2. Sarah Oladele says:


    It didn’t work yesterday

  3. M.AK says:

    I agree with that 1 person,Good Luck 2 all of U!I just hope the winner is A true Fan,even though 2 me this does not begin 2 show even a small percent of your true fans,I know their are so many that look up 2 Lil Wayne that don’t have access 2 all that was required,for one reason or another…I myself think All of you Rock I see the love in all the work put in!!! From another supporter 2 all of U..1LUV!!! YMCMB always!!! :)

  4. M.AK says:

    Oh yea,2 all of you knockin or doubting the next person,read what they say before you knock its like listening 2 what people say it says alot about a person,so show the love & stop hating everyone on here has somethin in common with one another!!!

  5. Krzysztof says:

    my comment still waiting for moderation :( why?

  6. Shelby says:

    I entered my entry last night and it said it was awaiting moderation so I thought that meant I was entered but I can’t find it ?

  7. Shelby says:

    Name: Shelby Major
    Twitter: @XxPoeticxX
    Link to picture:

    Just trying this again .. It didn’t show up last time

  8. Caitlyn & Katie says:

    We posted ours on facebook srry but i tried all night i hope ours still counts :(

  9. goldstein says:

    u r killem kid,give em some air,it’s not 17th’s ward hard heads out!!! giv em hell young money.

  10. Caitlyn & Katie says:

    let me try again plz dont disquilify us :(
    name caitlyn and katie
    twitter discofreak98

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