Video #9: Public Service Announcement

Directed by: Derick G

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  1. Breanna D says:

    LOVE YOU WAYNE !!! :))

  2. Lucky David says:

    Man if u gat any motherfucker dats trying to piss u off, just signal me and I’ll get him down cos u re supposed to b king of d world. Love u man, u re d best rapper alive or even d best amongst those dat re dead. Love u. And holla out to ur daughter.

  3. vicky says:

    i fully understand look im from kentucky and i get what your saying but i feel half these people didnt truly listen or fully understand what the point was you was making its wasnt about how grimy or how or how hot you are or how because your skate you wanna be white its about ruining the children in our time i myself have a 2 yr old lil girl and i never knew how corrupting this world is till she was born its bout being your self having good reasons to do what you do trying to influence kids to do right to enjoy who they are as a person people dont realize what lifes all bout its not about money clothes bitchs and hoes its about doing better for this world and feeling good about your self and oh the note of gang baggin one day take a trip to dayton ky i got myself up outta that town they need a real person check to wake a realize herion aint the key to life they all on dat shit and they think its cool it makes me sad that was my home town as a kid i would be able to play and not have to worry i could run the streets and be safe now youll get fucked up even as i child i seen a 12 yr old boy with tracks and asking if i knew where to get some dope its heart breaking and its the adults fault i kno you feel me well hit me back on fb or e mail sometime i think today you showed people you cant just rap or skate of spend money your a person with real shit and people need to realize this shit alright im done speaking my mind get at me

  4. Eshall says:

    Wayne is a innovator!!! He is the way he is because that IS him. I love the fact that he is the original original. He is special and that is precious. Also the passion! That is the most important.
    In this world playing is important, what he said about the kids not playing anymore and it shows.

  5. miri says:

    Carter for presindent!!!!!

  6. sherm says:

    i just wasted 30 mins of my time looking at this. If he is this “intelligent” why not rap that way. If his fans are real fans they would accept that. And if want to be a hero why not be a positive one. Tupac was a hero before he got gangsta, after that he was just another bad influence

  7. Lil wayne u are the best rapper alive u deserve the best!! Weezy the best of all… YMBMB

  8. tamiika watkins says:

    love you so much weezy

  9. Victoria Paradise Hooper says:

    When people listen to lilwayne’s song some get the wrong thing because some of them don’t like lilwayne for some reason but I don’t because lilwayne is sending a message to people that is doin this he didn’t do anything wrong to anyone nd I think I say this for everyone that loves lilwayne or lilwayne is their favorite rapper stop hating on wat he do just leave it alone nd let lilwayne do wat he do nd stop hatin on his swagg I luv u lilwayne.

  10. oladejo olakunle says:

    i love u ni 9ja

  11. phillip says:

    Wayne really just compared himself to Steve Jobs?! GTFO! You fell off after No Ceilings. Stop the arrogance and the nonsense.. #ColeWorld

  12. Weezy#1Fan says:


  13. shay says:

    I always thought u was a real nigga i may not kno u personally but I kno u musically . I do kno u a good person & da best rapper alive. So on dat note I fuckin!! love Lil Wayne thanks 4 always keeping it real & always just being u “Luv U Nigga”

  14. Jovanny Munoz says:

    “ain’t no thing as driving calm in this bugatti”

  15. Chrismoon says:

    I luv weezy 4 lif cos gettin there is nt 4kin easy,i jst luv is raps nd efixin goes lik physics i luv rhymes if only him can jst sign me into YM has 1 of is rapers i will relly appreciate it k bt anyway shout to him nd is swagerlous daughter,i’m off men 4k!

  16. Aliya says:

    U r good…

  17. Thursty says:

    Wassup weezy.. My name is Thursty from Montreal, i got 1 thing to say….. U got it all… Im talking about ur interior, mind, karma, the way u explain ur point ur heart, i receive ur msg bro… I’ll be ready to pay alot just to take a seat 10min by ur side to talk about life cuz im sure u can teach me more than i already know … Im not these kind of groupie man, im real like u and i think thats the reason why when i listen to ur song i feel like a part of me is inside u… I don’t know if u gonna read this coment cuz im sure u got alot to read loll what ever… The top gets higher the more than u climb??? I dont think so cuz ur on top!!!! Holla to Birdman.. Thursty ur homie from montreal north..

