Video #6: Weezy ‘Thanx’ His Fans For New Tour

New Tour. New Thank You’s! I’m nothing without ya’ll. Luv!


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  1. [...] is a new video from Lil Wayne thanking his fans for the new tour that kicked off last night. Weezy thanks fans for there support [...]

  2. All smiles…. Love yah Mr. Carter….

  3. YMCM ! God bless u all ! Love Young Mula Baby !
    Keep doing this u r THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE !

    Come To Finland We Need U !!

    Luv : Suvilahti Ghetto !

  4. Celeste says:

    I Love You Weezy!!
    You’re the greatest rapper alive! Come to Toronto!

  5. Li says:

    Did he just tell us to fuck off?

  6. Lil Zly says:

    Weezy we got ya.
    love you man
    need ya to come to Hong Kong!!!

  7. M.AK says:

    I Love YOU an I Love Watchin YOU do this s**T!!!Get Em!! 1LUV!!! YMCMB!!! ;) You don’t even understand how You make me feel…

  8. lil daryle says:

    i im a donny and i like lil wayne and is music it makes me laugh and i like micheal jackson and his sweet dance moves ! yeah boyyyyy

  9. lil daryle says:

    lick my sack ya fairy

  10. lil daryle says:

    weezy you suck big hairy granny bush

  11. Adelina EU says:

    and I appreciate You. Smile. Laugh. Think. Cry. RIP, dad. Stay strong friend Wayne ;) love adelina

  12. aaron says:

    let me get on to listen to 6foot 7foot

  13. Vdee says:

    Damn baby, I’m nothing without u too!!!! Will u marry me :)

  14. Vdee says:

    I will 4-ever and always love my boy!!!!!

  15. lindsay says:

    you put on an amazing show last night..never a disappointment…this was the 5 th time seeing you and you just keep getting better and better…and yet you remain so humble even with all your success! we aint shit with you!

  16. shiroo says:

    i lOVEEEEEE Yaa soo damn <3

  17. Maddy says:

    AHHH I lovee u!!! Only a week exactly til I’ll see you (: I love you so much n I’m so excited to see u! #YMCMB you are the best!!!

  18. Gosiak says:

    love uu <3


  20. Anna' says:

    Ha Lol HE Said Aka Fukc Yall Ohh Wow Weezy I Love You.!!

  21. Li says:

    Frankly, this guy is a cunt. But yawl deserve him.

  22. Mez From Australia says:

    WOWW you fuckin’ amaze me baby!
    Your such an inspiration and I love you so much, please, please come and have a concert in Australia, you’ll love it down here! It’s so nice and your fans are so crazy and dedicated.

    Love you weezy and keep doing what your doing! xxx

  23. chris mccalmont says:


  24. Nick S says:

    That was a great show tonight in Buffalo good to see ya back here. Did you ever get that letter i sent you to rikers never got a response back?

  25. Vdee says:

    I love u boo

  26. Omg Waayne Your So Amazing <3
    i Love You :)
    Keep Doing Your Thing ! *

  27. dallas says:

    shit wayne shittin on all these rappers fuck roc nation n all tha haterz we ym fans r an army so fuck everybody who aint dwn u can all parish….back 4rm hell haha real shit fuck ILLUMINATI n POLITICS this world is fucked. lord help us wayne show these niggaz YM SALUTE

  28. Amber says:

    Weezy we love u u blew buffalo away!!!!! I’m sure u hear this all the time but u need to come back to buffalo and find ur love at first sight!!!! Light skinned long black hair!!!

    U won’t regret it I promise!!!!!

  29. Moula says:

    First – i believe in God! I love you WEEZY :*************

  30. tami says:

    The show was off the hook in Providence Rhode Island, we love you Weezy!!! Please come back!!! :)

  31. … Hello…. :-)…… <3

  32. Amber says:

    Ladies in buffalo want Weezy back asap!!! We ain’t shit without u!!!!!!! Drop another tour date here sold out in 3hrs the last time come back!!!!

