Video #4: WeezyThanxYou Contest

Hello world! I am giving away my personal Dunkees custom skateboard to one lucky fan. My skateboard will be signed and it’ll come in a Young Money swag bag that concludes of CDs, t-shirts and more… but hold on right there! You must complete the following in order to win:

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  1. 504_Hillary_Mrs.Carter says:

    ^^^^^ @ thuy- dung…thanx =] like i worked rly hard on mine so if im disqualified ill be devistated

  2. apyrl says:

    WTF i cant get it to work whats going on

  3. Dorian Stubblefield says:

    Name:Dorian Stubblefield
    Link to picture:

  4. apyrl Ann says:


    I hope it works this time i worked so freakin hard on this and comments are not showing up :( i am getin frustrated

  5. Esther Oladele says:

    Name:Esther Oladele
    Twitter: @estaa_
    Link to picture:

  6. Bruno Adie says:

    I MUST win da sk8 board coz itz fron da COOLEST!!!!!! SEXIEST!!!! BESTEST…!!!!! RAPPER!!!!EVER!!!!!!!<3333333333333333!!!!!!!!!!
    link to picture:

  7. Weezylover says:

    how come somtimes i cant find my entry

  8. Bruno Adie says:

    e-mail:! ILY!!!! <3333333!!!!!!!!11

  9. Bruno Adie says:

    SO SORRY!… hp i aint dsqualified… Twitter: bruno_adie

  10. Thuy-Dung Thalimee Nguyen says:

    @ Hillary…I understand. I just can wish you GOOD GOOD LUCK!! Hope people stop messing with other peoles pictures as you said…& the contest ends soon.
    -I hope that whoever wins will deserve it like you and me-

    <3 thank you for the kindness :-D

  11. Mary Sand says:

    Name: Mary Sand
    Twitter: MaryBubbels112

    I hope this works because I cant find my comment.

  12. River says:

    Name: River
    Link to picture:

  13. 504_Hillary_Mrs.Carter says:

    huy-Dung Thalimee Nguyen same to you girl…good luck as well!

  14. Mary Sand says:

    I couldnt find my entry yesterday and I posted it yesterday and today when I looked earlier I couldnt find it. And when I did post it it said your comment is awaitiong moderation. So I honestly thought that meant that you guys didnt get my entry. I seriously didnt find my entry today or yesterday it was like it wasnt there. So then I posted it again for the second time because I thought the first one wasnt there and It really wasnt there but now all of a sudden it apears! Now I am annoyed, pissed off , confused and anxious!! I worked so hard on it and I really had a good chance of winning this thing. But for my entry to be disqualified because of two comments but honestly I couldnt find the first one so thats why I posted a second one to make sure it was there. So if I am disqualified I will be extremely UPSET!!! I am already because after all that hard work to get disqualified that freaking sucks!!!!!!! So please dont disqualify me please!!!!!!

  15. 504_Hillary_Mrs.Carter says:


  16. Mary Sand says:

    @Hillary….I hope your right!! I know Weezy has a GOOD HEART I hope he understands. Because I am being honest here that I posted my entry yesterday at 8:20 and I went to look for it today I couldnt find it!! I checked the site so many times and it wasnt there so I paniced and I re-enrted just to be sure I enterned the first time. I was pissed all day and now I am really pissed !!! I really hope that I am not disqualified becuase I kicked ass on my entry and it took a lot of me I worked so hard on it and made sure everything was perfect!! I really had a good chance of winng I really did and to go this far and not even be able to enter and compete and win it fucking sucks I will deffiently be kicking myself in the ass !!! No words could desicribe how I am feeling right now ,….deffiently anything but freaking happy!! I hope He understands this and I hope he likes it!!!!

  17. 504_Hillary_Mrs.Carter says:

    @mary…I know exactly how you feel. someone legit copied my entry because the name my pic came under the 2nd time isnt even the name i used to enter my picture at first so its just frustrating..i worked rly hard on mine…as im sure we all did ya know..I have a small piece of him already so if i don’t win im still contempt lol he wrote me from jail and gave me his rosary so im truly thankful and blessed for that..but I hope non of us who truly didnt post it twice on purpose dont get disqualified….I think we’re all okay though no worries cause I know wayne knows his true fans so try not to worry too much girl.

  18. Ziyad Abdelfattah says:

    Name: Ziyad Abdelfattah
    Twitter: @ZiyadFBaby
    Link to Picture:

    Weezy you’re the best!!! I been working on this graphic all week thinking about that skateboard!!!

  19. Mary Sand says:

    @Hilary Wow LUCKY YOU!!!! ;) He worte to you and gave you his rosary lol I would just die!!! I would be excited even he sai Hi to me lol I am a diehard Weezy Fan!! My twitter , my myspace , my facebook everything is all Young Money!! I listen to Weezy’s music 24/7 lol I memeriozed his raps lol I know them word to word!! So I really hope your right because I am still kicking myself in the ass about it….I am so pissed and this disqualifing thing is really messing with me,…I am beating myself up about it!! I really didnt mean to post my entry twice its just that I couldnt find it I really didnt find it so I reposted it to be on the safe side. To on the safe side now I am regretting it I always second guess myself I should of just left it alone but NOOOOO I couldnt do that….I am freaking stupid ….You could see how angy I am I dont want to be disqualified and now I am and I am pisssed …..UGH!!! I really hope your right and I shouldnt worry but I am!!!

