Video #4: WeezyThanxYou Contest

Hello world! I am giving away my personal Dunkees custom skateboard to one lucky fan. My skateboard will be signed and it’ll come in a Young Money swag bag that concludes of CDs, t-shirts and more… but hold on right there! You must complete the following in order to win:

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  1. LaToya Nemes says:

    I’m awaiting moderation 15 Jan @ 1:44pm

  2. Dan hosek says:

    yo weezy was good, listen i feel ya wit all the shyt u been threw i mean ima be 21 next week an i already been to jail twice it sux an its mad hard but at least u keepin ur head up you gotta wit everything these days ima try an get tickets an back stage passes to a concert an me n u caan smoke an L well hope i win haha later weezy stay safe ~1~

  3. huh…i’m thrilled weezy for what you’re doing but my menthor plz do to others want you them to do for you

  4. janela says:

    yo can you hook me up with some tickets

  5. kelcie says:


  6. U Black Out says:

    yeah i liked was awasome.i fan of lil wayne “67″ could say something abt him.LIL WAYNE BABY U GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN YOUR HANDS…and i like u baby very much..and i am praying god tht,>>>lil wayne shld become world #1..i lov u sexy guy….

  7. sup mam,were can i get that goodies of YMCMB in Namibia man,Ireally need them I’m your die hard fan here in Namibia,Africa please hook me up with YMCMB goodies man PLEASE,this is ma address:P.O Box 98785,Pelican Square,Windhoek,Namibia,Africa…..and my E-mail is

  8. cher miller says:

    pick me weezy wee

  9. I’ve been having a lot of problems right now then I was in the past, but now I’m gettin engaged on 26th birthday this year & I will be getting married in May or June, is because I wanted to have a summer wedding then having a WINTERY WEDDING. wHAT SHOULD I do when I get engaged to the man of my dreams & the love of my life?

  10. amy dalton says:

    Hey buddy I’m a super big fan and I want to meet u super bad u is so cutie Mr. Wanye

  11. denver says:

    hey lil wayne i want to meet you one day but i know that will never happen:(

  12. Chase Alfrey says:

    I’ve been a fan of you for a long time. I even got my friend to like you. He would say your words didn’t make any sense and make fun of you but i made him listen to some of your songs and then he was hooked to your music. I’ve been a skater for a long time and I would cherish your skateboard. Weezy I hope you pick me. If you do, I’ll be so happy.

  13. David Meki says:

    Can l have it pliz

  14. David Meki says:

    weeezy young money

  15. kalin says:

    yo am a big fan and want to join ym

  16. leshawn says:


  17. Robyn says:

    It would make a great present for my nephew for his birthday!!!

  18. Marcus Colten says:

    this looks cool

  19. Tania Maria says:


  20. vivian miles says:

    I love you LiL wayne

  21. joseph ruzicka says:

    Man weezy u da mutha fuckin best rapperalive no doubt,young money loving it

  22. Bethel solomon says:

    hi lil u have no idea how much i love. I just wanna meet u one day when we drop z world

  23. monica zastrow says:

    im one of ur biggest fans ur the beat rapper alive i have all of ur cds everything ur the best keep up the work my kids love ur music to we love you wezzy f baby

  24. nancy albert says:




  25. David Hughes says:

    Here is my entry, weezy please watch this and enjoy. Thanks.

  26. stephanie says:

    I luv u.

  27. stephanie says:

    Luvin wayne

  28. adam caiafa a.k.a. yung pgn says:

    wus up weezy this is ur bou yung p i wantd ya to know im not no wannabe jus follown tha steps of tha greatest badass prodagy nigga i swear if i can meet u it wuld b a blessin wish i culd b a yung money nigga hola at ya boy

  29. adam caiafa a.k.a. yung pgn says:

    wus up weezy this is ur bou yung p i wantd ya to know im not no wannabe jus follown tha steps of tha greatest badass prodagy nigga i swear if i can meet u it wuld b a blessin wish i culd b a yung money nigga hola at ya boy.

  30. tamara says:

    hey man i think that it should go to a kid that loves lil” wayne . weezy i love your music and your words they show me that it is possible that dreams come true and i think it would mean so much more to a kid to win this contest than it would for one of us big people . iwas going to say adult but there are so many adults that act like kids .oh i’m one of the adult kids that loves your work and would love to win but i’m not entering because i think a kid should win.may peace always find you .one of your fans tamara brost

  31. name: Carson Pruitt

  32. twitter: @carsonpruitt

  33. Nwora says:

    Lil wayne is a rapper i can put in no words cos he is the greatest rapper alive makin things happen in new swagg….! shout out to u.

  34. Thomas Henn says:

    What’s with people askin for stuff. Get off that handout train and drop some money.

  35. malik elatrach says:

    my brother jihad and me are both 9 and we think ur the greatest man alive we want to b just like u when we grow up. jihad and malik want to be in the mother fukin house with lil wayne our hero wezzy man so fuck u cause me msg is brand new. malik and jihad

  36. Carter says:

    Hey lil Wayne I am a big fan and I mean huge fan I know u will make the best rapper alive lil Wayne carter lil weezy I love u I love ur music someday I wish I could meet u but tht won’t happen but I am not tht old I am a big fan and my room i goin to get it redone and I am gettin it in nothin but u lil Wayne:)<3 so remeber lil Wayne best rapper alive:)

  37. miguel cantu says:

    dude i hope u pick me cause ia m ur #1 fan and i love skateboarding and that board is tight

  38. Donchix says:

    I luv wizzy lik d main lollypop,am at war to defend him,all i am tryin to say that lil dis is ur world.thank u young mular.

  39. Timberly H.


    My number: +0033610554312 (Don’t call me if you’re not in this stuff people!)

    I can’t take a picture of my I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING albulm BECAUSE I bought it on iTunes… So how can I do that contest?

    Holla at me on Facebook: Timberly Tunechi
    Holla at me on Twitter : @TimyTyga

    I won’t change. -Peace

  40. danny millan says:

    ur the shit lil wayne its cool to have u bak….

  41. abel says:

    hi Wayne the only person i wanna meet is you in this are hip hop GOD..i love your music and wayne your the best rapper alive..word

  42. Young weezy says:

    Mr wayne.M u biggest fan in the whole world.Lets drop the world to ths fans here.I got u latst album song’s all of them.I lv ya brothr

  43. Sthandile says:

    Hi, when is carter 4 coming out in Europe? Also do you have any plans of touring Dublin, Ireland you have a massive fanbase, it’ll be great to see you perfom here.

    Sala kahle.

  44. amine says:

    Thanx You weezy

  45. jahje says:

    weezye pleas kies my grootste fan van de wereld
    god zegen you

  46. jahje says:

    weezye pleas choose my biggest fan in the world
    god bless you

  47. cole says:

    man wezzy is killa

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