Blog #13: Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)

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As promised…here it is.

1. Tunechi’s Back
2. Rollin’ (Freestyle)
3. Throwed Off (Freestyle) ft. Gudda Gudda
4. Gucci Gucci (Freestyle)
5. Marvin’s Room (Freestyle)
6. Sure Thing (Freestyle)
7. Grove St. Party (Freestyle) ft. Lil’ B
8. Racks (Freestyle)
9. Hands Up (Freestyle)
10. Sorry 4 The Wait
11. Inkredible Remix (Freestyle) ft. Thugga, Raw Dizzy & Flow
12. Run The World, Girls (Freestyle)

Download: Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)

Artwork by: hustleGRL

323 Comments to “Blog #13: Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)”

  1. dimond says:

    luv u how as it in prison what did u eat

  2. Joshua says:

    Inkredible got a raw beat

  3. e says:

    It waz cool

  4. israr says:


  5. atwell aka DOUBLE CROSSER says:


  6. Natasha says:

    Weezy where do i even begin. You are the best rapper alive so i cant imagine how much fan mail you get or if you will even get the chance to read this let alone reply. but heres hoping. Your are my idol. I love you not only because your music is out of this world, but you are so dedicated and hard working at what you do. You inspire me. When i turn 18 I am going to get the lyrics “confidence is a stain they cant wipe off” tattooed on my wrist. I think those lyrics will help me in so many ways through out my whole life. I am from New Zealand and am half Filipino. I only found out today that you are going to be in Austrailia on the 25th of November, the one day I happen to be in Aussie before my flight to the Philippines. I started crying because Mum told me that we cant afford to change our flights and to get one to Perth instead. I am saving up to go to university next year but I want to see you more then anything in the world. Because you are a YMCMB a flight from Perth to Sydney wouldnt put a hole in your wallet. I realise this is such a big ask just from one fan. But if you could just be in sydney during that day I will honeslty be the happiest girl alive. My 3 week holiday is going to suck so much if I know that I was in the same country as Lil Wayne and did not get to see him. Its my dream to meet you Weezy. Its too much of a coincidence for you to be in Aussie performing on the ONE day that I happen to be there. In my mind you are the greatest person alive. You make everything better. I know how much of a long shot this is, I even feel kind of silly for asking. But man, I would do anything to meet you. I understand if you cant make this happen, even if you cant get back to me. I will love you no less :) Forever grateful for your music Tunechi xoxo love from your biggest fan Tash

  7. mati says:

    gud look wezzzzzzzzy

  8. Ricky says:

    Hey carter i know your tired of fans telling you im talented and stuff.. but really when i say im talented i mean that from the bottom of my heart and i got this mix tape coming up and i really want you to listen to it everybody deserves a chance just give me a shot am a 15 year old kid that really wants to rap with you and get in YMCMB hit me up on facebook then ill give you my phone number so i can have contact with you if you reply back it well make my dream come true to see one of the greatest rapper alive talking and recording with me

  9. Trinity says:

    Ur fine

  10. connor says:

    DL doesnt work any more..?

  11. Ariel Wheeler says:

    I love lil wayne hes the shit i could listen to him all day everyday. grow up listenin to him and ill die listenin to him.

  12. crolla says:

    said invalid file whats up with that when i tryed to download

  13. maurionte says:

    hit me up tunechi we fans i kno that but still imma make a wish to come nd see you im your biggest fans and i kno all of your songs and the words!

    maurionte clift

  14. Johnny 303 says:

    What up YMCMB. throw it up if you banging muthaphucka. If you ain’t… You don’t know what it is. Repping hard around this bitch and of course if a leaf fall throw a ounce in that bitch. Hit me up. Most bitches niggas gonna be real are fake

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  16. christopher says:

    Weezy tha best rapper alive

  17. Deer WFB! Simplicisity At It’s UtMost Best….Or should i say its utMost BEAST! Not Gonna Keep Bablin’ Cause U Mother Earth And The Rest Of The YM! already KNow But Im Ready To Be NYM or should i Say IN,YM. LAFMO! And The F. Is For FAITH N NOTHING MORE! C NYM SON!
    Tyler”LAMBO”RAYBAN MAN Barrett! eh eh eh, Let Me Try Dat 1 Again ASS you Say!
    And My “M” IS FOR MY 1OnlyNEverything My Little Beautiful Baby Girl Millie Caye Barrett!
    Dont Keep It Real Or Chill! Keep It NYM, An I Aint Talkin A New York MIN. LAFMO

  18. Post-haste Cincerly:
    I Love The Way You Blew Up Ur Brain For The Sorry 4 The Wait CD THAT CD MENT MORE TO ME THEN I EVER REALIZED Until I Got My Hands On The YMD MixTAPE! So Unlike The Sites Name I Do Wanna Thank You But I Gotta Thank God First For Putting You ON This Earth! But U And Him Both KNow UR THE BEST RAPPER AALICE SINCE THE SECOND BEST RAPPER RETIRED!LAFMO AND DONT FOR GET TO PREY AND ALWAYS KEEP IT NYM CAUSE IT WAS YM Before it was every YMCMB….BGGGB Or What Ever That Track Was ON MY YMD Mixtape 30G! Keep Up The Fantesticle Work My YM FAMILA! And Always remember Gotta Hit That G-Status Before U Can Go #0G!

  19. Tristan says:

    Dear lil Wayne if your reading this
    I made a mixtape called rise of the rappers just telling the rise of how good I got through out the years and I’m 12 I bin singin since I was 5 and rappin since I was 7 I have a lot of expire nice I also play the guiter and it is my dream to have a lot of songs with u and Tyga, and to prove to my family and friends that I can make it and I wrote a lot of songs with missing verses for u and Tyga so if it reading this hit me up on or 724 252 5425

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