Blog #14: Lil Wayne Ft Drake “She Will”

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Tha Carter IV August 29, 2011


204 Comments to “Blog #14: Lil Wayne Ft Drake “She Will””

  1. [...] new single off Tha Carter IV (Aug. 29th) which he just released over at his site, head over and take a listen, as soon as a link becomes available I’ll post it for your downloading pleasure. Link [...]

  2. [...] cut from Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Carter IV, due out at the end of the month. Hear it via Weezy Thanx You and hit the jump for the full tracklisting from the [...]

  3. L.A. says:

    Sorry 4 the wait was dope. Check me and my homie version of “Gucci Gucci” EVERYONE. It’s dope, leave comments and let us know whatcha think. Thank you guys, because without you….I am nothing

  4. [...] You can listen to “She Will” here. [...]

  5. Clarence says:

    wayne’s kill it

  6. [...] Alternatively, you can listen to the full version of the song here. [...]

  7. Jaimi says:

    omg i love wayne to death and this song as all of his others that i love goes too hard keep up the work wayne i love you with all my heart love 434.808.5177 ;] ckall me tunechilionchious

  8. Mina says:

    Wayne, I just wanted to tell you that I really love your music. I don’t know what to say, it just does something to me you know what i’m sayin’ ? If I’m sad, I just listen to one of your songs and it makes me smile. You’re amazing! I’m one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest. I listen to your music all the time, no matter what I do or where I am..

    My biggest dream is to meet you, or at least see you live on a concert. And if you read this, I’m REALLY hoping that when you’re going to Europe that you’ll come to Norway too. That would be soooo great!

    You know actually, one day a year ago or something. I was watching some videoes of you on youtube and I found one where you said that you were going to Norway, I was so fucking happy.. I cried and everything. (happy tears though.. haha) and then I realized the video was old and that you’d already been here. That was sooo sad. But seriously, I can watch videoes of you for hours. Cuz I just love what you do and what your music does to me. You’re the best rapper alive and I love you so much <3

    - Minah0el @ twitter

  9. Domonique Washington says:

    CARTER 4 August 29,2011 is all i can say … oh! and I Love You Weezy :)

  10. [...] apt titled mix tape “Sorry for the Wait” Download. Expect the Carter IV on August 29 Listen to She Will feat. Drake. Also Big Sean is “Finally Famous” with his debut album. Stand [...]

  11. waynechris33 says:

    she ……men u killd it men….love u alottt…dats y i gat ure name….

  12. [...] it goes. Another single off C4. You could listen here and download here. Official tracklist [...]

  13. M.AK says:

    On a Real level U&your Music are the best thing that ever happend 2me I was juss returning the love but It really does go so much deeper than all that I juss wish I knew how to tell you without getting on your nerves lol. I love tha Man that you Are an tha Man that your becoming you are beyond Beautiful (an me I’m so good no worrys) loveAlways Machelle (I took some major punchez An I’m still Standin)

  14. eduardo says:

    lil wayne for you

  15. Waynechris says:

    Weezy u r jst d best!

  16. lildave says:

    “She Will” was tha shit…keep it up wayne!

  17. Domonique says:

    who are talking about at the end of the song when you said “I think I Love Her”????

  18. Domonique says:

    august 29

  19. DomoniQue says:

    5 days until the Carter 4 tunechi is the truth . ;;)

  20. DomoniQue says:

    Rebirth is my horoscope sign…….one of the best Cds uve ever done

  21. Domonique says:

    4 days until carter 4 :)

  22. Domonique says:

    2 days lol :)

  23. Domonique says:

    1 day til the carter 4 kind of….

