Teaser: Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars – Mirror

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Watch the teaser of my latest music video, Mirror, featuring Bruno Mars. It is set to premiere next week Tuesday on Vevo.com.

- Tunechi

30 Comments to “Teaser: Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars – Mirror”

  1. dallas says:

    YMCMB all day! this video gonna b deep az fuck cant wait, and cant wait for “iamnotahumanbeing2″ fuck jayz common luda n who ever else wanna come at us KILLUMINATI2012 wayne drop a new song its due, fuck the eye n tha sky KILLUMNI2012 do it fo yo true fanz weezy slay thm niggaz exspose thm niggaz u got true power n this world whn it comes to followers,…..sighing out YM baby!

  2. kim khera says:

    Why do i always cry when listening to mirror i just can help it its such a beautiful song. umm well i hope you read this theres like 400 comments so i doubt it but you never know.i just really want you to I have been listening to your music since i was 6 no exaggeration even though it probably wasn’t the best influence my dads not exactly happy with the posters of you in my room he thinks you are a bad influence but i couldn’t disagree more I mean who would blame for looking up to such and intelligent, strong and confidant human being (or martian whatever you prefer) OH WELL. IF you are reading this I will defiantly be meeting you next time you come to birmingham and i cannot wait for your book i think your suck=h an inspirational person and you just have an AMAZING way with words. Listening to how to love right now. Also when can we start buying trukfit clothing I’m waiting!!! so thats my mini essay over………. for know. love from Kim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :P ymcmb forever!

  3. HAYDEN NEWMAN says:

    what up YG

  4. Nicolas K. says:

    I’m sure it will be GREAT ! I can’t wait

    P.S : Thanks again fors answering me in your “sports corner”

    From France !

  5. Nicolas K. says:

    I just saw the video on Youtube ! Dooope !
    Go Weezy Go !

    From France !

  6. Angie Coco says:

    this is one of my favorite songs by you! I know every word to every one of your songs, and love all of them. Please go on tour soon in Boston / Mansfield. I would absolutly love to meet you if I was given the opportunity. I have never seeen you live but I want to sooo bad! I follow you on twitter, If you followed me or tweeted to me, It would make my day. I love you so much! @xoangiemarie . Marry me? <3

  7. Natalie says:

    I love your songs!! Youre awsome! :D

  8. nia says:

    love the new song make a nother 1.

  9. jose says:

    you are the best in world

  10. Biscuit says:

    Hi, i’m writing from italy and i hope you’ll read this (or someone that can tell you this, and sorry if i don’t speak english very well) because i have a question on my mind getting me nervous. IS IT TRUE THAT YOU MADE A SONG WITH AN ITALIAN GUY?? his name is Vacca and the song is called FEARLESS. i don’t like this guy (actually i hate him) and in the song he even says “i sing with Weezy, i’m like Rick Ross call me the boss” and stuff like that (all in italian) i think it’s ridiculous!! if you really let him use your voice i personally believe you made a wrong choice but if he’s just trying to copy everything about you i’m writing cause you should know!!
    anyway, you already know i love you! you’re the best ever i never liked a rapper as much as i like you :) awesome

  11. husman devkid says:

    ymcmb u are d best

  12. tasha says:

    YMCMB business

  13. tasha says:

    YMCMB business

  14. joseph says:

    weezy babe saw every music of urs u killin it nuegga. and i want u to know ur one of a unreplacable black ass diamond wonna thank every memba of ur ymcmb family…keep it bouncing awsome.

  15. Domonique says:

    Im excited to hear “I am not a Human Being 2″!!! Xoxoxo … Still your number one

  16. Sweezy munn says:

    Weezy, u r ma role model… Luv ur fri styl n da comitmnt 2 ur fanz

  17. Waaaaaaaaayne best rapper alive forever & always.
    Thanx 4 ur true Live thrugh ur music ..thank you very much.

    We still wait for ur coming here i Switzerland…may e at FRAUENFELD-ZUERICH-SWITZERLAND in july 2012?!

    Take care, ur precious never forget

  18. Sarah Merritt says:

    You’re the best rapper alive, I love you!!!!!!!!

    Keep up your great music, I practically live in it, and live life to it’s fullest! Because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!

  19. Angel says:

    We live our lives for that 1 moment n time…bleeding through the heartache & pain n hopes to find that 1 sunny day…

  20. Haylee says:

    This is such an amazing song and it always makes me cry. Its just so deep and it makes me sad that you feel that way and i dont think your like your dad at all, Your there for your kids and they mean everything to you. your just such an amazing person and you have such a good influence on me, If it werent for you i wouldnt be the person I am today..you taught me to not give a fuck what other people say and to just be myself and do what i wanna do even if other people dont agree. thank you so much for your music and I love you so much <3 your the best rapper alive!!!!!

  21. valborg says:

    Hello weezy ! I love you sooooo mutch !

  22. valborg says:

    happy birthday <3

  23. Alex says:

    i have only 2 words to say: respect nigga ;)

  24. Rap Spirit says:

    Fuckin faggot, bitch ass…Whack Fuck!! wanna Rap Battle ? i’ma own uR whack ass bi-yaaa-tchh..Plz stop Rapping..ur a dyke who sucks on ghost writters dick __|__
    get a life, Lil Gayne :D

  25. Rap Spirit says:

    EMINEM IS THE BEST…Lil Gayne is a faggot!

  26. Canndid Devica Whatley says:

    I HEAR U BOUT TO RETIRE…………… IF POSSIBLE CAN I SEE THRU 3D…WIDE SCREEN………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  27. Albert Pike says:

    Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is a Libra scale. He needs to balance. The scales are tipping causing these seizures. The Imbalance. I help people in these situations. I teach them the ways to surviving Father Chronos. The Secrets of All Ages are what he needs. If you care for this mans life contact the email provided and arrange for a meeting.

    As Above So Below

    Hermes Trismegustas

  28. King Malik says:

    Im an UPCOMING hiphop artist ive already wow several producers in HOLLYWOOD but im haveing trouble gettin veiws on YOUTUBE if you have a couple seconds PLEASE CHECK OUT my page :)

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