Video #9: Public Service Announcement

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Directed by: Derick G

345 Comments to “Video #9: Public Service Announcement”

  1. Domonique says:

    all i want to know is if ‘The One’ feels that strong a dislike for Weezy how do he she even know about this website ?? o_O THIS IS A FAN WEBSITE NOT A HATER WEBSITE. Synonyms of the word FAN -
    supporter, enthusiast, partisan, booster, addict. IF YOUR NOT THIS DONT EVEN FUCKIN comment on shit he has to say.

  2. Li says:

    How is this a public service message? What public service did Wayne render?

    Didn’t he tell viewers to “pick up the cup” or some such thing?

    Wayne, you hold others in contempt. You hold others in contempt because, deep down, you hold yourself in contempt.

  3. Domonique says:

    Li you dont even know what he said “or Some such thing” you failed in your delivery of your so called message to Weezy. And get off his page promoting your own shit…

  4. eve says:

    all i wanna know is how r u gonna send me a private video “public service #9″ and i want to see it but i cant watch it without a password? WHATS THE PASSWORD?!

  5. AshleyLee says:

    Why is there a thing once again on google saying wayne is dead and that he has been dead but someone has been pretending to be wayne???!!!

  6. Chris Jones says:

    What is the password idk it what is it

  7. Im honestly confused with all of this, someone explain to me by using one of weezy’s Lil wayne quotes about haters

  8. Domonique says:

    lilwaynequtesabouthaters…ME N HATE thats a ODD couple !

  9. ImYourDaddeh says:

    Wagwan fam ?
    Yhu swaggg got dem tunn up dawg

  10. ImYourDaddeh says:

    Wagwan fam ?

  11. themadboy says:

    who the fuck is this loser?

  12. Domonique says:


    Given the content of your PSA I felt that everything that was discussed were very serious not to laugh at subjects. You spoke of Steve Jobs who has impacted millions of peoples lives, Tupac Shakur despite the way his life was taken was a artistic genius was so ARTISTIC in his expression he was murdered for it. You spoke of children and the way society is letting Society raise their children, you spoke from a parents point of view how parents need to encourage their children to be what they dream to be not let their financial status determine it….
    also how the prescription you where and are still on is to help you but yes may have become addicted to it, Which happens to a lot of people that are PRESCRIBED DRUG BY A DOCTOR. But how you also respect the SYRUP due to how u heard of it. (DOWN SOUTH SHIT R.i.p Pimp C..)We all are victims of our environments in some way.
    All of these subjects and you discussed more than just this,seemed heartfelt to ME. For anyone to poke fun at the Weed smoking and the slowness of your speech (which syrup does cause this to occur ) and the reasons for your tattoos ,or how confident you are in yourself, can go jump off the Golden Gate.
    I stand up for the things i believe in and i believe in WEEZY, have since i was 13 I’m 25 now. When Wayne speaks, it’s rare. I take attention. For BARACK OBAMA (PRESIDENTOFUSAINCASEUDIDNTKNOW) to mention your name in a speech that I’m sure was heard world wide by millions of influential people speaks a lot of who you are, where you’ve been and where your going. WEEZYS PSA IS NOT POSTED ANYMORE BECAUSE THE AVERAGE HUMAN BEING CANT UNDERSTAND IT..HE IS NOT A HUMAN BEING. LOOK OUT FOR I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2! I love you Wayne ;) your friend always….

  13. Maddyy says:

    all i gotta say is, i love weezy no matter watt(: yoouu the best <3

  14. Crystal says:

    why can’t i see it =( ? I <3 lil wayne =)

  15. Dayana says:

    I loved everything you spoke about , it made much sense and we your fans apreciate how you took time to do this . I love you so damn much && youre my role model beacause of how successful you are and at such a young agr it all started from. You taught me and inspired me to follow my dreams and to stand up for what i belive in and i thank you. You are the greatest rapper alive and will be recognized as a LEGEND like Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.
    -a loving fan ,

  16. KatelynnPayne says:

    I love you Weezy! Your the best (: Im your BIGGEST fan.

  17. Lazarus yung_damage madison says:

    Man look weezy u need to fuck with me yung_damage

  18. Lazarus yung_damage madison says:

    U can here my first song on youtube type in whole clubb rockin (pop1 pop2) &im on tha last verse
    I been listening to u since tha bg’s until now just give a nigga a chance to prove himself

  19. Vandy Cahyadi says:

    This is super cool. If you want to see what people are tweeting about Lil Wayne, go to Wishbone and it will show you the most common tweets about her, displayed in a visual graph. Take a look at

  20. Vandy Cahyadi says:

    This is super cool. If you want to see what people are tweeting about Lil Wayne, go to Wishbone and it will show you the most common tweets about him, displayed in a visual graph. Take a look at