  24. Adelina says:

    Wayne, today i’m getting a tattoo of Dad’s signature on my left wrist :) Remember, i wrote to you about him last summer. A Father’s Worth! Rip. Love, Adelina Europe

  25. Adelina says:

    and you wrote back and helped me a lot, so you know <3

  26. YOUNG SA says:

    yeah carter 4 iz hot

  27. Nicole Brown says:

    WAYNE! its been 3 days since the VMAs and ive watched your performance 9 times already. when you first walked out my heart was beating so fast and i had goosebumps…and i was watching it on tv. haha. im a die hard Lil Wayne fan and a die hard YMCMB fan. im saving up to go to one of your concerts but since your tour is almost over and you have no more stops in michigan im hoping you have some next year. i bought Tha Carter IV the first day it was out in stores and i love it. That’s all i listen to. My family and friends get annoyed by how much i talk about you but i cant help it. keep doing what your doing. tunechi till i die, YMCMB forever <3 please email me back it would mean the world to me -nicole

  28. Oana P. says:


  29. Oana P. says:

    I’m crazy man,i forgot to tell you,that Carter 4 is not out in our stores(yet),so it sucks,i’m trying to buy it from internet…and i kinda lose the time…kause i wasn’t home this summer and i still live in past,kause i forgot that is september:))i really lived in past…now i know that is 6th september…i want your album…and i die hard for it.OMG!GOD HELP ME!LOVE YOU WEEZY!

  30. Domonique says:

    best CD ever I love you and your my motivation for soooooo many things i do,somedays it feels like everything i do you inspire me to be a better person and know i can get the world in my hand … i love you and miss you sooo fuckin much .

  31. Domonique says:

    I love when you talk your RAPS ♥ ♥ ♥

  32. Domonique says:

    Missing you

  33. Meiko says:

    Dear Mr.Carter,
    This song is ok, however i do appreciate your song about mirrors. And yes, you did take me to Mars on that one. Mars is a difficult place for me to exist in, but a visit through words and sounds is a nice change from my home planet of Venus.
    My life has been a trek these past few years, and I do feel a great connection to your musical messages (for the most part)
    Have fun! Mr.Carter, and I hope to meet you one day even though i think i’ll havet2 wait till we are old and ugly.
    Sincerely Meiko
    29 yrs old, El Paso

  34. Riahh says:

    ” She Will ” . . .( Speechless ) I LOVE this song .
    Damn. . . I say i wanna be a famouse rapper, and have hits like Wayne .
    Have Beauty like Nicki .
    Make my beats insane .
    Make the croud go crazy .
    Travel all round the states.
    Try gettin the paper , Man i wanna be paid .
    I wanna say that i made it . As a beautiful lady .
    Rappin to be da gratest, Hell yeaa i made it.
    To be thriteen years old , Out here grabbin the gold .
    I got bars for days . My Shit neva gets old .
    Like i say frum the top , I LOVE THIS SONG .
    Keep yha head up Wezzy ,Till you leave the earth strong .<3 <3 <3 <3

  35. Nicole xx says:

    if anyone who loves wayne wants to hmu for some pics i would love to text or sext. But no creeps you heard? send me a pic sometime hot guys who want to “meet up” ;) 203 912 4420

  36. Djaylee says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire!!!!!! from Martinique Island (FWI) Big Kiss Stay like you are, Real, Hot, and Sensitive…

  37. Angie Coco says:

    Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. I love you. you are a lyrical genius. I would KILL to meet you, Happy Belated Birthday ! :) <333 stay fresh!

  38. Domonique says:

    Cant stop Dreaming about you …i swear every night for the past week you been on my mind so heavy i even think of you when I’m sleeping…dont know how to feel about that.

  39. Domonique says:

    Had another Dream about you ..hope your Coming to Columbus with drake.

  40. Mathew eze says:

    w’ts up niga? am glad as 1 of ur fans ur music is d greater rap music i hav ever listen to, u driving me crazy any time i listen to ur voice it seems u ar d only raper in d world keep it up. am 4rm nigeria enugu state live in lagos my no 08064760952

  41. Andrea A says:

    Your my favorite by far. Love and respect what you do, and who you are…Always <3

  42. EDDIE says:


  43. Pratik Koli says:

    I like it most………

  44. Ricky says:

    Hey carter i know your tired of fans telling you im talented and stuff.. but really when i say im talented i mean that from the bottom of my heart and i got this mix tape coming up and i really want you to listen to it everybody deserves a chance just give me a shot am a 15 year old kid that really wants to rap with you and get in YMCMB hit me up on facebook then ill give you my phone number so i can have contact with you if you reply back it well make my dream come true to see one of the greatest rapper alive talking and recording with me

  45. lilmatty says:

    yo whats good my nigga i love yoru song bill gates i listen to that shit every time i smoke a blunt keep it up make that fucking kake homeie

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