Video #7: Making of Lil Wayne’s “She Will” Ft Drake

Directed by: Scoob Doo

28 Comments to “Video #7: Making of Lil Wayne’s “She Will” Ft Drake”

  1. Chris Johnson says:

    C4!!! Can’t wait!!

  2. Rodah says:

    I’m so ready for #C4

  3. Mercedes says:

    Damn Tunechi Your Amazing I Cant Wait Till 8/29/11 You Got Me So Excited !!! #YMCMB …

  4. sandy says:

    i can’t wait to hear the whole song and the whole album!!
    want to see nino brown soty part 3 =)

  5. Akaash says:

    Sounds crazy, hyped me up for Tha Carter IV! Can’t wait for this Tuesday! I’m all about I, give the rest of the vowels back..

  6. I can’t wait! C4 is going to be crazy !
    we brazilians are so excited for the album and for you coming to Brazil weezy!

  7. thalia suri says:

    Wayne ur amazing. I love u so much I just went to ur concert in west palm beach. I love ur music cnT wait to see u live on august 28 in the. Mtv video award then buyin ur album on 8/29/11 btw plzz right me Back ur amazing!!!!

  8. jessica says:

    Hey weezy I love u I read ur blOg of u at the fantast factory I hope I can go skatin wit u one day wit my friend thalia suri write me bak plz we love you!!!!!!!!! <3

  9. jae hunit says:

    mad bars
    I like to drink out the bottle mother fuck a cup
    everyday a diffrent modle I aint got to cuff
    fuck that the laws thats the motto im a hustle up
    a my dopes like virgins that straight un cut
    take it to the party shoot the club up
    everybody shoulder lean im like bump that dro bra
    blunts like flares fruit like pairs
    got to fire up two so the smoke nerver clear
    i got niggas tucking chains like D-bo here
    top notch villans no heros here

  10. steve says:

    to clean see this the type off shit i like it seem like he goin back to the old wayne

  11. Jenn Garrity says:

    hey I went to your concert in mansfeild and you killed em I gave you my green&yellow hat and you gave me your shoe do you have an address I can get a letter to you? D

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  13. Joanna says:

    This go way too hard… much you wanna bet the Carter 4 gonna sell 3 mil. in the first day!!!!

  14. M.AK says:

    I love these videos of You!!! damn, smh(in a real good way;)

  15. Gave west says:

    Main I gone be up early. Birthday Aug 29, anniversary Aug 29, C4 Aug 29. It’s gon b historic!!

  16. Gabe West says:

    2 Million Albums First Week

  17. logan crosby says:

    lil wayne will change the world and the mind of those who look down on him

  18. Ricky says:

    Hey carter i know your tired of fans telling you im talented and stuff.. but really when i say im talented i mean that from the bottom of my heart and i got this mix tape coming up and i really want you to listen to it everybody deserves a chance just give me a shot am a 15 year old kid that really wants to rap with you and get in YMCMB hit me up on facebook then ill give you my phone number so i can have contact with you if you reply back it well make my dream come true to see one of the greatest rapper alive talking and recording with me

  19. deuce says:

    just wanted to.come thru n show some love got me w carter III picked up the day it came out blasted it all overr the west coast… went to a concert at cricket wirless amp in san diego one of the realest things i ever hear said 1. I BELIEVE IN GOD 2. I AINT SHIT WITHOUT YOU! 3. I AINT SHIT WITHOUT YOU. Mad respect for the talent and even more sso the intelect that not every one understands!

  20. Rania _ELT says:

    another best song,its my favorite are great Wayne.~luv u..

  21. toxic says:

    wheezy I’m one of the biggest fans I watched this interview of yours and you said ‘if we paying for your mixtapes we are jacked’ and I’m totally jacked where can I get em for free ? Plz reply…..i’m from S.A. By the way

  22. Mrs.T says:

    It’s crazy to hear that my most favorite rapper in the world is going through a lot right now.I Will pray for your recovery.Can’t wait for the new album to drop I know it’s going be amazing like always.Keep your head up and stress only make it worse…….One of your biggest fans.

  23. Tashod says:

    What is it like being a rapper from New Orleans Louisiana and isn’t growing up in the neighborhood of Holly Grove

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