Video #12: Tune’s Sports Corner Episode II

Hello Team Tunchi!

This week I’m cover everything from NBA to the NFL, MLB, and my favorite Skating. Thank you to my special guest, Aldon Smith, from the San Francisco 49ers for calling in.

Want to ask me a question about Sports? Leave your questions below and I will answer them on the next episode.









403 Comments to “Video #12: Tune’s Sports Corner Episode II”

  1. Karl says:

    Hi Weezy, Whats ur opinion on Brandon Jennings and Milwaukee Bucks? Ur Sports corner is great.

  2. Motorsports says:

    I was wondering if you were into motorsports but in particular supercross. If so, who is your favorite rider and what are your predictions now that the season just started?

  3. joshua says:

    who u like beter boston red sox or yankees and wen are u going to do another song

  4. joshua says:

    who u like beter boston red sox or mets and wen are u going to do another song

  5. John Bertoncini says:

    Firstly, shouts from Australia! im sad i missed you when you were here.. anyways, college basketball is where the money is. Who is your favorite player and is gonna take out the season? p.s. i coming to america next month. please bless texas with your company!

  6. La'Quan Valentine says:

    i was wondering if your into Ufc and do you have a favorite fighter? I love the Sports Corner

  7. "White Mike" Breslin says:

    What do you think of the sixers play so far this season? Do you think they will keep this pace going or do you think they will fall?

    Love from philly!

  8. Tom says:

    Hi, Your favorite soccer team is manchester united? Who is your favorite player? it would be cool if you talked about soccer, as i dont know nothing about american sports.

    Shout out!

  9. Sinan Kalaes aka KS says:

    Hi Weezy !
    Shouts out from France
    My question is, what do you think about soccer in america ? Do you watch this, or you only watch european soccer ? Ty to reply, Love ya Weezy

  10. Sinan Kalac aka KS says:

    Hi Weezy !
    Shouts out from France
    My question is, what do you think about soccer in america ? Do you watch this, or you only watch european soccer ? Ty to reply, Love ya Weezy
    I repost, i make a bullshit with my name, this name is the the true name, sorry :)

  11. richard says:

    Mr. Weezy your rich as fuck, you know about basketball and ur hometown hornets need an owner. I think you know where I’m going with this….

  12. Odarbil says:

    It’ll be cool if you talk about boxing
    Who are your favorites boxer?

  13. DM says:

    Heya weezy, imma huge fan and has loved your music ever since i was 10 years old… but i wanna ask you several questions and hope atleast 1 gets answered
    Being a Green Bay Packers fan (CHEESEHEAD!!) i wanna ask you who do you think will be in the 2011 superbowl and who will win the 2011 superbowl?? – Also who is your favourite player on the Packers team?
    Anywayz hope you answer my question and i hope you soon will come and do a show in Aarhus, Denmark! :)

  14. Jerry says:

    Hey Weezy!
    Shouts from Kentucky!
    My question is do you think tim tebow is and elite quaterback in this league or do you think he is more likley to be traded to the jaguars and be a so called “ticket seller”.
    Thanks Weezy! Best rapper alive!!!!! keep it up man love your music. Your doing good on your sports two man.

  15. Kieran Towner says:

    Yo Weezy! I know you’re getting loads of messages so might not see this but thought I’d write it anyway!
    Do you follow football (soccer) over in England at all & if so what team do you support? Do you have a favourite player also?
    Respect from London, UK! Legend! Trukfit better be available to the UK maannn!!

  16. Drew Christy says:

    Tunechiiiii I was just wondering how you feel about kobe now. I have been a huge kobe fan since his rookie year. I am started to realize that he is no longer super human. How many more rings do you think he will get?

    P.s. Good looking out on making that kobe song! The best rapper, rapping about the best baller

  17. Byrd McFly says:

    Who will be better next year: Alabama or LSU? Will LSU come back with an attitude or will Nick Saban dominate?

  18. Nodice Rizzo says:

    Do you think Albert Pujols should have left the cardinals? and would Prince Feilder would be a good fit in St.louis?

  19. Nodice Rizzo says:

    Who’s better to you Lebron or d wade?

  20. Seth says:

    What’s your thought on the growth of kevin durant and how do you see his career reflecting at it’s finale. One of the greatest of all time?? Also, how do you like coach brown with your lakers and what is laker life looking after Kobe?? Lastly me being from Oklahoma I am super proud of Blake griffin and what he has done, but my question to you is with the clippers acquiring Chris Paul, Butler, Chauncy, and Mo-Will (all of which are or were all-stars) do you see a Clipper championship anytime soon??


  21. Young Tunechi Theo says:

    what u think about Lakers right now will they make it to playoff this year im a D Wade fan and im YMCMB fan for life i been down with u from day one i wish i could meet u and YMCMB i buy all your stuff keep up tha work real nigaa whats up

  22. Do You Like The Chicago Bulls


  24. Jay C . Rivera says:

    HELLO mr wayne my mom is a redbone and she said she wants your dick .

