Blog #15: Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for each and everyone one of you.


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  1. obvera says:

    looking forwad to see u in joburg…….

  2. Kyle Carpenter says:

    Weezy i think you the greatest rapper ever. I have every album you’ve published. If i could meet you it would be the most gretest thing ever. Happy thanksgiving

  3. toothpick says:

    tunechi pliz,u r th only thng flow in ma muzlk blood stream…it wud be an honor 2c nd watch u perform live buh am nt fortunet in termz of money.pliz help nd hook me wif a ticket,ma email iz or cal +260974860413.if u wud do ths i wud die a happy ma.

  4. isi says:

    Alwayz feelin ya… You d best… Just wish I could see u. Even if its just for a minute.

  5. Yung Lid says:

    Wayne, wen re u coming 2 Nigeria?
    I made a decision dat d day i take a hand shake with u wud b d most achieved day in my life. Pls im dying 2 see u.
    A crazy fan of urs.
    I wil like u 2 reply me 2ru my email

  6. Divine okafor says:

    Weezy U are d best and We love U here in Nigeria

  7. Victor vc says:

    I luv YOUNG MONEY…WEEZY you ard a LEGEND.

  8. steph.jt. says:

    Happy thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you and the music you create, and for more often than not blowing my mind with the things you say. You are more than inspiration. Hope your thanksgiving was filled with love and happiness! Take care of yourself. Let’s hope for 12-0! Go pack go.
    -stephanie x

  9. bouare says:

    Hello Weezy , thank you

  10. henry konadu says:

    weezy baby…u the bestest…..dnt know what to write again cuz am writeless…Ghanaians cant wait to c u…

  11. M.AK says:

    :) Happy Thanksgiving :) LOVE AN APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

  12. Mabzzzzzzzzzzz says:


  13. Keji says:

    Guy ur attention is needed here in Nigeria,we are expecting u.

  14. ‘we are in same picture bt got different poses,,wayne ,i neeD 2 talk 2 u

  15. Sabelo 'Deezy' Dlamini says:


  16. princella says:

    wuz up weezy keep it gangsta and keep doing it big!

  17. Dryoungmoney says:

    I love u weezy i feel you i love everything about you.and i will always love you.i hope and i pray i will meet you someday.

  18. LOYD says:

    Dear Mr L Wayne

    My younger brother is crazy about you and your music, if at all possible we would like to meet you when you are in South Africa. If you drink beer your first one is on me. Too bad we will miss your show in joburg we hear the tickets are sold out. Hope to hear from you.


  19. Lloy Castro says:

    Ma favourite fun, i need to see u in Ghana.

  20. Engager says:

    I tank God 4 u coz u’ve achieve a goal in lyf…many more gud fins 4 u

  21. Samela Payne says:

    Im a nurse, so I had to work on Thanksgiving. I listened to Carter 4 before coming to work. It gets me motivated everytime!!! Thank u for making the music u make. U are absolutely a lyrical genius. I am thankful for u also. I hope you had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.

  22. Atsu charles says:

    Baba TUNECHI,even if ur laying on your back ur neva backing down!ur like burgar in my mount, man ur just 2 mutch i wish i could see u,hope i will someday,i love u guy ur the hip hop machine alive pls come 2 nigeria,say hi 2 DRAKE 4 me,swt thanksgiving 2 u pal,u work harder and u deserve it!.

  23. Nyease Randall says:

    Looks like real family love!..I hope your day and evening was wonderful. Luv ya!

  24. Jilly says:

    Lil wayne is best rapper alive>3
    thanx you for making music because Im” so addict all those kinda of hiphop/r&p
    and My goal is going to be deaf rapper!
    so.. have great day with your family!

  25. Sam secka says:

    Hey tunechi u r da best ever… “dey said da tables turn bt u stil sittin on em and u wil remain sittin on em fa ever……thanks givin 2 u fa d good music!!!

  26. D' Mike Carter says:

    Hello D’wayne Michael Carter we mostly know ya’ az F-Baby_Mr Lil Wayne
    Ma’ best and best Rapper among young money,for realy itz crazy tym when em listening to weezy trackz,forlistance,Mr Carter,john…,get money,how to loveHello D’wayne Michael Carter we mostly know ya’ az F-Baby_Mr Lil Wayne
    Ma’ best and best Rapper among young money,for realy itz crazy tym when em listening to weezy trackz,forlistagnce,Mr Carter,john…,get money,How To
    Love,God,Abortion,A Millie, President
    Carter,Green And
    ,Two Shots,Blunt
    » Lil Wayne ,It s Good etc,brother you high up coz of what you ready done,you are welcome to Tanzania,

  27. Unnati chouhan says:

    u r awesome weezy!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 u like anything!!!!!

