Blog #13: Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)

As promised…here it is.

1. Tunechi’s Back
2. Rollin’ (Freestyle)
3. Throwed Off (Freestyle) ft. Gudda Gudda
4. Gucci Gucci (Freestyle)
5. Marvin’s Room (Freestyle)
6. Sure Thing (Freestyle)
7. Grove St. Party (Freestyle) ft. Lil’ B
8. Racks (Freestyle)
9. Hands Up (Freestyle)
10. Sorry 4 The Wait
11. Inkredible Remix (Freestyle) ft. Thugga, Raw Dizzy & Flow
12. Run The World, Girls (Freestyle)

Download: Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)

Artwork by: hustleGRL

326 Comments to “Blog #13: Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)”

  1. T-Wayne09 says:

    Why mark the last song as a freestyle? All Weezy does is talk…. and where’s the Drake feature? WTF

  2. Ronald says:

    Im going to go ahead and DL it from DATPIFF, It should be the same since Datpiff is pretty good when it comes to official mixtapes, BUT thanx for Sorry 4 the Wait

  3. WeezyFanPoland says:

    Nothing else than the stuff we already got from the leak, WTF???

  4. Ujo says:

    I cannot download it, its gone!

  5. [...] “No Ceilings” blew up the internet. Download “Sorry 4 The Wait” now >> + This entry was posted in Lifestyles. Bookmark the permalink. ← HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWAGGA [...]

  6. salman amina says:

    Hmmmm dnt knw wat 2 bt am craxy bt uu

  7. Stefanie says:

    Thank you SO much, Lil Tunechi! I <3 your stuff and think you're amazingly talented! Thanks for sharing this with us! You are awesome! <3

  8. Harsh says:

    Finally, I’m able to download it

  9. eva outes marroquin says:

    My boys and i cant wait … really have a gut feeling on carter 4 … What happened december 2008 or 2009? Can u help me? WERE 3 ABUSED VICTOMS OF ABUSE .. WE WILL PRESS ON WITH OR WITHOUT JUSTICE BEFORE IM GONE I WANT TO SEE YOU ON MY BDAY IN NOLA…..

  10. moula says:


  11. i think he’s showing up baciasll like wan been hot for a minute so i beileve that he is the best still after jay z tho sorry wezzy your my favorite but pay homagie.. or what ever lol..

  12. I cn bt its alrdy gn says:


  13. Connor Benach says:

    Been waiting for something like this since No Ceilings 2years ago SO THANK YOU!!! long time fan


  14. Drlaw says:

    I lyk weezy becus of sloo we pope s l

  15. ag53 says:

    theres no one lik weezy

  16. LilV3n$y says:

    I was expecting more track wayne…aand What happen to my nigga Drake.

  17. lil wayne ily especially in motivation i put yo cd in and listen 2 only yo part in motivation and n look @ meh now if u gt eyes look @ meh noww bitch lol i kno all yo part in motivation ily so much bye bbee

  18. billzie says:

    Tunechi best rapper alive

  19. H Tallah says:

    i do like those..specially miii weezy f baby…..

  20. Sergei Shek says:

    weezy kilted it

  21. kayla says:

    thank you for sorry 4 the wait!!!! i love it :) love you weezy!!!!!

  22. anon says:

    it says the file does not exist? WTF?

  23. Rafael says:

    Thank you, Lil fuckin’ Wayne !

  24. tony says:

    i lyk de way u make hiphop shining evry knw and then weezy!! im real apreciate ur comng from hood!! bra thanx!!

  25. oben says:

    i love it. N i wish to download it.

  26. jakob maitland says:

    dude i love ur music

  27. demetri says:

    thats awsome stuff keep the good job up !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lil Wayne you are a mentor and prototype to me. i admire in everything you do despite what haters say about you chess…..

  29. Janae says:

    Woke up & This was the first thing I Listened to .. I LOVE IT & I LOVE YOU. — I hope that YOU really read these post =/

    P.S. You should really follow me back on twitter. PLEASE.

  30. dale barrett says:

    good stuff yow, cant wait for cater 4, its a day after my birthday, thats the best gift i can get!!!

  31. tashyra says:

    TUNECHI’S baccccckkkkkkkK !!! Love it

  32. [...] (click here to download – via [...]

  33. Walexzy says:

    I always feel ur swagga young money

  34. lonnie tarrance says:

    I’m not a big fan of rap music! But i love all ur music! kk

  35. victor says:

    man im lovin this mixtape ymcmb c4
    nxt lil wayne

  36. Erika Sanchez says:

    BIGGEST, LARGEST, FAN HERE! Hope to see the Album Aug! Love you Wayne! CYMCMB THE BEST!

  37. Erika Sanchez says:

    Love the mixtape! Wayne ALWAYS kills it.

  38. Weezy says:

    Thanks for all the support
    True fans

  39. morocco says:

    You know what it is, Oh yeah, Young Mula baby

  40. Erika says:

    always, the waits gonna be worth it.

  41. WISDOM DOE says:


  42. lekzycas swingz says:

    Yes man u the best man…YMCMB..

  43. [...] 4 The Wait‘ hit the internet last night, but now thanks to Lil Wayne’s official fansite Weezy Thanx You, here is the full mixtape for your listening pleasure. Continue reading to stream or download Lil [...]

  44. Godspower eric says:

    i lve wizzy soo much

  45. i love this new cd weezy is the hotest rapper alive…

  46. Heather says:

    Thanks Weezy! <3 After hearing this i know the Carter 4 will be well worth the wait!

  47. Joshua says:

    Cold, killa instinct. I may have downloaded this more than once.

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