  33. Carolyn Rene says:


  34. Thuy-Dung Thalimee N. says:

    And we’re nothing without you too baby, it’s great to be your fan….YOU ARE SO FUCKIN’ AMAZING TUNECHIIIIIII!!!! Thanx God.

    Please, come to Switzerland…we need to see you here =) =D
    You’re sooooo precious.
    Don’t forget me!!! xxx

    God Bless
    Thalimee TD

  35. Michelle says:

    i was at weezy’s show in RI and it was the best concert ever!!!! i was soo amazed by his performance it was unreal. id go to every show if i could. YMCMB forever <3 love you always tunechi

  36. ricardo laguna says:

    this is great from venezuela weezy the best great show .the best dwayne

  37. Vanessa Carter says:

    ha, wow :) your amazing. april 1st, cant fucking wait. i dont even know what to say, cause your too fly. ha, you blow me away, & after your concert, i hope to be dead :) love you, Vanesssa C.


  38. Roberto collion says:

    And we ain’t shit with out you………….love big bra when you come to Michigan look up Roberto collion I kno in my heart you would sign me and get me out of my visual poverty………….810 308 9488………….if this is really you

  39. Alexus says:

    You were awesome at your concert ; i didnt want it to ever end .
    love you your the best .

  40. On a serious note, you should make a band (we should make a band!), and I should be your guitarist(i can do vocals too) because we’re both tatted up long haired cool talented cats and i feel it’s money. i got the blues, reggae, funk, rock, jazz, whatever you wanna play, really, anything, and really on a really real note rightchea, i’m tellin’ you, $$$$ we’re the same age. well you’re like 4 years older (apparently to wikipedia) but yeah, that get a life song(you had the wrong people! they didnt fit the YM image! and it coulda be way hotter, didn’t like that other rock track) and that knockout song i dug too, people would buy our music up all day, cause you’re Lil Wayne and cause i’m Johnny B. Goode (look it up! chuck berry wrote a song bout me), and people would buy it up like raspberry stuffed cupcakes STUFFeD WITH COCAINE lol ya digggggggg! I smoke those funny herbs, and i drink whiskey, love women, have a damn good jolly ole time mate! But Carter 4 and then this could be released after pretty quick like, MAD MOOLAH BABY! i’m a mad genius like you homie. We got the same story, my dad left us when I was 5 or 4, and I been tryin’ to make it since. Everybody need a homie, a wingman, a best friend yo! We like the same height and everything, rock star tatted, big money addict! I didn’t have no pops growin’ up either, single mom type deal, sucked, but you inspire me that I can make it.. and well, shit man, here I am.. what’s up, I’m just waitin’ on that plane ticket, and I got nothin’ here, I’d like to give my fam what we never had. Holla at me, real talk.

  41. You got my email, you know what to do bro! Real to real. mono e mono, bro to bro.

  42. We are the future of music. Nuff Said.

  43. Hello…. Mr. CARTER…. I can honestly say i miss writing u… Or should i say telling u my day to day movements…. Ur the only person i told half of my life story to and didnt care… Ur one of my fav people and i listen to ur music all the time…. Im very happy to say That im coming to see u in nj… I got that 3 day VIP pass…. Thank you so much…. Luv

  44. Thuy-Dung Thalimee N. says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D


    SEE YA xxx

    Thalimee TD

  45. Kate P. says:

    Hey Wayne. Hope ya’ll have time to read this. We (French) see ya on stage thanks to fans phones on Youtube, etc. The Tour looks really really great !! and your schedule is amazing.. Don’t forget us for the next Tour. You have a lot of fans in Europe :) Hope to hear from ya on Twitter soon.
    Love ya xx

  46. Mannyyy says:

    Wayne is the greatest ever. Today’s my birthday, imagine Tunechi wishing me happy birthday, it would be the best and I’m going to buy tickets to see him at Houston on April 16! Young Moneeyy.

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