Hello World! I’ll be on tour with Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Travis Barker and Mixmaster Mike. It’s good to be back out on the road performing for you guys. Doing what I love. I’ll see you soon. Tickets  will be available through Live starting the weekend of February 4th, 2011. Additional dates being announced soon.

Date City/State Venue
3/18/11 Buffalo, NY HSBC Arena
3/19/11 Columbus, OH
3/20/11 Baltimore, MD Nationwide Arena First Mariner Arena
3/23/11 Hampton, VA Hampton Coliseum
3/24/11 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
3/26/11 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
3/27/11 Long Island, NY Nassau Coliseum
3/30/11 University Park, PA Bryce Jordan Center
4/1/11 Chicago, IL United Center
4/2/11 Detroit, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills
4/3/11 Washington, D.C. Verizon Center
4/6/11 Miami, FL Bank Atlantic Center
4/8/11 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum
4/9/11 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
4/10/11 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
4/14/11 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena
4/16/11 Houston, TX Toyota Center
4/19/11 Phoenix, AZ US Airways Arena
4/23/11 Anaheim, CA Honda Center
4/24/11 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena
4/26/11 Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena
4/28/11 Edmonton, Canada Rexall Place
4/29/11 Vancouver, Canada Rogers Arena
*5/01/11 *East Rutherford, NJ *Bamboozle Festival @ Meadowlands Arena

322 Comments to “Blog #8: I AM MUSIC II TOUR SCHEDULE”

  1. natalie says:

    GERMANY is waiting!? Do you come to europe?
    wir lieben dich xoxo

  2. Suzanne says:

    St.Louis will be the night of my life. He’s so hot.

  3. smokie says:

    FO(R) EvER .I AwaY$ HErd i$ (shJ) hE[L|_] NaW i! D O N+__.WUUn! stARt ………… .N. O $H_ .2 __ bUHt iEYE .Aw A//_ aW .A[Y$]He(R)d Di$______ F[] (r) EV.E(R_) n a ! F____ wH!-|-E wHI+e P[E]o|_L $aY[en_] niS$ … b/aCk[g-$] mU$ __ BeE -|- o[]._______ n[]+ 0T .N () t ..jis_______ saeEN.. bHUh______ d0!N N E-!- .2 dArE! i$ __ $Om .MOne -|-o0 fEX. dess ghet+o ._______ wRi-|-e nOW B u T !F _ ……. whiets, dUE+ .B/a(C_)k$ _ D[] ._______ -|- [] ……………………….. …………………. F[]rEV e(R ._______ nO[C_..] A n[G] A._______ d0[w] _ |_a Y.A n[GA] D[]w _ EN_-|-a K[E__..*]$UmT Hi N__.. e’n +a(K)_ $ t[U] F ._______ iSs$ Um .mo_ m0nE__ iN__* nE-|- d]-[AM dOW.T[]o______ Fhiz DE$ [shJ] .______ e’N__ i []M_a .F! nE ……… nett_ m -F ..wHU$S uh .o| $ /aVE$ C.A|_ _ _* c0′[mo]d E-|- iEYEs .C_[]m [](D)Et+ie_ w]-[u$u h_ A._______ nU_n[00] n[g] A._______ c[A]//_ __ .4 D’-'M t[]._______ 2 $Ay__day mA!D $UmtH!N..4 U$which also included ra P______E (R).$ B! L ……………….. wA8 DE_+ A!N+ w0T .i_ _ wontED _.2 $Ay

    m Hi..A$_ b/N_ .4$ A |_.e___ []N .NE-|- .m -F_____ NO_ iey A iny (R)eA.Dy .4 DE-!~ .2_____ nAW na_

  4. kevin says:

    Whats going on with the Edmonton tour date its not on ticketmaster or livenation?

  5. Connor says:

    The fuck! wheres the Utah date?!

  6. Hyphy03 says:

    Why didn’t the Vancouver tickets go on sale today ?

  7. Whats gud Wayne Aye How do i go about gettimg some Backstage Passes for my Young Daughter & one of her friends ? Buffalo Ny HSBC Arena. Thanks

  8. amber says:


  9. Lisa says:

    What about MA or RI? We love Lil Wayne too! Please do at least 1 show in New England!

