Blog #11: They Yell Skate Wayne

Hello World. I had fun this weekend at the Fantasy factory in LA. Fun time before studio time.


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  1. JORDAN MOORE says:

    yo check it my flow go hard then a rock the bomb still tickin tic tock im all bout my bread and paper got stacks on deck elevator im jb no justin beiber with yo girl she gonna belive that im the dopest 14 yr old rapper call me doppey im camoflauge mix u cant c me yaa

  2. Meiko says:

    wow. how2love… Mr Carter!! U R SWEETNESS.

  3. Meiko says:

    if u have some time 2 get ur techs to set up anothr contest here on ur site…please consider it. Sincerely, another star

  4. phillo says:

    Tha Carter IV available? How to love a love dis song

  5. thando says:

    if i had a wish i’d wish for being the best rapper alive like you weezy and join young money cause you are hip hop…. wish it happened

  6. Leyla says:

    I went to Los Angeles to see you, I went to your concert day 27/06/2011, I’m from Portugal and left everything to go to a concert yours, you could come to Lisbon .. After all not only in America that you have fans, you have fans all over the world, giving them the chance to see you, you are the dream of many young people ….

    Lil Wayne <3
    Dwayne Michael Carter Jr always <3

  7. nilson says:


  8. Adwoa says:

    dear Mr. Carter i guess am not ur number 1 fan i would cry about it but got strong mind i dnt believe in love i pass that age this not a tweet it mre than a tweet it me tryin 2 get 2 you trying to tell wht i feelin your a busy man that am sure of n i am only human to believe you may maybe read this n say sumthing back there one thing on my mind but i cba to write no mre got exam on Monday need 2 revise

  9. Cyer says:

    I’m alwasy smoking marijuana, hot boxing my room like its a fcking sana!, I’m get so fcking high, tell I remember sad shit nd break down nd cry! No lie, I try, but can’t stop, now these motherfcker try getting crazy with me! Ima pop! Make ur ass drop! Make u be a liddo bitch nd wear flip flops. Hahaha damn I’m stupid, nd I would never get that arrow from Cupid, so fck it! Fck a bitch, fck a snitch, nd fck a bad itch! 

    Im a so crazy! But wen I do to much I’m fcking lazy! Shame on me, she on he, shame on C-Y-Eeee! Man fck the. U we’ll never be the greatest, ur like the worthless worker that always be the latess! The means ur useless, if u say hi to me, I’ma be like who’s this? now let me tell u one thing nd one thing only! I hate u nd why u so fcking lonely? Watching porn everyday, man how can that get u horny? Ur a ain’t real like a unicorn.. Man I bet sometimes u wish u were never born!

    Now this is the beginning of a new era, I use to kno a girl name Sara. She to be the greatest, all the uglies use to have her in their hate list, but don’t worry, all u gotta do is hit with ur fist! Nd do be scared of these uglies, they crack heads mean they some drugies. But like I was saying, bitch I ain’t playing! I’m serious! nd wen ur hear this shit ur gonna be curious, look I don’t hate, I’m not fat but u can say I lost weight. U kno me a C- Y-E-R nd I go hard! Watch out I’m coming! So let me see ur guard! 

  10. Jabril says:

    What makes humanity human is the understanding of self with respect to society ‘in other words, one can conclude that it’s a result of whether the individual is endowed with the neurological process of self awareness.

    I can’t see… I think it’s because we are in a place that doesn’t require sight…. Let’s show humanity how to fuck their miserable existing.

    “I’m writing a book”

  11. Georgia says:

    your biggest fans are in jacksonville, nc. Wish you could come down here for a visit…

  12. Adwoa says:

    Dear Wayne, I hate to speak in vein but God Damn Your the only motherfucker who speaks better then Sam I am – The best ever Like you say you are I got this bitch stuck in my heart worst then when you eat beans & fart (lol) I think about him more then 24 Hours People talk so much shit I know – “24 Cowards” & Pussy? He loves them to death If we had a chance on that MTV show I would never say NEXT So please read my TEXT I want a shout out right back & If you don’t then fuck it Ill remix ur track

  13. Janae says:

    Excuse Me Dwayne ‘ Lil Wayne ‘ Lil Tunechi or Weezy if YOU really read these comments to your blog.. Then You should know that You are THE best Rapper Alive & I Love You & Appreciate you dearly. Keep doing what your doing & don’t stop for NOBODY unless their name is GOD.

    P.S. I think that You should really follow me back on Twitter. PLEASE.

  14. Alexus says:

    Hey :) I’m crazy hype for tha Carter 4! I Am Not A Human Being has to be the best BDay gift I ever bought myself! lol I used to warm up to Right Above It and Bill Gates before every volleyball game. You’re definitely my favorite rapper and as far as I can tell an amazing person. Keep creating amazing music and building your business. Your growth and potential is so limitless it’s mind-blowing!

    P.S. I’m sure the wait is well worth it. For the best art it always is.

    -Another Fan

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  16. hit me up i wanna make a record deal weezy

  17. natreaviona says:

    luv u weezy, my biggest inspiration #TEAMTUNECHI all day

  18. mokgethoa.mataboge says:

    hello weezy i am ur biggest fan luv u i am only 13 years old.

  19. matt davidson says:

    best rapper alive

  20. Oana P says:

    hello!im so glad to hear again about you.nice are so hot man!:x.i always wanted to take a picture with you!i hope that dream will come true soon,when you will come in Romania(i just hope that it will be soon,kause i can’t wait anymore)till then i just want you to think bout it.peace.and kisses and hugs from you.your music rocks!YMCMB!!:))

  21. juju says:

    waz popppn tune dis young ju n dis sum lil shyt off top while im typn ya digg i do dis… check…im from tha murk a nigga capital..where my bloodz shoot things that will make a fuckn half of you..itz mr.catch a nigga slippn on tha muthafuckn avenue..ill flip ya cap back like a baseball nigga do..den wet chu pussies n let chu sit til you mildew…my delivery black eyes n my punchlines will kill.n watch ya girl give me brain n i give dat hoe thanks like before i eat a meal dude..tune…dis niggaz aint hearn meh..put tha heat on’em tell dat bitch can u feel meh

  22. phillo says:

    Weezy your mixtape is so fukkin good you the best rapper ALIVE

  23. Jhori Leonard says:

    Man Wayne, you are soooooo talented……. I loved and listened 2 your music since I was 5.. ( the earliest I can remember ) I rememberthe first that I heard was Da Drought mixtapes. That’s been like 8 years ago!

  24. robert clark says:

    1 u the best do not let tham say other

  25. valeris says:

    i love lil wayne

  26. angel lucio says:


  27. steve says:

    youre doper as dope

  28. sandra says:

    HELLO .Lil wayne My english is very bad , I’m sandra already do not know me but I was clear that I am a fan, well more than a fan … I am your best friend.
    I love Raffan nadal . And I read your letter from the jail.
    I’m from Spain, just wanted to tell you that from here from Spain I’m having a fatal … things are not good in my life but your music helps me too, attempt to understand what you mean at a time in your lyrics.
    I hope you read this, thank you for listening.
    I wanted to tell you that women are bitches haha
    And here is a lady speaks to you.
    A hug . You are incredible. Muac.
    Your best friend . SANDRA

  29. Peter says:

    <Honolulu nice blog

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