Letter #04: As Time Flies

Hello world… I’m good. Counting the days and still smiling. Most of those smiles come from hearing my kids’ voices over the phone. The others come from reading fan mail. Let me just say that I have the best fans in the world! The devotion, dedication, support, love, and most of all, prayers are simply the best. I never imagined that I could have such an impact on people’s lives. Because of this, I vow to be a bit more careful of what I say.

So I’ve been writing and let me be the first to tell you that the lyrics that I’m writing are… well there’s no word that I can think of that properly defines them. Amazing would be too typical and perfect would be unfair. I listen to the radio sometimes, emphasis on sometimes, and I hear the new music. I like some. I applaud my Young Money family for what they’re doing. As I’m not surprised. This is what we’re supposed to do. Congrats to Drake and Nicki for all their recent success. Those 2 are going to have me retiring early. I love my team. Much love to Tez and Mack. I know that people are inquisitive of what I do all day, so here goes. I wake up around 11AM. Have some coffee. Call my kids, and my wonderful mother. I then shower up. Read fan mail. Have lunch. Back on the phone. Read a book or write some thoughts down. Have dinner. Phone. Pushups. Then I listen to ESPN on the radio. Read the bible, then sleep. That’s my day.

I’ll end this letter, but never my love. I’m gone. Oh, and how ‘bout dem Lakers!?!

P.S. I thank my fans for appreciating me the way you do.



I would love to thank the following fans:

Julien Paul – You’re already where you need to be, school!

David Cash – I appreciate you as a fan and the fact I can inspire you. Keep working, cause I will.

Diane Johnson – That was motivating. Thank you.

Kai Rossbach – I’m thankful to be of an inspiration to you and I hope your dream comes true.

Dominique Vinson – Thanx for the love and I hope to see you in the NFL someday.

Sherron Jones – I think what you do is “remarkable” but thank you.

Ane K. – I thank you for the love from Lithuania. And the rhymes!

Maria Moore – God bless you and you made me miss that great Louisiana food. Crawfish and gumbo.

Keisha Belt – Thanx for the card and those boys are little rockstars!

June Thomas – Thanx for the card and judging from the pics, I like your style as well.

Shyniece Jackson – I thank you for the love. Stay cute.

Andre Young – That’s love. Respect!

Kianne Hill – Thanx for the sweet cars and all the hearts.

Aaron P. Taylor – Glad I can help.

Edri Lile – I love that you’re a fan. You are super cool to me. Tell sis I said “what up”.

Sade Bailey – I love you too! Thanx for supporting me.

Ashley Hill – “Team Wayne”… I like that. I hope you become exactly what you wanna be. You seem like an aspiring young woman.

Nina Sordillo – Thanx for the love and “Go Sox”!

Niles Hightower – I appreciate you! “Kid Bruce Wayne”

Tiara Richardson – I thank you for your prayers and for carrying my name with grace.

B. Baron – I appreciate the endless support and turn that shut up for Carter! Stay clean.

Louraine George – Thanx for the love. Libra love! That autograph story is classic.

Dave Scott – Thanx for that brotherly love and the encouragement. And I said a prayer for you and the church.

Maureen Annand – Thanx for the love and I said a prayer for you and your daughter.

James Shan – I thank you for supporting me, though it may be difficult to do so. I appreciate it.

Alicia Gatica – I simply loved your words and the card. I’d love to have that date.

Elizabeth Corporan – I thank you for the continuous support.

Sara Tworogal and Guisy Morotta – I sincerely thank you both for the love from Italy. I love that I make you proud. The prayer is perfect.

Ashley Hanrahan – I thank you for your heart, thoughts, and prayers, and for living it up for me while I’m in here. Thanx for the endless support.

Olivia Synejko – I thank you for the appreciation, love, and support from England. I’m glad that my voice can help you in any way. And no matter what anybody says, I think you’re great! Around the way girl.

Jesse Kenton Curry – Nice rhymes. Keep it up.

Elizabeth Ann – Thanx for the love mama. And your eyes are capturing.