  20. Rodah says:

    When I posted my pic yesterday it said my comment was being modified so I posted the comment again…now both comment show up???? :( WTF I hope I don’t get disqualified for that

  21. Mary Sand says:

    @Rodah….Thats what happened to me!!!!

  22. Richard Deokaran says:

    Richard Deokarran

  23. Thuy-Dung Thalimee Nguyen says:

    I understand how you feel Hillary & Mary. I’m sad too and I don’t understand what I did to deserve this :-(.
    Just like you Mary, my comments was ” awaiting moderation” , later it wasn’t there. So i posted again and it was again ”awaiting moderation”. And i swear, mater it wasn’t there again. So I just paniced like you and I enterned my post again and SUDDENLY we can see all my fuckin’ candidacys and now it just look like if i left 30 comments. :-X
    @ Hillary, you’re lucky to have his rosary, what a wonderful gift.
    Wayne is so generous and so helpfull!!
    I hope he will also be for us for this competition.

    T.D Thalimee

  24. Mary Sand says:

    I hope you are right!!!!!!!!!!!!! This happened to lots of people and we got confused so that shouldnt be our fault. People didnt see their comments and I didnt see mine and now all of a sudden its here….thats freaking annoying so now we have all these comments posted by accident….NOT FAIR!!

  25. Thuy-Dung Thalimee Nguyen says:


  26. Mary Sand says:

    Well we will see what happens ….all we can do is wait…..

  27. Angelica says:

    i knoww how all of you feel up there!
    @Mary!!!! i got so sad cause i made the 1st pikkture and
    after deleted it,and now i found out it was there all along and i made a new picture for nothing and im SOOO sad cause i worked SOO hard and im disqualified!):


  28. Angelica says:

    I knoww same here i really hope he understands i ACCIDENTLY put 2 diff pictures cause i could find the 1st one and i deleted the picture and i had to make a second one only to find out its been there all along


  29. Thuy-Dung Thalimee Nguyen says:

    It’s logical that this is not our fault, we would not do it on purpose to be eliminated, otherwise we will not participate. But we did!
    I don’t have to apologize for technical problems!
    Whatever…and finally it’s Wayne who takes the decision. I trust and I have the liver in him, he will be correct & intelligent enough to understand our problems.

    On this, i leave you and again good luck to all.
    God bless!
    TD Thalimee

  30. Mary Sand says:

    UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Well its almost midnight…..dreading it…I have to sleep becuase I have work tomorrow I get up at 5 am…..yawnnn… But I wont be able to sleep because I will be to anxious and mostly pissed because I am freaking disqualified and it was by accident an honest mistake….Its unfair ….I worked so hard put a lot of effort I took this compepition so seriously and I put blood , sweat and tears into it…and now I have to be disqualified thats fucking a knife through my heart!! I am still kicking myself in the ass….I had a good chance of winning I really did and now it doesnt count no more!!!! So now I have to deal with it and just wait….who ever wins should be grateful and will be dam lucky!! I would be the happiest person alive but I wont know that feeling because I am disqualified so all I am feeling is hate in my heart!!!! But I hope Weezy likes my fan sign anyways….I hope he likes it and lookes at at ;) Love Weezy >3 Young Money/Cash Money >3

  31. 504_Hillary_Mrs.Carter says:

    I am very lucky for that. its not only the music it’s what he’s done and where hes been ya know..its werird how he can impact people in the way he does, and I am forever greatful for everytthing and every opportunity ive had to meet people on young money/cash money..still waiting to meet hte best though, as im sure everyone is..LOL alright girls lets not worry too much…if he knew how upset each one of you were he would probably say everyone wins something..bad things happen to good people sometimes..weezy isn’t going anywhere and this isnt the end of the world ya know..all of you seem like great people..and the face that you all can appreciate wayne the way i do is un real and didnt know it was possible..but its kinda cool..and I would love to meet people like you one day =]

  32. Anna Nork says:

    Name:Anna Nork
    Link to Picture:

  33. Thuy-Dung Thalimee Nguyen says:

    -bad things happen to good people sometimes- I really like how you thinking :D that’s right….but the wheel turns, as we say and it’s for this I don’t longer worry so much & AS I SAID: it’s mandatory to trust Wayne.
    Hillary, i would love to meet people like you one day too…God bless you girl and please don’t change…you’re amazing! ;)

  34. Mary Sand says:

    Name: Mary Sand
    Twitter: MaryBubbels112

  35. There was alot of thought , money, & time put into this….hope I win!

  36. Anna Nork says:

    Name: Anna Nork
    Twitter: @itsallab0utme21
    Link to Picture:

  37. 2medz says:

    is the time elapsed already. am not really bordered abt the contest….lil wayne, m ur biggest fan from Nigeria n i love what u do keep it up. my biggest prayer had always been meeting you one day n i know 4sure its gonna come true one day.young money we love u n God loves u……peace man

  38. 2medz says:

    mellisa, best of luck

  39. Catherine says:

    you’re truely life i would die for you <3

  40. Misheale D says:

    GOOD LUCK to all the true weezy fans…he really knows how to show his appreciation for the ones who truly care about him…rockin with weezy f since the start of weezy F!!!