  28. Alex says:

    One love man!!!!! hola WEEZY,,we love you.

  29. paul says:

    Can’t wait to see you in AFRICA man!!!!!!

  30. Youngblood says:

    I luv u youngmoney..I luv the way ur dras u r a lagent i wil lyk 2 be lyk u

  31. Andy says:

    Weezy, ur the best 4va, i love ya

  32. Victor says:

    U rily puping

  33. Dorothy says:

    I Love u LiL Wayne and u keep doing what u doing.

  34. Gabriel says:

    Wayne i tu much luv ur music n tin u do n d way u live ur lyf i wish 2 b lyk u 1day.d day i’ll set my eyes on u i ll b d happiers person in dis world.LIL COOL G 4RM NIGERIA

  35. Lala says:

    yo ! President… u are a legend, already!
    No matter what u do, i will always be your fan!
    Shoot us to the top !

  36. xolani says:

    Man you rock for real I wish
    I had a ticket for the concert
    In south africa.

  37. R3D says:

    Mr, Carter. I have been a fan since b4 you knew your career had potential. What strike me as odd about you was your role you played in the back of CM an never complained or pushed to be out more then expected in my opinion. you set a goal to do what no one else is doing and that you have accomplished. As a true concerned fan i feel your letting us down in other ways. you have worked to hard to get were you are for people like me whose in school for this business to find our heroes like you just to let us down. I feel (in my opinion) you’ve sunkin to deep in the “what others want ” pool. When you were hungry you starved for unique, great and underrated. Now i feel your changes are becoming overrated. What i am trying to say is your success is turning you, your style, into what they want. I don’t care how you dress which lately is a big ? mark but what happened to sharing your testimonies. You didn’t get this far for niggas like jay an yezzy to be mentally verbally abusing your music. Meaning to me they are taking there words to another level leaving the style you created to be marked for yesterdays news. I need for your music to take me bak to my motivational stages. Songs that tells stories and truth is what we yern for. Yes you are the best undoubtingly an we won’t let that change but I’m now living in days were i can’t rep you with out fighting for why your the best in my book. which i don’t know why cuz niggas ask to play ya music like they asking fa bud. Niggas out here putting true to the bone stories in there albums an it makes me feel like your music is just focusing on what blew you up an your more than that. Your artist show similar traits from there leader and you should want the same for them. Yes saying things like “going down, Basement” or ” colors in the diamonds, kaleidoscope” are things an ways to improve the rap game yes its a great idea an talent to be able to play words like that but believe me as a true fan I’m here to say we want more. We don’t wanna lose that touch from you, let us in more with your music. Talk about lifes issues an struggles instead of how good your doing. or what you can do because i no with me alone off supporting you i put about 2g a month in ya pocket. It aint shit to you but remember when you taken a shit on that gold porcelain fans like me are the reason and we love you for a reason. Your job isn’t finished and when it is you’ll know. Love you wayne an as a future producer i look forward to meeting you an working with some of your artist. Luv Red!

  38. Jodi Roche says:

    Happy Thanks Giving ! If You Replied To Me , I Think I Would Cry For Days With Joy And I Would Tell The Whole World :O I Love You Lil Wayne I Am Thankful For You , Best Rapper In History I Love You x

  39. Chloé R. says:

    You are the best , Thank you for all these moments when kept silent division with your fans, it is really brilliant

  40. ibrahimbica says:

    yo weezy im very bog fan of u i cant wait to see u in the dome south africa i lke u lol u mas b proud off ur talent jesus loves u dudy ma nigga keep going like that he will suport u for the botom of are heart see u in north gate halla

  41. Adelina says:

    Smile. Laugh. Think. Cry. A father’s worth is perfect. Love. Adelina (Ro. Eu)

  42. David Keith says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!Have Merry Christmas too! I am white,49yr. old fan.Your music transcends color and speaks to peeps all over the world.Loved u playing guitar!Keep breaking down barriers and doing the unexpected.I luv it.

  43. STEVEN JOHN says:


  44. Yap Weezy wats up man? We love u

  45. T.wayne says:

    this is the best rapper alive,it is my favorite rapper in the world.young mula babyyyyyyyyyyy

  46. emmynem says:

    Wizzy f bady,u d best, jst cnt wait 2 hear ur next joint. keep d mic tyt 2 mak uz feel u….i respect u alot….happy thanksgiving..peace…..

  47. T.wayne says:

    birthday lil wayne and me is the same day 27 september.ohoho yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.i would like to be a rapper alive as him.danmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  48. eric says:

    catter am so endown by al ur doin,the word of wisdom u drop is wht kil my mind,i want to arlet u dat u gat alot of fans over here in nigeria aspecially here in akwa ibom, weezy try and make us feel u and look u inthe eyes, take care micheal dewayne

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