Video #8: Making of Lil Wayne’s “She Will” Ft Drake Pt II

Directed by: Scoob Doo

26 Comments to “Video #8: Making of Lil Wayne’s “She Will” Ft Drake Pt II”

  1. Jenn Garrity says:

    hey Weezy I seen you in mansfeild you kill’d em I gave you my hat couldn’t believe you took it & I got your shoe I was so happy how could I get a letter to you you have an address? Did you get my number in the hat? Love you Weezy!

  2. phil conigliaro says:

    Weezy u tha best u fuckin murder every song homie. An dis my new favorite song. Can’t wait til C4

  3. M.AK says:

    I love U & I luv that laugh… ;)

  4. Knowlzie says:

    WEEZY this song needs to drop homie! shit sounds TOO good…cant wait to hear the rest. make it happen. C4!!!!!

  5. Alyssa Martin says:

    when you gonna drop this??

  6. Latoya says:

    Is he serious the fans are going to love it the beats the lines they go hard cant no one say they dont if they do they got the game screwed up weezy has stepped it up i dont know what his motivation is but he needs to keep it i’m on one!! 18 days and a wake up (hopefully) funny how we get lil parts of (she will )teasing!! i want it all now! they say the best things are worth waiting for and yes waiting is worth the perfection we are in store for i dont think yall ready though haha salute scoob doo though

  7. Jhori Leonard says:

    I love his laugh 2… And him…

  8. jamie allen says:

    its been leaked………… how stupid is that? im not saying where it was leaked because listening to that shit is unofficial and shows you’re not willing to be a legit weezy fan and wait like the rest of us.

  9. [...] Carter IV, Weezys upcoming Album wird am 26. August erscheinen. Nachdem in den letzten Tagen einige Making-Of Clips im Netz kursierten, hat er nun die erste Single “She Will” [...]

  10. b wayne says:

    Man weezy ur a legend, no shit
    When u speek people listen.
    Ur word play is amazing

  11. Domonique says:

    O.K. you were talking about all your girls… clever !

  12. Young says:

    i just wont say much but Oh hail weezy f and the f is for future

  13. yung kellyjayjay says:

    weezy am one of ur fan,i love u so am waitin 4 d day i wil do song wit u one love

  14. Rania _ELT says:

    i am your fan lil Wayne.i am Muslim..

  15. Rania _ELT says:

    i like u so much

  16. sucomania says:


  17. King Malik says:

    Im an UPCOMING hiphop artist ive already wow several producers in HOLLYWOOD but im haveing trouble gettin veiws on YOUTUBE if you have a couple seconds PLEASE CHECK OUT my page :) 

  18. derrick says:

    I been a fan since hot boyz love you like a brother keep your head up keep doing you mix tapes is rocking in Syracuse NY come in visit 1

  19. Smo says:

    wE|__ · wee _—__d!N _puttar LiFE in the line eNO[u]gH! ..4__ dE$_ ,goV_ ..* Toθ ____;:!@# haV_ .dE$_ pePOLL_ .2_.siT[£n] aND _$Ay_,, n!GA_ dUe-! ~ aGA¡n _ .·#$@#,!m|=r

  20. SMOKIE says:

    _.·S/$LïP __*CÔv … @$! dØ __dËêsaa ··………, dÊÊ$ _ ·B!$__ .. çÃ/Qü·LATÊ_ ,&_ aadd ÖÑ_ .tÅ× …….LïË(k*) ïÊ¥Ë _.· $+ | ..ö₩€ _·d[.]M $üM …._____~¥öL -BAeDeaTÅГ !ç

  21. G LiTED . WHOLLY MOWL. NiGo says:

    I made a deal . i cracked the g code

  22. G LiTED . WHOLLY MOWL. NiGo says:


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