Juanita DeAngelo – I thank you again and your daughter is adorable. The poetry was fantastic and Happy B-Day!

Jason Whyte – I appreciate the London love my G.

Billy Ann Johnson – I thank you for the love ma.

Le Nourichel Lendy – I thank you for the French love. And the French lesson. God bless you and your family.

Catherine Anundsicas – I hope that you see this and thanx for the Norway love. Nice drawing.

Stacey Lubwika – Thanx fot the love and scriptures. And I think it’s wonderful what you’re doing. Say hi to lil man for me. Big beautiful eyes!

Karina Garcia – Thanx for the prayers… And you are pretty.

Mary Hall – Thanx for the prayers and the love. Tell the kids I say wudup.

Monique Williams – Thanx for the love. My Mississippi girl. Go Lakers!

Jasmie Hazelton – Thanx for enjoying the show. And I love you and your friends as well.

Kelsey Veert – I won’t forget you.

Brittany-Marie Augustus – Your words were motivating. I also appreciate you following me for so long. And the drawing is perfect.

Maheen Mustafa – I deeply appreciate you. Say hi to your family for me… And you’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.

Annie Francois – Thanx for the love and say hi to Derek for me. He’s lucky.

Csilla-Veronika – Thanx for the love all the way from Italy.

Kamryn Kurtcher – I really hope all is well. Keep love. And thanx for the letter. I loved the poems.

Marcus Pentz – I thank you for your appreciation and the picture. All I wanna be is a great father to my kids.

Karen Reis – Thanx for the love. Say hi to the boys for me and I’m waiting for my meal.

Vergie & Parris Spann – Thanx for the card and the love.

Kristin Metz – Thanx for the love, the drawings, and attending the show. Bob Dylan? Wow!

Chris Williams – I appreciate you… 10000058%

Marley Regan – I love your name. And thanx for doing the piece on me. Thank you.

Andrew Nunes – You have an amazing appreciation for me son, and I admire you for it. Thanx for the prayers. “Law is mind without reason”

Cameron Myers – Thanx for appreciating my music.

Lucy Garsner – Thanx for supporting me in the U.K.. Say hi to Lexie for me.

Tovarin D. Haymen – Thank you for respecting the music as you do.

Chad Cunningham – Thanx for the compliment, and for following so long. More Nino to come.

AJ Jacobs – Glad the music can be of such an impact. Thank you.

Lester Lindey – Thanks for the love and support. “Man I miss my dawg”

Sam Kiess – Thanx for the love and the card.

Sandra Freeman – I thank you for your love and especially your prayers.

Angela Akopyan – Thank you.

Vincent Fields – No motivation is better than self-motivation.

Alejandro Camacho – You’re a cutie. Nice tat and thanx for the love.

Sunny Cannon – Thanx for your love and prayers.

Tiffany Jones – When you have money, trouble finds you! I love my life.

Charissa Edwards – Thanx for the prayers and the letters. Say hi to the kids.

Daniel Caney – Thanx for the scriptures.

Jaime Pestefano – I simply applaud you and your schools effort. Thank you. God bless you all.

Miranda Donahue – I love you too.

Courtney Clapp – That was simply beautiful. I thank you.

Meagan Lafferty – Congrads on the graduation.

Neisha Beach – Thanx for the prayers and don’t worry, I didn’t receive that message you’re talking about.

Eric Mares – Thanx for the love and the prayers.

Bryce Lanckriet – You’re welcome. Thanx for allowing me to be an inspiration.

Nazisha Mirza – Thankful to have you as a fan. Great poem. Keep writing the poetry.

Liz Scrima – I love you too.

Elena Kniesel – Thanx for your love and prayers. Again.

Mary Claire Whitaker – Thanx, the picture was refreshing.

Matias Manriquez – Motivating.

Morgan Myrick – Thanx for the love and I hope Rio De Janeiro was fun as it looks.

John Parks – I respectively thank you.

Khrissy Flores – I thank you for the love and support and you are super cute. Go Lakers!

