Video #12: Tune’s Sports Corner Episode II

Hello Team Tunchi!

This week I’m cover everything from NBA to the NFL, MLB, and my favorite Skating. Thank you to my special guest, Aldon Smith, from the San Francisco 49ers for calling in.

Want to ask me a question about Sports? Leave your questions below and I will answer them on the next episode.









403 Comments to “Video #12: Tune’s Sports Corner Episode II”

  1. kim khera says:

    umm ok i know this isn’t a sports question but i really wanted to know when you are next coming to the UK specifically Birmingham because i want to save up so i can meet you. Also why do i always cry when listening to mirror i just can help it its such a beautiful song. umm well i hope you read this theres like 400 comments so i doubt it but you never know.i just really want you to I have been listening to your music since i was 6 no exaggeration even though it probably wasn’t the best influence my dads not exactly happy with the posters of you in my room he thinks you are a bad influence but i couldn’t disagree more I mean who would blame for looking up to such and intelligent, strong and confidant human being (or martian whatever you prefer) OH WELL. IF you are reading this I will defiantly be meeting you next time you come to birmingham and i cannot wait for your book i think your suck=h an inspirational person and you just have an AMAZING way with words. Listening to how to love right now. Also when can we start buying trukfit clothing I’m waiting!!! so thats my mini essay over………. for know. love from Kim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :P ymcmb forever!

  2. Liz Roman says:

    HEY WEEZY! so i was wondering if you would ever be interested in CHEERLEADING! I am a cheerleader, and after your arm heals you could visit us at Columbus Ohio, and do some guest stunting, or even dress as our mascott some time! It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you;) Thanks xoxoxo Liz

  3. Nicolas K. says:

    I just want to thank you a lot ! Thank you for answered my question on your new Sports corner !

  4. justgetem says:

    Yo weez who u like in the big game ? I got the pats all day but whoever your pic are you gonna do a freestyle like you did the pack last year?

  5. halla says:

    Who r u looking forward to win 49ers or am i to late its me can u guess

  6. celines says:

    I LOVE YOUU ! And admire you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much my dream is to meet you one day your the best keep doing your thing :**************

  7. james jackson says:

    First let me appologize for dicsussing music on your sports blog but I couldn’t get a hold on your a&r’s your facebook takes down my post and I can’t message you of course so I do appologize but I’m hungry I have the talent but I need a label everything is going wrong right now and if I don’t make it soon smh any way I know this is risky and it might not ever be seen by you personally but I’m hungry and dedicated. I’m a young lyracist trying to make it and I’m not asking for you to call me personally but an a&r number or something I’m willing to showcase my carolina fluid music to anyone anywhere I just need a shot an some guidance thank you- I.p

  8. Holly O'Leary says:

    Wayne would you ever come over the UK to watch a Man-United football/soccer game since they your fave UK team? Please answer my question would REALLY make me happy since I have had the hardest month struggling over the pass of my nan :( Thanks xx

  9. Dillon Batavia says:

    weezy i come from the UK, and i just wanted to know what attracted you to Man U, and how comes you picked to support them?

  10. Lisa says:

    Get into everything, the world seems so large but we don’t really have a tone of time to get to it all, so get to as much as you can, give back, stay humble,(I appreciate and recognize that you are) and give a hand up never a hand out. I’m a fan because of your character not your money or your fame, you make good music, and I don’t want or need anything from you just wanted to give back, so thank you. Also haters are like crickets they shut it when you come close, but haters give you their time and energy they make you stronger!, enemies are easy to spot, friends can be tricky.. Love thy fam.. Ciao

  11. Jessica Battaglia says:

    hey wayne <3 i was just wondering if you are interested into hockey :) i'm from montreal and we take our hockey really serious here, so i was wondering if you enjoyed the sport and if you know how to play it, also i am a cheerleader and was wondering if you've ever been to a cheer competition ? :) <3 thanks, love from montreal, canada

  12. BrickCitySoulja says:

    Best Team in the NBA as of now?

  13. Marina says:

    Hi Wayne, I was wondering if you’ve heard about Baça, a football team in Barcelona, and what do you think about it
    Thanks, Love from Barcelona

  14. Nicolas K. says:

    Hi tune ! Its me again.

    What do you think about the Thunder being 1st in western conference and second in the NBA ? Do they gonna win the title this year ?

    Shout from France !

  15. S says:

    When is the show? :)

  16. Ryan Libby says:

    Hey Wayne, Did you buy Packers stock when they went on sale earlier this Winter? Also look up Kwame Alexander on youtube he had the #2 play on SportsCenter on Tuesday night. 6’7 240 pounds he’s a beast and an underestimated player. I think you’ll like his clips.

  17. skanless says:

    men lil bitch u a bitch nigga cuzz on hxxva nigga u be rapping about shit u dont do nigga on hxxva nigga u betta not never come to okc u be sending nigga down here to do shows nigga come yo self nigga an i will show u what
    it really is nigga on hxxva

  18. Nina Hagen says:

    what do you think about the utah jazz team? love them hate them? would you ever go watch a jazz game?

