Blog #13: Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)

As promised…here it is.

1. Tunechi’s Back
2. Rollin’ (Freestyle)
3. Throwed Off (Freestyle) ft. Gudda Gudda
4. Gucci Gucci (Freestyle)
5. Marvin’s Room (Freestyle)
6. Sure Thing (Freestyle)
7. Grove St. Party (Freestyle) ft. Lil’ B
8. Racks (Freestyle)
9. Hands Up (Freestyle)
10. Sorry 4 The Wait
11. Inkredible Remix (Freestyle) ft. Thugga, Raw Dizzy & Flow
12. Run The World, Girls (Freestyle)

Download: Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)

Artwork by: hustleGRL

329 Comments to “Blog #13: Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)”

  1. Domonique says:

    You rocked the Fuck out the show in Chenga Park !!!!! my favorite song you did was “How to Love”… know i love your voice n anything you do with it .!. YMCMB for life jus cant help n dont want to !

  2. Aimee Stark says:

    Weezy F you are a lyrical genius! i effin luv your music!!!! saw you in houston april 16th 2011 now i bought my ticket to see you in the woodlands september 11th man i cant wait!!!i hope i can get an autograph :)

  3. Kc lil coin says:

    It feel good 2 be here once again…€¥ nd i’m stil workin on every thing…i luv u wezzy.i stil rem ur n1 nigeria fan kc.

  4. Lex says:

    Was at your Darien Lake show last night and you killed that shit come on August 29th!!!!!! Thankz for the great night :)

  5. Memo says:

    Weezzzyy efffff babay!!! Best rapper alive!! I admire u and it music! Cnt stop and won’t stop liiestining to it amazing musiic! Sick ass swag! Memo frm Cali! One of my fav songs 3 peat Carter 3!!!!!! peace !!!:))

  6. Weeezy Lover says:

    Darien Lake was the Shitt<3 (;

  7. donovan says:

    listen you are the most amazing person on earth i listen to your music from am to pm i even have js adidas wings 2.0 but that dont mater i just want to let you know not to keep your head down about fake ass people and keep it up cuz what your doin our doin right theres just something about your music it speaks to me YMCMB for life im never gunna stop listeing to you please email me back

  8. U da best rapper alive son no nigga come close

  9. michael says:

    weezy you are the best rapper alive! i love your music i seen the movie that you made and it was awesome!! you are the best rapper alive GO WEEZY!!

  10. LeahJ says:

    I listen to Sorry 4 the Wait everyday! & I can’t wait to have Tha Carter IV!!!!!! I will always be a true Weezy fan. I don’t care what anybody else thinks, but I think you’re the best rapper alive! And I get to see you in concert for the second time =) August 26.

  11. Zup Wayne Check out this Video We Squaging, And holla back and tell us what you think about us Squages , We Two African rapers from The Scandinavia Sweden,, Working Hard on ower music All day everyday ! ,, Squaging Out

  12. Leroy howard says:

    They weezyy it was my b-day i can wait till carter 4 you and young money R the best .I’m going to be a rapper to

  13. STEVE says:

    u’re the best stay the best i love u’re song ,hip hop without you is nothing.

  14. Erica says:

    I AINT SHIT WIT OUT YOU!!!!! Saw you yesterday 7-29-11 in CAMDEN! WE SHUT SHIT DOWN OVER IN NJ!!!! Can’t wait to hear Tha Carter 4!!!! Love you Wayne!!!!

  15. Hey Mr Carter….. tell me where u been….. lol….. How are u…. hope all is well…. well me… idk… got my Sora and now I’m takin Pole Dancin…….. ccccttttfffuuu…. lol… a lil shy…. but will get over it…. Got a name for my pole to…. lmao…… my teacher told me I got one night only……. lmao….. til next time…. keep eatin em alive…..

  16. phil says:

    Hey wayne I just wanted to say u tha best rapper alive an sorry 4 tha wait was sick as hell but there’s these stupid ass hataz on youtube sayin it sucked an that shit pisses me off. U kno what u gotta do man don’t listen to what other people say u kno ur tha best an don’t stop rappin mass people love ur music don’t stop u tha best homie an u always my favorite rapper. U tha best rapper alive

  17. Sam and Sydney says:

    you rocked in tampa last night!!!

  18. I need to be a friend to u and I love u so and I like your music.

  19. cheeks bossman says:

    weezy you killed the show last night im Tampa kidd!!!!! Best rapper alive hands down!!!! you through me yo shoe but my homeboy caught it!!! shout out birdman iciest man on earth!!!YMCMB

  20. cheeks bossman says:


  21. Hops says:

    Awesome stuff, man. I re-discovered Drop the World recently- powerful. You’re comin’ to tear up the Mil-town next week, hope you enjoy your stay here! G’luck chillin on your tour.. it looks busy as shhheeit. I appreciate the tunes that keep spilling out of your mind, keep it up.