Adriane Woods – I appreciate your prayers as I said one for you and your fam as well.

Savannah Ashley – Beautiful poems and happy belated.

Alicia Galvis – Thanx for staying loyal and no, didn’t cut my hair.

Servando Galvan – Stay positive.

Karen Okonwo – Thanx for the beautiful card.

Crystal Scott – Glad the music helps. “Lil Wayne hug”

Kassandra Barcelo – Thanx for the love and the hug and kiss.

Orzie Henderson – Love is good bro.

Iris Rivera – I thank you for the constant support and you and your daughters are very beautiful.

Josey Portillo – I appreciate you as a fan. I hope that your soccer dream comes true and say hi to mom for me.

Rachelle Offidani – Thanx for the love from the Poconos.

Alexander Graham – Thanx for what you do for the country. Congrats on the marriage and you have a beautiful wife.

Melecia Baysinger – Thanx for the love and Kindergarteners are cool! Yes I believe in true love.

Trona Hooper – I appreacite your love and most of all your prayers.

Robin Adams – I thank you for the letter and your son for turning you on to me. Your alien!

Mandie Roll – I’ll do my best as your idol.

Katie Angelle – Think hard on the decision and make the choice that you’ll be comfortable forever.

Cedric Sanders – I appreciate that.

Chelsey Larsen – Perfect is a strong word but I thank you.

Taylor Buud – Me and Miley? Different, but cool. Enjoy Utah.

Donna Hopkins – I love you too and I will never forget your words. You are a “great fan”.

Shaylia Laboone – Thanx again, for you are special as well. Nice envelope.

Nicole Borowski – I appreciate your love and respect.

Jas Ahillan – I appreacite you! You are a dear fan. Thanx for your heart, mind, and soul. I cherish it. Thanx for the prayers. Nice poem.

Kirsty Brereton – I sincerely thank you. You must be a great mother because you’re already a great friend.

Jody Arbaugh – Thanx for the love. Tell your daughter I love her too and great name for your son.

Cherisse White – I honor your support and I said a prayer for you. Love you too.

Natisha Gulston – Thanx for the Harlem love.

Dasmin Deriso – I thank you for following me and my music for so long. Say what up to your uncle for me.

Catherine Lantigua – Thanx for having hope in me. Nice B-Day.

Sandra Cyprian – Thanx for your wonderful words and your prayers. And you’re right, education is everything. And thanx for supporting me!

Margaret “Sam” Chimé – I thank you for your love and peace. I’m glad I can be an inspiration to such an intelligent woman. Thanx for the wonderful card.

Christina FL Barbie – Thank you sweetheart for the endless love.

Sunny Shah – That poem was highly intelligent and can never be duplicated.

Selma Yohanes – I thank you for the Dutch love and the positive energy.

Nancy McDermott – I love what you’re doing for the kids and I’m glad my words can be helpful.

Jennifer Henderson – I love you too! Hi Baily.

Jescina Ramsey – You are a true fan and I value you. Thanx, sincerely. Tell moms I said thanx.

Jamel Hawkins – You are a bright kid! I appreciate the fact that you’re a fan. Stick with the music, keep it positive.

Leeza Platt – Thanx for the love darling.

Kelsey Walters – I thank you for your love and most of all your prayers. Say hi to granny for me.

Selena Williams – Thanx for the love and support. Say hi to your cousin for me.

Jessie Hatton – Thanx for the support and I hope you make it to that show, and I hope your dream comes true someday.

Shanice Campbell – Love your letter!

Michael Pizer and Akilah Mickell – I appreciate the both of you. And don’t worry, I won’t stop.

Aaron Bentley – I thank you for your love, thoughts, and kind words.