  18. K!DD says:

    Weezy. Whats good keep them hits komin man kant wait for karter -V- hey how whould u feel bout doin a song wit dmx or Fabolous. But u no never have another statik major R.I.P. Drop some more lollipops or some more dj khaled hits multi artist songs on ur album. Those r the best. Thx. K!DD

  19. J'Hahna says:

    This Video Deadass Made Me Think !!! LOVE YOU WEEZY !!!! MUAHH <3

  20. K!DD says:

    An whats up wit gettin some autographs down here in new mexico. Best rapper alive an u kan put on a show. Much luv an plz drop an autograph

  21. Ben nuela says:

    Lil Weezy ur dey best amongst the best. FLAME ON MAN.

  22. Immaculatest says:

    Weezy did u no wat i hard about u frm a famous artist?

  23. Mongolos says:

    Weezy Iz That Fire Man Bitch niggas hate Wayne cause of 2 things 1 They say U aint saying Shit and it doesn’t make Sense Wow they Say that! (Quote Weezy) “ur Listening to slow” 2 they stuck on Old Rap Weezy Is New Rap and MF are Affraid Of Change a lot Don’t Know the rap game has Changed Lil wayne U Changed that Lyricly and Metaphoricly “therap game is Urs enjoy every moment Bruh its been a long Time Cumming and u still aint done. “Da f is for fuck ur self

  24. Samuel Jacob says:

    You are the man bro evrything about u is awesome give me three wishes I wish I wish I wish I can be like Lil Wayne I believe one day I will. DAER GOD HELP ME.

  25. @elle_bxtch says:

    Mannn 1st I would like to say i lovee you Wayne.. an your video made meh think bouta lotta shit.. and i missed youu an this video made me wanna cry ‘real shit’ cezz that shit REALLY made me wanna become ambitious..
    && 2nd thingg is Y M C M B nigga <3

  26. Stanley foxx says:

    Shot out to na there records 9jeria.foxx nemesis n ben.we jst luv wizzy he gat one like wizkid.nigeria.


  28. Shirlie Granger says:

    Dear Mr. Carter,
    The reason I do what I do…I have what I have because I work hard yeah I dont make millions But I am the proud owner of a Dodge Caravan paid off. And I have my 2 tats cause one is a 16 for my uncle and my husband and our matching tats. I rock my mom body curves and all.. And being a cashier at walmart the child obeisity I see foodstamps buying gallons, gallons of soda. If you know Ms Obama tell her that if foodstamps couldnt buy soda well children might drink water. and Mr carter I make my children play outside. And Thank You for your music makes my day and I am sorry you feel that you are a machine I will keep ya in my prayers and pray for you to get your rest.

  29. Bibby says:

    Weezy you lost your mind. This video made no sense and you contradicted the hell out of yourself. “I ain’t put this bugatti in a video” wtf this is a video and it seems a whole lot like youre bragging about it.. your songs wouldnt be shit without your bragging

  30. [...] Lil’ Wayne’s Public Service Announcement Oct 08 2011 Filed In: Directed by: Derick G. Source: weezythanxyou [...]

  31. Maurice michael mastico says:

    All the best weezy all i have to say is that you are the best in this motherfucking world and u are a motherfucking cash money thrilionaire, hero and legend

  32. alex says:

    YOU are my hero tunchi!!!

  33. Mallory Bloomquist says:

    Hey,..I go by Paris Angel on facebook or Mallory Bloomquist.I admire who u r,..and as also for many of the artist. I love when a person can speak riddles,..straight from ur core. Its strenghth,…and wisdom as well to contribute music that not only gives our younger generation hope,…but nothing is unreachable,..and everybody goes thru somethin,…it may be different situations,,,yet it affects all of us the same. I been molested,raped,abused,into drugs b4,prison for 3yrs,…put a guard in prison, raped in prison. My story is crazy,,,yet I managed to crawl thru the desert to get to the otherside where the trials are more reasonable to me now. I have a testimony that would filter ones heart with tears yet another with hope,…that hey,,they aren’t the only one. Anyway,,,keep it up. Your song How To Love,,,had an impact on me dude,,pretty sweet I must say.:)

  34. all the best weezy alli have to say is that you are the best

  35. davonne says:

    hey this is awesome but ay hw u yu send a message

  36. Sally says:

    I fxxking love DWayne Carter Jr… Wish it was longer!!!