  10. Carlos Salazar says:

    Weezy you need to come to Denver,CO!

  11. what does the * mean for 05/01/11

  12. Chris says:

    HellO))) how are you? and Young Money will be touring in Europe?

  13. Lil Eddie says:

    yeah representin for H town Texas!!

  14. Lil Eddie says:


  15. Heather says:

    I think the * beside 05/01 means that its going to be fucking fantastic. Weezy F Baby <3 xoxo

  16. Will says:

    i aint here to chop up. come to Jackson MS

  17. you aint comin to da mil cool u missin out n dat goooooooooooood as bag n bitches

  18. you aint comin to da mil cool u missin out

  19. Jacklyn says:

    Love you Weezy!!!, I’ll see you in Houston!!!!

  20. Brandy says:

    You skipped right over NM! New Mexico loves lil weezy, you could have sold out here.

  21. kglam says:

    tickets aren’t on sale for vancouver =(
    so many rumors flying that you aren’t coming..
    are yooooou?! xo

  22. Andrea says:

    No Denver CO date?? We need the lovin here too! Deff sell out faster than Ohio….

  23. uno says:

    DUDE u gotta come to portland oregon, bombest place to be, and i guarenntee sell out. so plz come here

  24. Anthony says:

    a when them honda center tickets available….i need that. no homo

  25. Erika says:

    the * next to 5/1 means it’s not part of the tour cause it’s not. he’s gonna be at the bamboozle festivle in NJ. cant waiit to go to thaat too! legggoo!

  26. Emily says:

    Where are the tickets to edmonton Alberta?? Live nation says u haven’t announced any Canadian dates :(

  27. marcus says:


  28. chris mccalmont says:

    What the fuck do that one text say…:) LOL…anyway please come to OREGON on yer tour. Peace

  29. shandizzle says:

    What about Portland or Seattle, come on WAyne

  30. ashlan&erin&brian says:

    ayyyy me and my boyfriend and my girl erin gone be up in da Coliseum on april 8th in NC. We ready to get crazy n*qqa :)

  31. Out with my libra Sis wishing things was better…

  32. andy says:

    boston/newengland weezy thats the spot..u know what it was like on the 1st tour at dunkin donuts center in RI? u had bitches faintin when u came out on the fuck can u pass that up again? come back to us weezy we miss u bra

  33. trevis johns skeebo tha gr8 says:

    make em let u come to louisville kentucky i wanna see how this shit done live by the best rapper alive

  34. Ruby says:

    Come to Ottawwaaa, Canada <3

  35. nichole says:

    nassau colliseum!!! YEZZ

  36. Lena says:

    german waiting, poland to !!!

  37. Klaudia says:

    Weezy !!! <333 Poland is waiting for you !!!

  38. DMV_Nay says:


  39. Natasha says:

    Why do you not have a Toronto date?

  40. Hannah Coit says:

    I wanted to go to one of your concerts itsone of my dreams to go to your concerts that would be the best day of my life and I was saving my money but then my dad laughed at me when he saw me loking at tickts cuz he said I’m not going to a concert :( it made me cry!!! I guess I will have to wait til I get a car and I can jus go whenever I want and jus not tell him :) i <3 weezy :)

  41. Caro says:

    wahhhhhh i cant go to the Anaheim show!D’: oh why!?!?! weezy, why you got to be so damn expensive. i guess its cuz everybody love you :)

  42. Battah says:

    Wish you would come to Albany, Ny!!!

  43. mugagga yusuf says:

    u dude your part ov ma life

  44. sophie says:

    seriously wayne, you need to come to the UK.

  45. britt says:

    Hello world,
    click this link and vote for video G and click allow both times and send my friends and I to see Wayne in Miami !!!/Z101FM

    Thank You !!!

  46. luisie says:

    hey bro when you comming to salt lake city utah at the e center or something

  47. Jenny420 says:

    Denver, CO needs weezy! It’s been too long. Please think of us on your next tour. Be safe lots of love.

  48. nathaliee94 says:

    when do you come to holland?

    xxxx loveyouu

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