1,694 Comments to “Letter #04: As Time Flies”

  1. Everett fletcher says:

    Heyy what’s up how u holdin up hope u doin fine Someday i wanna go and see u in concert when u get out but don’t know if I can. Well I’ll pray for u and ur family and hope every thig goes well for u hold in tight Man only a coule more months and ur free Keep yo head up

  2. SOMEONE says:


  3. Hamoud Omar says:

    Thank you weezy we are always your big fans

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  5. aright i feel u do yo thing with look at me now i come to all of your concerts but i could never get a autograph from u man dat really man i’m goin through some hard times my dad left my moms piss off about but i really appretate if u read dis duces

  6. thankyou weezy for writing no love with eminem i recently found out that my 7 year old is getting hazed znd harrased at school for being bi-racial we live in a small tennessee town and it would be wounderful for u to come in concert here 2 show those muttha fuckers!!!

  7. prakhar sharma says:

    hey weezy!!! i must tell u that u r my inspiration inspite of livin 7 seas beyond u have a great impact on me!!! i m from india!u r my idol! i just wanna be the same as u!! i m olso a rapper! not like u of course! but still i try some rhymes !! i love u weezy you r da best!!go on with your music nd fuck oll da haters!!!i m da biggest fan of urs in india!! i have a seperate room in ma home full of your pics wallpapers etc. if i want i can continue writing tons of pages but i think dere’s no need of doin that!! i loveu weezy and ur life resembles me a lot!! ur early life! i m olso bullied bt even i think dat 1 day wen i’ll be on da top just like u r da fuckin haters will know their worth! my dream is 2 sing a song with you and i asked whether u had any probs if i named my band “weezy jr.”? plz lemme know weezy i love u!!!!

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  9. i am inspired by your work and thrilled by your selfconfidence .i just work hoping i would atlist get to a level like yours but everybody around me say i cant but i take those thoughts out and say i wil think like weezy il try until i get it. Hiphop is my blood type and rap is my breed. I Nid motivation

  10. destiny says:

    I love u weezy always have and always will till the day I die love everything u

  11. yunggGunna says:

    aye lil wayne, my name is cj im a yungg rapper. u my inspiration, u da reason i am rappin ..im not tryn to take ur swagg ur flow or none of dat.but it been my dream to join ym get my word out people listen to my music with your help. i aint gonna get tired i aint gonna quit or give up my dream of bein a succesful rapper. im jus askin u if i could be a part of ym..put some traxx down..hit me up lil wayne.

  12. Camila Carter says:

    Weezy, just wanted to say I love you very much, and even not knowing you personally, you are one of the most important people in my life. I know all about you and not get tired to keep up his incredible career. Remain that perfect person you are. Even though I am here in Brazil, do everything to follow you, I’m waiting to show you see here in Brazil! I love you very, very much!

  13. hay weezy i am a young mc i am tryin to make it big for my family we really need this i am trying to make and sell music i am trying really hard weezy plsss write to me no i am not black i am a 13 year old white young mc it would mean alot to me if you could help me wit my songs i made a remix of your mirror on the wall plss idk what els to say but i need your help plss write me back i now it sounds stoopid me wanting to make it in rap every body said i couldint do it but i cann i will beacase it isnt just rap its a lifestyle truly from your young boy higher

  14. Saadia A says:

    Hey! I just came across a few things about you Mr. Wayne! I was just looking up some things about prison and about how rape is super high… which is just sad I think. So, I remembered watching a video on youtube of Nicki Minaj almost in tears and she was talking about you going to to prison. So I looked up why you went and what not and I all I can say that now that its over, I’m glad you’re okay. People always say that the celebrities that go to prison are most likely to get beat up or raped in prison… I remember wondering how you held up. I feel like you got put in jail just cause you were having fun, but dude stay off the weapons haha.. you got your security team on you, no need for the violence! All I gotta say is that you are kind of amazing and after reading a few of your letters I definitely have respect for you! I wish that someday, like you responded to all of those fans who wrote to you in prison, I’ll get a response too. Till then, good luck :) Keep on weezin ittt <33 much love

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  38. ICarlyfan420 says:

    He deserves to go to jail, he knows what he did. He had all this money and still can t take the streets outta him.. He is NOT the best rapper alive! He can t even make a complete sentence, nor can he make one song and focus on one thing. Come on forreal? My 7 yr old nephew can rap better than him. please..

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