  19. Do You Think The Heat Will Win The NBA Finals Weezy

  20. kiesha darton says:

    My daughter luvs u lil Wayne and this the only way we could contact you. She is 9 yrs. old and a A student in the 4th grade. You inspire her to become a rapper like you and she writes daily so she can someday become famous and join YMCMB. She would luv to meet you it would be a dream come true. Thanks for time bcuz its money…Luv Queen of Bling!

  21. ana says:

    ILOVEYOUUU WAYNE :) I’m Ana I have 14 years old and I love you I love you, every day I see you make me happy Iloveyou not know what you mean to me one day I hope to see :) you are the best BEAUTIFUL !!!:)

  22. ana says:


  23. ana says:

    I tell you that you’re more important to me that every day tequiero I see something of yours and it’s a picture a song it is, always glad day, I love your style of clothing, I can not I get to bought it because it is expensive but voi to aorrar to buy a shirt TRUKFIT! Yeaaaah you are beautiful!
    I dream of yours go to any concert, but I live in Spain in a town, and I can not afford to go but hey,, D, and why I love you and that you are the best that I can never change :) NEVER FORGET YOU OR LOSE HOPE TO SEE YOU ONE DAY :) I LOVE YOU WAYNE THE BEST!

  24. Draven says:

    its not about sportz but i hope u answer it when r u coming to berlin germany ive bee listening to ur music since im 7 i love it i have every single album downloaded every mixtape ur the best

  25. yassine says:

    hello lil wayne I would like to see you just can not because I live in Italy and if you come to live here I can not do the same because I do not have money to come see you live in

  26. Benjamin Bobson Tarhena says:

    Happy thanksgiving weazy. I just cant find the words to express my love for you and your songs. Am happy am in dis generation of human beings. I love your crazy cranky voice anytime i hear it. I would like to have all and every song u have ever done in life. I would like to design and update a nigerian fanbase website for you if you please? Love weazy. From benjamin in nigeria!

  27. Mikkel says:

    Sup weezy. Huge fan of yours.! Anyway, Who do you think will win or just come a long way in this season of nfl.


  28. bullet says:

    yo weezy!!
    i’m a huge fan of yours!!
    ok first of all i’m sorry to ask abt facebook in ur sports club……….but…plz send a frnd request….plz…plz..plz i begin u…….plz……..u know my id right i just entered…………….plz….i relly am beging u!!!

  29. PRINCE DWAYNE. says:

    Weezy my icon.What soccer team do u suppt.I wana knw cus am in ur footprints.all hail weezy…Hahaha

  30. lil wayne says:

    Lil Wayne is one of the greatest rapper alive.

  31. Albert Pike says:

    Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is a Libra scale. He needs to balance. The scales are tipping causing these seizures. The Imbalance. I help people in these situations. I teach them the ways to surviving Father Chronos. The Secrets of All Ages are what he needs. If you care for this mans life contact the email provided and arrange for a meeting.

    As Above So Below

    Hermes Trismegustas

  32. Taheer says:

    Yo lilwayne. Yake yajin dadi?…..we Love you here in Nigeria(D Giant oof Africa)! I wish you would come one Day….Maxaaaaa stay blessed!!!

  33. j nicole says:

    Wayne Wayne what’s up Mr give me DAT daddy I just gotta see u some fucking how l know this suppose to be containing sports but I wouldn’t be the Rican queen that I am if I just let this stop me from saying what tha fuck I wanna say not stunting at all but a bitch gotta see whatcha about give me one chance plz a huge muthafucking fan much love

  34. R`Mani says:

    I FUCKIN LOVE U i love sports u amazing TUNCHIE WEEZY F BABY:)

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  38. My grandson idolizes you and has aspirations of becoming a rapper like yourself. He’s under the impressions that he no longer needs to complete hi education and he will travel to Chicago or California. What do you personally suggest my grandson do. He is 16 years old, and we love him very much.

  39. davida johnson says:

    my son loves you and would love for you to preform at his birthday 21st in June 2016

  40. Josiane says:

    Damn Frank Minyard still on the job? I was thinking the SAME shit! You think he would have rreteid by now.Looking forward to hearing more of the Wayne alot of us miss.

  41. Paul says:

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  42. Patrick says:

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  44. pokemongo says:

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  45. juan carlos says:

    hola buenas espero que le he este llendo bien en la competencia de musica me gusta escucharla ojalas pudiera saber que es lo que estas diciendo por lo que hablo español y no hablo ingles pero chevre la buena manito

  46. Dude. Yo, your videos is wack. Man, I ain’t seen nothing. I was tryna watch sports. That’s like rubbing head, get ready this bust, then you pull away. Really kill a wet dream. No, but we still cool yo! I forgive you this time. I’m glad to meet your acquaintance. Da’Real!

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