  25. How long have you been a cheese head (packers fan)
    I want to also know why is it that you like them. Have you ever met any of the players, If so who have you became close to. Hope you read and answer this one!

    -Sik Kid

  26. conner todd says:

    yo do u like the nebraska cornhuskers and have you ever been to a cornhusker game

    P.S. I heard you and young slugga doin a song together let me know wat the songs name is :)

  27. RawTune334 says:

    Whats poppin tune mii question is do you think the miami heats will win the championship even tho you are a die hard lakers fan???

  28. lance says:

    are you into WWE?

  29. Unocinco says:

    What is your favorite MLB team?

  30. j-kidd says:

    yo ima start shouting YMCMB BABY!!! hold tite the whole gang! Im gna keep my question real… im a 23 year old writer in the uk i write inspired of you and your whole gang and even doe im from uk from whole music styles “american” so i get no studio time lol so my question is do you fancy taking a chance hearing my stuff and tryna make a man rich? :)

  31. Phumlani nunu says:

    hy weezy i am a big fan love your songs i whant to ask who is the bests skater and why is he the best skater 4 you shout out from south afica Cape Town lve your songs mostly HOW TO LOVE plz invit me on faecbook Phumlani Nunu

  32. SIKK FUKK says:

    what do you think about chelsea soccer team??? if you in wwe who is your best WWEstar??? RANDY ORTON is good… You should do a movie i know we would like that… when is your next hit song with EMINEM or CHRIS BROWN??? can you give a better picture of your i think skeleton tattoo on your upper chest after the Y at BABY the one with hair cause thats dope you ma hero… PAUSE TUNECHI 4 President

  33. Saifudin says:

    Whats good tunechi , I gotta question for ya,do you and the YM family play any sports if yeah what kinda sports? From your Biggest Fan Saifudin( Singapore )

  34. Ice Bagg says:

    what do gat in mind for the next episode? Wayne

  35. Latifa says:

    Hey Wayne! So, I’ve asked some questions earlier like: Do you like soccer? Then I remembered you said you are a Manchester United fan (which btw I am too). So here is my “real” QUESTION: How much do you like soccer? And do you like boxing?
    Love you!

  36. yvette says:

    Got CHEESE?

  37. Ron says:

    Yo man, luv the show!! Aye lemme ask u a boxing question: Now that Money Mayweather’s jail sentence has been pushed back to July, I believe, do you see him and Pac-Man finally having their long-awaited fight in May? I’ve seen him call Manny out on FB the last couple days, so do you think that it will finally happen? Appreciate it, man!

  38. Jalen says:

    Yo….Tune i am huge fan.and i just wanted to know if you were gonna do another green bay song once we win another super bowl. i am a CHESSEHEAD. i hope you reply. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!

  39. Domonique says:

    the site doesn’t work boo???

  40. Swaggg says:

    What do you think about brandon jennings.?

  41. ACSalgado says:

    Hello Lil Wayne Whats your favorite sport?!?! XOXO!

  42. taxo says:

    your favorite football player?
    ur best rapper / just sayin :)

  43. young darange says:

    was good weezy im feeling tha show dog ok im a big 76ers fan what do u think about us do u think we can get out tha first round this year… an wht do u think about my 49ers or do u think tha saints r going to handle us

  44. cold like a ice berg says:

    yo weezy i just wanted to say thanks for tha shout out when u came to sacramento 3 years ago i was tha one in tha michael vick jersey real nigga see real people bro god bless homie ymcmb..for life

  45. @wayniacfaith_ says:

    hi weezy :D im faith from london & i LOVE you to death. im not a huge sports fan but since i watched sports corner one im starting to have a slight interest. ive been doing mad research into the nba, it sounds cool lol. ive also started skateboarding(because of you) im no good but, ima get better i hope! you said your a manchester united fan? are you going to be watching their game on 14th jan against bolton? :D

  46. A.J. Smith says:

    Nice sports analyzing my dude!

  47. Leon Tonchev says:

    Do you like watching volleyball ? Why?

  48. Lil Jakey says:

    What’s good Weezy? I have a football question for you. As a Baltimore Raven fan, How would you see the Super Bowl laying out if the Packers and Ravens played each other? Do you think Rodgers would pick apart our secondary? Do you think T-Suggs and our pass rush get to Rodgers? How would Flacco hold up? What do you think would be the result of that game? Plus, Do you think the Celtics still have one last title run left in them? Shoutout also? How’s my name ?

  49. Alex Ross says:

    Whats good Wayne!
    I’m from Manchester, UK. My childhood football team (soccer) is Arsenal. My All time favourite football player is Thierry Henry. he recently returned to Arsenal from NY Red Bulls to his beloved club and scored the winner in a cup tie against Leeds United.. I would LOVE if you were to show us your views on that???

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