  41. Hannah Coit says:

    Twitter name: @weezyBFE
    Name:Hannah coit
    link to picture:!/photo.php?fbid=187379074623346&set=a.100916929936228.2020.100000537641964&pid=634704&id=100000537641964

    First off i want to say that you are the most amazing rapper and person in the whole universe. I love you soooo much!!!! I am truly your biggest fan in the whole world no joke!!! people just understand how much i like you and they just think im just another fan!! People always say crap bout you and im the one who stands up for you! Every little thing makes me think of you like if i see the number 27(for your birthday) or when people say things like tattoos red carter rap hip hop and even things that dont have anything to do with you i just think bout you!! At night its hard for me to sleep cuz i think bout someday meeting you or things like that!! when i hear you on or someone talks about you or i see you are going to be on tv my heart starts beating fast!! people say im obsessed but psh i dont think thats the word for it :) when im down i just listen to yoyr music and it always makes me feel better :):) People say that i will never meet you but i really hope that someday i will or at least see you up close that would be the best day of my life :):) no joke :) I made a weezy fund thats where i save up to go to one of your concerts :) also i have so much stuff of you like i have 4 shirts but i jus bought another one off the internet so almost 5 :) i have 5 cds a calender… 4 posters…a calender…2 bracelets and i also have magazines of you and they are hanging in my room in a case :):) every time i get money i always spend my money on something of you its kind of a habit i cant help it :) I can never say anything bad about you like even if i dont like i song or a pic or something i dont say it i dont even like thinking it( but that barely ever happens of course) n when ppl make fun of you i never laugh!! i feel like if i did i would be a bad biggest fan!! also i hate when ppl say they are your biggest fan it makes me sad i dont no why its just kind of heart breaking cuz i no im your biggest fan i truly believe that i am!! I was gonna have the number 27 on the back of my jersey but i guess you cant have that number in basketball i was really sad but i got over it and choose the number 10 for some reason i should have picked 11 but i cant now :( i no everything there is to no about you(well everything you tell) i always watch your inerviews read your blogs watch your stuff on tv everything over and over it never gets old :) if i took a test on you i would get an A :) …. most of my songs on my ipod is you i have more songs of you than everyone else put together and i still need to put more of your songs on you just have so many its hard to put them all on my ipod but i try :):) I counted down the days til you got out of jail and celebrated with my friend victoria :) be were screaming in the hall at school and we got in trouble we ran but we still got caught i guess we were just a little loud :) well not really :) we wore the shirt of you that said lil wayne free at last shirts that day :) by the way your music is amazing and i hope you keep on being the best i no i will always think you will be :) and i dont want you to die before i do i dont want to live without you !!! i dont think i could ever get through that!!! i dont no what i would do i would just cry forever!!! o yeah that reminds me i cried when they said that eminem was better than you on top 10 rappers of the 21 century!!! i made me so sad and mad :/ but i still think you are the best it doesnt matter what they say just keep being the best :) i love you weezy sorry this is so long but i kust needed to tell you almost everything and sorry if you dont like the poster i cant really draw :) love your biggest fan hannah coit forever and always :) <3 by the way i hope the link works i didnt work the last 6 times i tried :)

  42. Brandon Pieper says:

    Name: Brandon pieper
    link to photo:

  43. Hey weezy its mojo! I hope you like my art work, it is one of a kind. Art is my passion and I made sure that I made you something priceless.

    Just click on the link that says CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and my contest entree will come up.

    Thank you for this chance!
    Much Love , MOJO!!

  44. So I can see everyone else’s info with their comments, but not mine with mine? Is that right?

  45. And it’s over! Good luck to everyone who entered! Someone will pass out haha. YMCMB.

  46. Brandon Snyder says:

    Name:Brandon Snyder

  47. alexis miller says:

    I turned in mine at 1150, it said awaiting moderation… now I’m not seeing it?!

  48. BreezyWeezy! says:

    Twitter: @Its_BreezyYo0
    Image 1:
    Image 2:

    Sorry if I posted twice as I see that that’s happening to many people. But I worked really hard on thiss! I had to redo it 3 times because my lil’ sister messed it up! I love you Lil Wayne! If I did post twice, it was accidental. I’m sure you’ll understand. My birthday was thiss week, so I hope I get it as a present. I think You are the best rapper alive, and the most creative. I hope I win, I think I deserve it. I could not afford your CD, so that is the only thing that is missing from your directions. I just adore you. I acnt wait ’till you come to Denver, which I hope is soon. It’s like you’re close family, that’s how I think of you as, though I’ve never met you. :( I have verbal fights with my friends of who likes you more, which is always me, and when they try to say bad stuff about you, because, I love you! If I win, I might cry, since I usually don’t win stuff, and since it’s something from you. YMCM!

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