  21. Natasha says:

    Weezy where do i even begin. You are the best rapper alive so i cant imagine how much fan mail you get or if you will even get the chance to read this let alone reply. but heres hoping. Your are my idol. I love you not only because your music is out of this world, but you are so dedicated and hard working at what you do. You inspire me. When i turn 18 I am going to get the lyrics “confidence is a stain they cant wipe off” tattooed on my wrist. I think those lyrics will help me in so many ways through out my whole life. I am from New Zealand and am half Filipino. I only found out today that you are going to be in Austrailia on the 25th of November, the one day I happen to be in Aussie before my flight to the Philippines. I started crying because Mum told me that we cant afford to change our flights and to get one to Perth instead. I am saving up to go to university next year but I want to see you more then anything in the world. Because you are a YMCMB a flight from Perth to Sydney wouldnt put a hole in your wallet. I realise this is such a big ask just from one fan. But if you could just be in sydney during that day I will honeslty be the happiest girl alive. My 3 week holiday is going to suck so much if I know that I was in the same country as Lil Wayne and did not get to see him. Its my dream to meet you Weezy. Its too much of a coincidence for you to be in Aussie performing on the ONE day that I happen to be there. In my mind you are the greatest person alive. You make everything better. I know how much of a long shot this is, I even feel kind of silly for asking. But man, I would do anything to meet you. I understand if you cant make this happen, even if you cant get back to me. I will love you no less :) Forever grateful for your music Tunechi xoxo love from your biggest fan Tash

  22. Jessica says:

    I love lil Wayne he is the best and his words are like no other. i would married him if I could!!!!!!!!! hes always been num1 to me sincw bacj in the day. so just keep doing what ur doing baby

  23. steve says:

    fucking funny files

  24. ellie mendoza says:

    Glad u r a part of the music industry, u brought a whole new style with rap hip hop n sum rock I <3 u u sexy man! I <3 weezy stay who u r n be wut u be baby don't listen to people they gonna talk weather u doin bad or good n u doin hella good !

  25. EmmaTermini says:

    Weezy, im angry there is no password for this video. Thats not cool killa. Also what the fuck is up with you doin a song with tech 9? a juggalo? damnright. next you need to do a song with ICP or Twiztid. I dont think you realize how man juggalos are out there. you could have so many more fans this way. Just sayin

  26. stephanie says:

    I love yu wayne
    Love future wifey
    Q:wat would yu do if yu would ever meet wayne?
    A: tell him how much i love him n his music n to give me one night
    N give him my number.(7863579637) miami. N take madd piks w him n trust mee
    that # nooooooooo will have it…i Dont share.

  27. stephanie says:

    Ur #1 in my book n always have been
    #trust mee u name it i rap it..

  28. chris says:

    Wow you all truly are sad.weezy is the biggest *Fake* there is from his wig *Dreadlocks* to his redunklous songs..You all are just makin this guy richer by the minute…So sad how people get so excited over something like this..

  29. Natasha says:

    weezy f baby i wish you could know the influence you have on my life. i love your music so much. hearing your music come on at a party honestly makes my night 100000000000x better. please come to New Zealand before you retire at 35 ;( i have to see my idol. thank you so much for doing what you do and doing it so well xoxo

  30. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr says:

    Fuck Yeah Beast Nigga My Favorite Album Is Tha Carter 4

  31. wheatie( your son) says:

    Iwant to meet you REALLY bad. all the songs i have on my phone and ipod are ffrom u and Eminem. DON’T retire.. evvvvveeerrrr. u shuld make a new song called “see it till dawn” That wuld be my greatest birthday gift!! only if u can publish it that fast. my b-days in dec. so mayb?? can u email me ur number? that wuld b great cus my moms bf work at lowes hotel:D

  32. Drake says:

    What the hell nigga??

  33. dolo nolo says:


  34. Hey Weezy !!

    Best rapper alive!! Still wait for your concert here in Switzerland… =)

    You’re da best !! You’re precious.

    God bless xxx

    Thalime from Switzerland

  35. Jessica O says:

    We thank you Wezzy for being the Best Rapper Alive! Thank you for all the work you’ve done to continually bring us great music! We love you, Hope to see you in Florida soon!

  36. Susan S says:

    you the best lil wayne i tell you i love your music..!(:

  37. Susan S says:

    dude i wish i could meet you in person because you are the best rapper ever and your music is beast and i love all of your music i dont care what anyone says your better then anyone else and im proud to say that i hope i get to see you in person someday….!(: your so cool i always talk about you 24/7 and i have my playstation name as weezy thats how cool you are..!(:

  38. bonafide swagg says:

    Weezy hey Pfunk invite a yg to one of the functions out there that’s damu bizness.

  39. collin says:


  40. Simon says:

    I only have 1 reply,we a witing 4 u at the dome in jhb on the 9th.we love u waine

  41. I would like to say all the yrs you have gave to the streets you have nothing but love and respect from me you ha ve a postive mind someone I would love my son to look up to you one day in life I pray everynight that he,get a chance to meet his #1 fan that is you lil wayne love you and respec you I am out for now.

  42. Danie says:

    I love Weezy and I would love to hear his PSA,but i don’t know the password. Does anyone know?

  43. Chris says:

    Can someone please give us the password? Thanks! Appreciate it!

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