  37. Steven Shirley says:

    U are an inspiration 2 the world. U speak from your heart and your music reflects that. I love how u never pretend to be some one you’re not. U dont change or fake anything so u can be famouse. U just do u and thats what makes u so iconic. U deliver the most amazing continuously. Unlike so many rappers u are alway in the booth spittin your heart in the microphone. You’re the same person now as u wer in the beginning fame hasn’t changed u. U always keep it 100. U touch on topics alot of rappers are affraid of. Regardless of managers or what’s selling at the time we always see weezy! U continue to thrive for success in every aspect of your life. If u want something u set your mind on it and put your heart in it. Thank u for always producing music from your heart introducing new talen from young money and being an icon to look up to. Much love and neverending respect. Keep it pushin. Young money for life!

  38. andile says:

    ths is wayne’s world..thy say u quite muzit at da age of 35 u gng to luk out of childrn

  39. M.AK says:

    I Love YOU Wayne.. An that video,You, well You already kno #Love jokes an all ;)Their so Much bout U Wayne…An Im In Love wit All of It!!! Like I said I will meet You an when I do theirz gonna be a whole lotta touchin… You make my World a Better Place an its gonna get a whole lot Better when you’re All mine, Itz only You an Im gonna keep It that way an I want You 2 kno that I Keep Prayers always as well as tha onez You Love…. Thinkin of You…

  40. Fleczymike says:

    I luv weezy

  41. Raji says:

    Pls make me understand the meaning of, F BABY

  42. Bathande Shane Carter Getyengana says:

    Hellow World See Live from the 504.Its Mr Shane.Weezy,tell us How are we going to feel when you are Dead,cz u can Die In The club?

  43. The One says:

    so if i’m hearing this correctly, it appears he likes to hear himself ramble pretty incoherently. he is definitely on that lean in this video…don’t let that one full bottle fool you. he probably has a dozen more stashed away. he also claimed he “needs” it and was prescribed it..are you fucking kidding me? prescription cough syrup is prescribed for people with extreme cough and chest congestion, which if true, he has no one to blame than himself for that for smoking large amounts of marijuana. don’t get me wrong, i smoke marijuana almost daily and i enjoy lean, but i don’t understand the logic behind this “enlightening” revelation…

  44. The One says:

    so if i’m hearing this correctly, it appears he likes to hear himself ramble pretty incoherently. he is definitely on that lean in this video…don’t let that one full bottle fool you. he probably has a dozen more stashed away. he also claimed he “needs” it and was prescribed it..are you fucking kidding me? prescription cough syrup is prescribed for people with extreme cough and chest congestion, which if true, he has no one to blame than himself for that for smoking large amounts of marijuana. don’t get me wrong, i smoke marijuana almost daily and i enjoy lean, but i don’t understand the logic behind this “enlightening” revelation…

  45. The One says:

    that’s not to take anything away from him as a lyricist, he is a good one and writes “most” of his lyrics himself. in the top 10 rappers hands down of all time. but he should stick to that instead of trying to be a philosopher, because that he is not.

  46. Amit Michaelov says:

    Please Pleaseee
    start playing your music to Israel and
    let Israel hear YMCMB the best rappers alive
    bcuz theree is no good music and no lil wayne, drake, or nick minaj
    and i know that once your played on the radio you will be loved by many more new fans sooo pleassse!

  47. The One says:

    what a shame, this guy above me thinks that lil wayne, nicki minaj, and drake are the greatest musical talents to grace this planet. i find that shit kind of disturbing..

  48. The One says:

    and now i’m embarrassed because i’m on a message board with a bunch of other weak minded idiots who leave comments such as: “i fucking love you dwayne carter” and “you are so real”. kind of gives a new meaning to “the meek should inherit the earth”, goddamn this guy has a lot of followers…

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