Blog # 10: Summer Jam

Hello World

I haven’t checked in as of late, but just wanted to remind my fans that I love & appreciate you so much. I’ve been busy with preparing for the second leg of the tour & Carter IV. Summer Jam this weekend was great, and here are some of my personal pictures I wanted to share with you.

- Tunechi

Images Taken by Ernest Estimé

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  1. Dawn says:


  2. tara says:

    I luv u, Weezy….. my 9 yr. old son is a huge fan 2…..

  3. stephanie says:

    juss showing u sum support weezy F. baby muah

  4. Jessica Marie Low says:

    Hi lil wayne, your a great singer, and alot of people look up to you, keep up the good work ;) xoxo- Jessica Marie Low

  5. Kandy says:

    U killed it there. U r amazing. Keep rockin the mic! luv ya xoxo!

  6. Meiko says:

    my birthday was on 6 10. i saw your performance for MTV later tht week. hail mary really hit home for me and so much more. i wuz dancing on that cross with you, bird! one love and hope to meet you some day even if ur old and ugly

  7. Meiko says:

    ps my 2 kiddos thought your backup singer was quite a beauty, MTV replayyyy lol!!!

  8. Meiko says:


  9. street says:

    My name is titus olumuyiwa babatunde,living in lokoja capital city of kogi state,am working at kogi state technology bulding.

  10. Cara says:

    Your the shit !! <3

  11. ebony says:

    hey wayne i love you

  12. title;heaven hear me;spirits from heaven give us direction dripping tears of love as i search inside my soul clouds come blocking the sun i look inside to find my sunshine seeds of spirits grow in time i love that we can be kind.513-487-8681

  13. Andrew Reineke says:

    I just wanted to say that i think that Lil Wayne is the next Tupac, He is a great rapper and a even better lyricist. I dont know where he come up with those words but i couldnt do it any better my self.

  14. emma cg og says:

    lil fuckin weezy is god but i aint christian
    hes the man an i aint for the establishment
    he’s livin large even when i aint feelin life

  15. when my daughter seen you in spfld. i was like that dude has some issues,her loyalty and love got my attention,i watched you a few times and you just have something about you ,you don’t give 2 fucks what people think.i love crazy,baby you are crazy.keep on keepin’ on,just you got it ,for sure!!!!!!

  16. Mary says:

    greetings from Poland Weezy, love U soo soo much xoxo

    wish u luck

  17. david lugo says:

    u r one of the most badasses on the planet when it comes to rapping plus u r my favorite singer keep doing wat u do best (i kno a person that looks identical to u )

  18. Ray Ray P says:

    music hard Weezy!!! keep up the good work…

  19. Li says:

    Hey, Wayne. I hear you’re going to retire soon. You have options—you can become an organic produce farmer, an artisanal cheesemaker, or a professor of Byzantine history.

    Or you can just sit on your duff. Hey, either way, right?

    Make mine fromage aux herbes en gateaux apertif.

  20. Banki-boo says:

    i love you Lil Wayne <3

  21. Rim says:

    you r rocking man…. u r my alltime favourite one….keep it up and pleas drop the idea of retirement….rock the world dude……

  22. Tp2 says:

    I really Love ur Music Weezy,u are too much, so Keep Ya Head Up

  23. khalil says:

    you rock Weezy

  24. ALIDIOP says:

    LIL WAYNE EST MON préféré musicien

  25. dana says:

    i absolutely luv ya tunechi!!!!!! I think you are the sexiest m***a f**k** i know….. Your swagga so stupid,,,,,would LUV to meet ya….would be my pleasure to have ya

  26. Troy says:

    What’s up from Marrero!!!

  27. Lucas Tracy says:

    Dear weezy,
    I liked your run off from stan. (Dear Anne)
    It had a good twist, thats the kinda stuff your
    fans need to hear. I just wanted to tell you I would be obliged if you would take some of my lyrics and turn them for me. All rights are yours, it’d just be a pleasure to hear come from the next below God. Your biggest, Lucas

  28. Blacc Roze says:

    Wayne i like alot of your music but you may never check these but in case you do?? i’m the MC you need. im like an new skoo Mc Lyte.

  29. angela says:

    your absolutely great lil…luvyuh…

  30. LaShanta says:


  31. weezy you are the best stay straight man

  32. sorry i mist the jam

  33. Resurrect says:

    “I said f*ck that new girl that’s been in your bed, And when you’re in her I know I’m in your head”

  34. Resurrect says:

    “I said f*ck that new girl that’s been in your bed, And when you’re in her, I know I’m in your head”

  35. michelle canizalez says:

    im in love with you Wayne :) i live in Wayne’s world :)

  36. mamy says:

    loveee youuuuuuuuu

  37. it’s weezy,always weezy,real weezy,great weezy,guy weezy u’re the best latest deep legend rapper i cherish.jay’d

  38. Djaylee says:

    Bonsoir M.Carter lol
    I know that you speak french so….just to tell you : J’ai écouté ” How to love” et cette chanson m’a énormément touchée.Je pense que c’est surtout ta voix….
    Quoi que l’on dise, pour moi tu es un Grand artiste.
    - Affectueusement from French West Indies -

  39. Marka says:

    You the best rapper on this rock! Keep it real weezy and keep spittin gold.

  40. Elyon says:

    why are people so blind to always follwo the footsteps of the DEVIL..GOD is comin right away watch out…

  41. Elyon says:

    this guy is being possessed…don’t be a victim guys
    the DEVIL IS WISE..
    repent and turn from ur evil ways GOD loves u all…but look @ what you are interested in…
    Desire in JESUS n u’ll have eternal life

  42. nikki martelli says:

    i love u so much weezy i always joke with my boyfriend that if i ever find you he is gone and if you dont wanna stay ill just lock you in my basement and never let u go! dont worry i will feed u plenty. just joking ahhhhhhhhhhh fantasys

  43. kennx says:

    yo weezy belgium love you to, man when are you comming to belgium? nice song drop the world fucking nice man!! greetzzzzzzz kennx

  44. shayna says:

    me and my brothers huge huge huge fan we all listin to ur cd right now we playin it like woooooohh

  45. Francois says:

    should like to say your song the are the best?

  46. angelica says:

    heyy cuttie omg soo im like in love with you and i noee every song of yours and every time i see you on tv or something i scream and sometimes i get teary lol<3 but im like craziii bout you and im going to ur concert on july 26 i got the tickets befor they even went on sale i was sooo happyyy i cried my boyfriend is jealous cuz i talk bout you soo much and i am sooo crazii over you i heard your retireing im gonna cry soo much but it for a good reason thou soo im glad hope things work out for ya

  47. Sakhile Nene says:

    Wheezy Dawg, what up?

  48. darkeban says:

    keep it real weezy, now i can call u a new LEGEND.

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