  22. shay dee says:

    hey weezy first of ol i realy want to say a job welldone 4 ur last performance. should be proud of urself dat was a great display. Secondly I want to assure u dat i wil do anything to protect ur reputation n i beleive dats another thing u want me to do as a real fan. i know u gat so pig ass motherfuckers tryin to spoil ur gud name but i want to tel u dat dey are showing you your weak points for you to take note but please neva back down. finally i wil want to share one thing i learned from you with my fellow fans and that is to ‘EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY’ what i mean here is we are unique in our special way. we can make it in our own style. weezy did not emulate anybody in his rapping styles. his lyrics and dress code so just be yourself and with encoragment from weezy who the sky is his starting point you wil get to the pick of your career. safe its me shay dee your fan from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. here in Nigeria. we all love you weezy

  23. weezy972 says:

    ga tu fais du super bon son continu comme sa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Joshhhh says:

    Weezy F Baby-

    I lost my voice and my mind at your show last nite in MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN! You are a straight genius and the Picasso of this rap game, not to mention you rep the GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!!!!

    Give you all my best homie

    -Josh (th3 414)

  25. Laura says:

    Wow the first concert iv ever been to and it was the shit….. Will never forget .. You were the fuckin boom! :)

  26. Lupita says:

    I just want to say your show here in Milwaukee, WI was amazing you were beyond great I am BIG HUGE fan of yours i left feeling like i should have paid more for my tickets it had always been a dream to WITNESS your music in person. Thank you for a great show. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSICAL GENIUS.

    Always and FOREVER no matter what else,
    A Lil Wayne Fan

    Milwaukee, WI

  27. [...] While you’re at it, grab a copy of Lil Wayne’s mixtape “Sorry 4 the Wait” here [...]

  28. My name is Jybriel Ahemd 11 yrs old from Lowell, Ma. Here is my song with hook and open verses.

  29. Caroline says:

    You were AMAZING last night in Chicago!!! You never disappoint! I seriously am in love with you<3

  30. Joel says:

    Goodshit in Chi City had the crowd deep as fuck boy ha

  31. L.A. says:

    Sorry 4 the wait was dope. Check me and my homie version of “Gucci Gucci” EVERYONE. It’s dope, leave comments and let us know whatcha think. Thank you guys, because without you….I am nothing

    just go to and listen… name is M-80

  32. lilwaynelivenohomo(D.J.) says:

    dis a live mixtape

  33. you fuckin rocked ottawa scotiabank place, i didnt want you to leave !, your amazun weeeezy <3

  34. PLowe says:

    Yo.. i have no voice. Weezy turned KC out! That shit was so live!

  35. lil dave says:

    Greensboro, nc was uhfuckinmazin’!!!!!!tunechi killed dat shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for C4!!

  36. B says:

    Amazing last night at KC! Weezy Baby!

  37. Wyatt Ross says:

    that show in KC was by far the greatest show i have ever seen! thanks weezy!!!

  38. melz says:

    i love u so god damm much! U r my inspiration

  39. Lel D. says:

    weezy keep going… u’r the best!

  40. jose says:

    yes is a good shit hahaha

  41. Danielle says:

    this won’t let me download! says file not found :( what do I do?

  42. sammie says:

    last night was amazing! DENVER loves you <3

  43. Marcus says:

    Last night in Albuquerque was great! Drove 7 hours to go see you on a college school night, it was worth it all, thanx for the show it was amazing!

  44. doeboy 210 says:

    a wats poppin shit that 5 anyways like the album sorry for the wait and on da realz da carter 4 could of been better but i still bought that bitch. much love dimu*

  45. fedtronix says:

    awesome mixtape. And I heard the carter 4 and it has some great tracks on there. Great job wayne, although I respect you as an artist, It is your hard work that separates you from the rest. Keep it up

  46. Todd Kaiser says:

    it wont let me download the sorry for the wait mixtape it keeps saying file does not exist what do i do?

  47. Todd Kaiser says:

    I bwas at the seattle show last night and WEEZY tore the muthafuckin roof off that bitch!!! one of the best stage shows ive ever seen. going to buy tha carter IV today

  48. kelley says:

    weezy you is the shit i had so! much fun when u came to omaha we love you so much. come back again soon nebraska love’

  49. Christopher Diaz says:

    Man, I went to your show 3-4 times when you came to Indiana, you kill it every time. I love your music and your voice is tight, no homo. I bought the Carter 4 literally 5 minutes after it came out, cuz I downloaded it from my iPad. I’m hopin one day I’ll walk again so I can get to another show when you get to Indy. if your Gunna stop rappin at the age you said you were goin to that blows hardcore man, but I respect you majorly cuz you wanna be a father to your kids, that’s what you said in an interview. Anyway I just wanna show my love, keep doin you man, YMCMB

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